Grand Scientific Research Upgrade

Internationally speaking. We are going authentic!

This is our rEvolution.

Roughly speaking, most of all our scientific research is performed on animals, and not directly on us, the humans who then buy and intake it. In general, the only scientific research being done directly on masses of humans, is being done by writing fake scientific research documents and having a doctor put his name on it and sign it for a handsome reward, which even includes all the public credits for it. And like this many medication have come onto the market of pharmaceutical products, that the rest of all doctors then for the most part unknowingly prescribe to us. But they do also get rewards for all prescribtions they make.

On the flipside of all that, the effects of the pharmaceutical industry is, as too many of us know it; those who end up on a permamemt drug especially, eventually pretty much all end up with some side effect/s ~ having to take another drug, and are eventually taking several different pharmaceutical industry products daily.

In the big picture, what is happening is, that this product industry of pharmaceuticals (being one of the richest most profittable businesses, together with religions and wars), is most of the time interrupting natures own organic ways of dealing with things, and these chemical types of unnatural interruptions are then logically enough, causing other problems instead, instead of just finding and adressing the rootproblems, in understanding the human body and its psyche, and how the whole organizm works, to then be able to just be correctly helping the body to fix itself, (which is as well what doctors forexample do when they help a broken limb to heal correctly).

But what if there actually is natural solutions to our health problems!? What if WE CAN use natures remedies better than the chemical drugs from the pharmaceutical (billions profiting) industry, but rather just with completely natural and not to mention harmless substances, accurately assist the body’s incredible self healing organism!?

As someone with a perspective from a decade’s worth of research on natural medicine and personal human experiments and results, I notice that the current movements and growth of the medicinal use of psychadelics, is as well achieving much better and even real propper, and thereto human results, (many of which are very personal and specifik) with a lot more details and authenticity than our otherwise classic laboratory research. And this whole movement, is also debunking most pharmaceuticals, in the same similar ways as my research and findings ~ from my international autodidakt education.

And as well as with my lines of study in the worlds of natural medicine (once called witchcrafts), the psychadelic research is being based on human trials, and they are even very personal (instead of impersonal/standartized “laboratory-rat”) experimentations, and so as well the experience raports are very individual and grow our understanding of not only pacients but thereby each other in general, which simultaneously grows and expands not only our knowledge skills and expertise, but even our empathy included (like the cherry on our cake, the dot on top of our i and after our sentence).

All in all, in these fields of using natural remedies in harmless doses, we have the seemingly simple but very great and Grand Upgrade, in the way of going about proving something scientifically. And it is full of complexity and human accuracy. …personal authenticity, and even of purity in harmony with nature.

We are getting so wise here.

Okay, Golden Age. Here we come!



I remember all too well, so many feelings from childhood, about some things in life; it’s become needless to say that I don’t want any people without empathy around me, and neither any egoistic and self righteous individuals around me, but … I also don’t want alcohol in my life, (and I don’t want (to even know or ever hear about!) that anyone sells or buys or otherwise violates the most intimate a human has, in this world we live in), I don’t want drugs around me, I don’t want chaos and disorder around me, I don’t want laziness and people of no creative AMBITTIONS around me.

It pulls me down and stresses me out.

I do want loving people around me, but those kinds that are active and ambitious, with whom we share the feelings that everything is possible. !!!

I want health oriented and sporty people around me, who have very creative passion.

Because I want to be driven with inspiration and passion. To feel like me again, after having been immobilized in a somethings that seem like a long coma full of mostly heavy nightmares.

I don’t tend to have nightmares. …otherwise.

And I tend to always be driven with creative passion.

And I’m used to very neat and pleasing feeling order in at home in all material things and cozy cleanliness. Once learned, adapted and intergrated, it feels worth all the efforts of becoming like that, and it feels so good, and all your surroundings feel the best they could. It causes over all effects on all parts and things in your life!

