A New One-World Religion

A new improved sense of common sense emerging;

Based on the scientific facts, we can now generally say, Mushroom heal the world!, and actually mean it literally at the same time.

Different types of
psilocybin mushroom heal human dis’ease, mental/psychological/emotional and physical (while its anti inflammatory, we also get rid of senseless blocks and fears).

And different types of other mushroom heals any poisoned/ruined soil, and even making it a healthy and very fertile soil.

Some mushrooms support the good health of trees and other plant life (and they create the oxygen that allows us to breathe on this planet).
And AS IF!, we even need to cut trees for anything, when bamboo is the sustainable version of wood and grows much faster than any of the trees we kill to use daily.
Industrial hemp is a nother sollution for the best burable qualities of most anything like paper, rope, “plastic”, extra high quality and very durable breathable healthy and sustainable textiles, oils for all kinds of use, from our skin to the fuel of our vehicles, and so on and on.

And now that the seas and oceans have several reasons to be heating up (being with filth oils and plastic particles from all our junk (including all out fleece-blankets/-socks/-sweaters etc.) and whatever else!) so that the odd mushroom-shape looking species of marine life called jelly fish have multiplied beyond belief, while other marine life is dying out, such as for example the important coral reefs.

And while in the human species, all levels of intelligence breed, including either carelessly or limitlessly or both, they are overpopulating the globe with more stupid polluting types of humans, so that other animal speciel on land are dying out as well.
Many species have already died out in the recent years!

So a movement like some kind of shroom religion sounds like the best idea, for our intentions of management approach now. And while it might sound like it’s time for hippies to rule the world, it is really just time for scientists like mr.tesla of the past or bruce lipton of the pressent, to get together and start working on new structures and ideas, all created in love with all and everything, as the new and wise ways to rule our worlds on this planet, and be ever improving in harmony amd sync with all and everything of natures devine creations.

(A kind of religion, Based on public support.)


What Is Learned From Abuse

May it be emotional abuse, physical abuse, or really hard times, perhaps everything was plain horrible …

Some say they learned to survive.

I can say so many things.

But roughly;

My father “taught me” that he was destroyed by his own father, and then by his own lifes misfortunes and some few mistakes. He “taught” me to understand and it grew my empathy, ~ I can understand almost everyone.

My “friends taught” me how to deal with/handle people. And my best childhood/lifelong friend taught me how to stand up for myself, and fight if I have to, a while before we hit the teens, in a time where I was weak at a new school.

My everything, ~ my grandMother, Taught me what love is, and how to be more thoughtful and clever to surprise people who come on rude/mean. …how to make people think and feel, if they can.

And in my early twenties I once taught myself by “coincidence”, that cleaning up and organizing a whole (then shared) flat, left me feeling as if it made my inner clean up and organize, while I was occupied doing the simpler and easier version of that in the outside physical world.

For The Dreams We Helplessly All Share!

From Time To Time

It is a good thing to bathe in the sadness

Once you lean back in its waters and allow what’s happening, without judging it and fighting it, when past and done with gilt and blaming.

You may totally well imagine boubbles in all colors and more shades than you’ve ever feelt things (that feel visual but aren’t) before.

Each downer ads depth to your being, which as well adds more pages n details to your empathy, which results in understanding all in your surroundings more and more.

You are not meant to notice it really, but you can, and in many different unique and personal ways.

Finally you will appreciate the depths it shows within you for their richness.

It’s the little things

if you’re still flowing full with that I-love-you attention