Life is so much more simple and perfect, when we realize just how this planet is our completely abundant home ~containing its own medicine cabinet with all the first aid and healing remedies that you will ever need. And it does not even ask for any money in return, rather that we just learn all about it ~to understand it (start with what matters to you, because it has all you need to be healthy and happy) ~which also means we will (from having the understanding) succumb to its needs, and in that we succumb to our own as well, all at the same time. Edgucate yourself, be fearless, instead of just blindly conforming to the monopoli game of “man made fear-based life”, for example the phamasuitical industries and govermental ideas, society and majority. 


In the past, knowledgable men and women were called witches and other things, and were typically burned for healing ails. …as the royals and churches were gradually but unrightfully, taking ownership and control of all areas, and thereby the people as well, (using any and all possible creative reasons to organize people into taxpayers, and even living of their land and of their hard work), which all of course (among other things) required to take away their knowledge, to gradually make them more unaware, and increasingly dependent on all these new systems installed. Overtime their systems developed industries, which eventually, after world war two, “exploded” to taking over every single part of peoples lives.  …that including their most sacret and intimate parts as well. Now the humans are kind of sheep-people, who’s free will is over-manipulated, and they are completely enslaved and obliviously accustomed to all this madness throughout the ages, so that they can not even see anything wrong with it. …even though they are suffering and dying from unessesary ails, and even being diagnosed with fictive diseases. 

As from the very start of it all, the tactics of scary, horrifyingly teorising acts are cleverly planned and executed, to keep the people under the illusion that they need protection. And today the rulerships (are but a few families) ruling governments, which pose as protectors, appearing as if they are made by the people for the people, while they are rather obviously to keep the power for the few richest of the richest owners of this organized world of crime against itself and its own only home~this very planet. 

The people of today do not know their real world anymore ~they do not know their nature anymore. They only know how to do paperwork, manipulate psychology against their own species, (marketing) to increase consumption~causing more and more garbage, more than nature can take, while killing themselves in the process in multipple different obvious and non obvious ways, including the nature as well, all at the same time. 

Humans today do not even know how to farm and care for the lands to feed them selves anymore. Fully enslaved and imprissonned they are, believing that they are free, and that most things are absolutely fine. While oxygen is runing lower and lower with filth, the food they eat is no longer natural either, and neither providing the cells the oxygination needed for truly healthy bodies. They have finally lost connection with their own truth so much so, that finally today they feel powerless against under-these-circumstances-logical illnesses (like cancer, diabetis, heart and other organ diseases, and other faliours) slaving away and succumbing to lies about most everything, even though all perfect sollutions are given free of charge by this entire planet, to just be organized wisely by teams of heartfelt wise people, and just nourish the nature in return, INSTEAD OF CREATING AND USING POISONOUS REMEDIES and what not. 

BUT, for all the same reasons, hardly anyone will understand and therefore not hear the freeing/liberating knowledge of this page. 

Everything has always been curable. Not only is the body a miraculously selfcleansing and self healing functioning system, but it can as well regrow most of its parts, such as skin, nails, hair, and even bone-mass, which includes the teeth to some extent. 

Just about 2hundred years ago, before the mega boom of dustrialization of our all and everything, we were still living of the local crops and farmery, meaning that pretty much all of our fruits and vegetables were more fresh, and they were picked when they were ripe, both of which means that they were rich in oxygen, and therefore our bodies were more oxygenated, and even our air and water was not as dirty as it is now, which also provided our bodies with more oxygen. 

It seems that hardly anyone knows that everyone has parasites, and that nearly everyone has fungus in their body, and that it is not normal. But arasites can not live in an oxygen rich organizm, such as an optimally healthy body. Meanwhile, what the doctors are taught to diagnose as a healthy body today, is set by the business of the industries, and not by the natures standards. And in this way it happens, that noone is being diagnosed to have any fungus, which is the prestage for cancers of all sorts, as well as parasites of all sorts, and parasites cause all sorts of illness over time. 

Highly intelligent humans, who come to learn enough to understand the body, as well as the nature of nutrition, will of course begin to understand the fuller picture of the abundance of our mega home, this entire planet, and can thereby  develop further techniques for healing even more in sync. with nature. For example stemcell research, shows that we can also help the body to regrow comeletely new teeth and limbs. …which is using technology according to how nature works. 

What there is to understand for any human out there is, that pretty much all illnesses come from the fact that the body is somehow, in one way or another, and usually in more ways than just one, polluted, and thereby clogged up in several ways. This happens physically as well as mentally and emotionally, all of which affect each other, as those parts of us are all part of the same hole ~one body. 

At the same time, most of us are now also living in an environment, full of something very similar to microware radiations; just go on any of your devices and look and count how many wifi networks (wireless internet connections) are beaming around you all the time, 24 hours a day, without break. And then notice how many mobile networks are around you all the time as well, since every human has atleast one mobile phone on them, which all beam their own internet connection as well, which you can set to use as another wifi, to share with other devices that don’t have internet. And to all this you can also add, that pretty much everyone also has some kind of pad and/or a laptop as well, which are also beaming out their wifis and bluetooth connections. ~our cells are getting a form of microwave radiation all the time, non stop. 

SUM IT ALL UP, and then wonder again, why everyone one suffers with something; weather stress, emotions, depressions,  migranes, colds, etc. and allergies or any chronic ails and you name it!? 

SO CLEARLY, to cure and heal we must first of all, go and be in the right environment, while at the same time, there are several and very simple, HEALTHY & NATURAL ways of cleansing the body, for it to be able to fully restore itself. And many of those things are becoming more and more popular as we speak; 

Juicing fully natural (~for example organic, and obviously non GMO) vegetables in one simple way. 

If it happens that appetite is low, then this is usually a natural indicator, that the body needs to be fasting, at least partly as with intemittent fasting, which is another way of allowing the body to do its own healing and restoring, by simply giving it the peace to do so. 

Further matters, will be which bodyparts, organs or bodily system is at stake. Because for each organ, the nature provides a remedy, typically in form of herbs and other plants, as well as some roots. 

Some of those plants, can for example be . . . 

dandelion (for example from this herb, you can use all of its components; leafs, flowers, roots, and studdies have shown, that it kills over 80% of multiple types of cancer cells within just 48 hours), 




black cummin, 

any of the hemp species, 




black walnut hull, 



etc and so on and on. 

It hardly matters what the illnesses may be. The different methods remain quite simple. 

And when illnesses happen to have become severe, for example having reached life-threatening stages, then daily cleansing of the collon, becomes relevant as well, and is one the few things that some of us will find as an extreme idea. …even though it is nothing next to other treatments, such as chemo theraphy. Colom cleansing is also called enema, and is most effectively done with coffe, according to Doc. Gerson (Gerson method), who explains that the coffe causes the liver to go into a high efficiency detoxing mode. 

Futher, to oxygenate cells, since breathing is no longer enough, a foodgrade version of Hydrogen Peroxide can be and is used, in very small doses and carefully deluted quantities, and very easily and rapidly restores the oxygen level in the body. 

When a severely ill patient has been on vegetable Juices and coffe enemasfor a few weeks, or months, and has gotten significantly better, then fruits are also added to the diet. 

Here is a playlist of Videos for more insigth into this perfect health toppic. 

Also, DO READ my post of experiences with Cannabis oil cancer-cure. 

Thank you for reading. 🌱 Pls. follow or share, to support my madness. 🍀🍒🐝


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