Few days after the 3 days of Kambo, I started taking this oil (4 days ago) 15 drops, 2x daily. So now the little bottle for 220 $ is empty. 

So far I feel no too obvious changes, besides the fact that I’m noticing I don’t burst into uncontrolable hurt for too long at a time anymore, nor do I durst into tears without an actual incident (showing me yet another one of those things that are part of why the world has all the stupid juvenile problems, how most everyone is lonely even when not alone, how unappreciating people are to eachother, competing or otherwise egotripping absolutely uselessly, and other destructive~killing shit). 

So I can still get terribly sad, for a while, instead of all day or seveal days like before. But considering the insensitive shit I either witness or experience, almost daily (in this part of the world (northern europ, and especially germany!) it only indicates that I’m human, and a sensitive kind. 

And obviously neither 3 days of Kambo, or 4days of CBD could ever be enough to get rid of the intestinal candida (striving since nearly a decade now) and very easily and very possibly parsites and/or worms (from always eating out for a decade, while I was constantly traveling, working a’s a dancer). 

But I doo feel that a bit more crap has been cleared from my system this time, compared to that very first 3-dot Kambo session. Still it is only a vaigue, very little difference I’m feeling. BUT, I met an old woman in Denmark who cured her skinn camcer completely, by just using CBD oil for as long as it took, till all the signs on her skinn were gone. So yeah, I know!, obviously I need so much more than just one tiny 4-days worth of treatment with this stuff (but that’s just what my ex-boyfriend drought me, and i have no income to go on with). 

UPDATE (april 2018) • Some days ago an artist friend that I havent been in touch with since a while, called me, and told me that she thought of me because I kept talking about wanting this CBD oil, and sharing all my researched knowledge about it, and now recently her friends mom had been ill with a bad fast-spreading cancer, invading her body in multipple places, when then some guy she knew, came with CBD oil for her, which was significantly working well on her. So she stayed with it long enough, and her cancer fully vasished. 

So obviously, if you can afford the stuff, then you will be cured. …ok so I hope I find my new income-occupation, before it would be too late for me to cure and heal. 

More about the truth of illnesses and curing them; HERE ! 


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