And when those neat zen-feelings surroundings get bigger and wider with times of growth and relocation, and are connected with stunning nature, blue skies and sea air, then I become the most loving and giving, everytime. That’s what it builds up in me, each time I’ve been there.

Just like daily sport makes you feel possitive and strong, changing the filter through which you live to a better one, making you realize that there even is this sort of filter at all, which is caused~made by any state of being.

I am myself so spacy and sensitive of nature, and creativity flows with my ever reflecting, observing, contemplating, analyzing and decoding mind, in which there is hardly ever any moment of silence and nothingness. So I have got to have an invironment that distracts me out of that seemingly passive looking state, which isn’t passive at all, but full on and exhausting.

I have got to be in an ambitious and loving~supporting environment, which actively inspires me to just actually be active outside my minds activities as well.

I want and naturally need to keep learning and growing, so my environment can not only be loving. It has got to be interesting and progressive for me as well.

I can’t keep bumping into people with ways that slow my progress down.

Well, so for me, all it takes for me, besides sharing interest enough to keep connecting our actions, and all I’m talking about, that is the sum of all what it takes me for me to REALLY BE LIVING AND KEEP LOVING. …besides good health.

How would you say it is for you? It is very useful to be very clear about; What are your own experience-chosen most important basics, for you to feel that you’re really living and growing?

Sleepless in Munich

All sorts of disturbing worries crawl in the dark, and it makes me wonder; How stupid could the humans before me have been, to let our world evolve into this where everyone is struggling, meaning noone can just quit their job and build their dreams instead. It is, ironically enough, the largest number of us, who can’t acrually avoid working approx. 80% of our lifetime. So yes!, then under those circumstances you better start believing in the supporting-it-all religions and their after-this-life paradise promises!

But I know paradise is this planet. I’d say my first childhood times hint, was just nature itself, and later on, the planets surrounding us came to be another sign supporting this feeling. I haven’t exactly been looking for more signs, but throughout life, including a decades time of selfstudying natural medicine healing methods as well, I’ve been discovering how the nature actually turns out to really be an absolutely perfect wonder. Humanity, the earthlings, in general, have no idea the paradise of abundance we’re given by coming into life on this earth. They are too bussy surviving the money- and/or status- game.

I’ve lived in on different types of levels of what we call luxury, and it is as well lessons learned as anything else. But mighty powerful lessons, showing me that when I have plenty and am surrounded by what to me feels like stunning beauty, then I helessly turn into this person you can not piss of or irritate into some bad energy feeling argument, or stress me out about anything, not even my own issues. Suddenly even issues or problems are nothing but something insignificant and unimportant. Instrad suddenly I as well helplessly, feel I have all the time and space for everyone and feel patiently about everything. Suddenly I begin to feel so at ease and full of love and willingness for everyone.

And everyone should obviously live abundantly in comfort! ~ Not having to fight min.80% of your living time for status or money, not to mention basic survival.

At least for the sake of our children and all the ones that come after us, we have to be working with every creative and optimistic skills of our species, to profoundly change these ways in which we live! Otherwise we are dis’eased swollen ~ sick egos.

But this earth we live on, it has more than everything we need, if we nourish it and treat it right. It gives us all we need to build a home or anything else we earthligns want. Atleast we have still learned some good things in between our dum living-systems ways.

This earth even grows something to aid and heal every organ. And even with something as simple as cooking bones of healthy but dead animals, you can heal several serious and even life threatening health issues, all at the same time with one ingredient. It even helps on some mental issues.

And if you have traumas that you want to get out of your psyche and system, there is a couple of different things growing for that as well, and one of those things in particular, can even cancel out the abstinence to all drugs, even tobacco.

So here comes another failure of my species, most of you can’t even afford to get to these medicines that work, and some of the people who manage to get to those medicines, end up using them under some unsafe circumstances.

Earthlings are like a bunsh of kids, playing weird meaningless games and causing needless struggle.

I will try to sleep now, past 7am already. Good …whatever day or night time you might be having right now.

Be well. 😉