Science Is As Poor From The Tyranny, As The Masses

Science keeps claiming that it knows we can not have any real memory before the age of 3-4 years old. While I have several memories from before then, which happen to prove that it is simply just a matter of impression on the little one. If the impression of a moment is big enough, that moment becomes a memory. And my experiences of such early infant memories also show, that such memory usually fades out unless something calls it forth to your attention again, before it has faded out, and this recalling, then sort of cements it in let’s say, so that from that recalling moment, it remains a memory from there on.

I have previously written about one of those memories, of when I was just one year old. It’s called
“I Am My Biggest Mystery”.
But there’s another memory of about half a year after that first one. See I was kidnapped when I was 16 months old (of course that was a big impression), and I remember how I didn’t understand what was going on at the time, but felt kind of puzzled in those moments of the event. Untill decades later, when my dad told the story. Again as with the other memory, I was filled with this crazy feeling exited energy, when the visual inside me was popping up allong with some details of the story as he was telling it. It filled me with excitement that I remembered not understanding why grandma’s fingers were holding on to the cars half open window on the drivers seat, and then I remembered the fussing feeling energy of it all. But to finally now be given the explanation felt like a treasure. Even though I don’t see what good it does to me now, it still feels so amazing.

We know that science is flawed, and now we have yet another example.

It reminds me, that each time the info of science does not correlate with my own findings of understanding, then I know that mostly there’s something to it, and that it’s therefore absolutely relevant to listen to what I feel I know, and so I look into it if I find it relevant enough, or if I’m curious enough.
At the same time science is all to easy to tamper with (which is by far the worst flaw), to make results look more like you want them to. So especially when the matter of a subject can yield in millions or billions in profit, then you can be 99% sure, that the studies released about it, are not the truth at all, but just the skillfully manipulated version of the studies, created for the mega profit only, totally careless of the  consequences.
And it matters not if we’re talking about medicine or wireless technology (electromagnetic frequency radiations, on a planet that has its own electromagnetic frequency). Whatever might be a direct danger to the health of all life matters not one bit in this old unrepairable spoiled rotten world of rulership.

~ Greed can’t grasp sanely because it’s the opposite of wisdom!

This is also why I tend to say, that humanity has been ruled into borderline retardedness. Because clearly, in doing such scams for the sake of profits, no matter the risk, would only make some tiny nano sized sense, if you could both eat drink and breathe money. But since that’s not even the case, then it’s all retarded. Greed is obviously a trait of being rather boarderline retarded. Even if the person might be a genius in some one specific subject, whenever whatever moments stimulate the greed, then it just takes over that person’s sanity anyhow.

Without wisdom, wellbeing sanity has no chance. And it’s the same case with the richest of billionaires and most rich people in general.  Simply just because humanity is not breeding wisdom.
Well of course wise people can not be ruled over, so stupidity is what is in breeding here, so forget about being part of the most intelligent species, because it’s just a potential of the heart, and not the brain. And science has discovered this fact, but it’s not made into mainstream knowledge yet, because it inspires that which makes people impossible to rule over.

Also science is only about 300 years old, which is only around some 4 generations time, and so obviously we did perfectly fine without it for centuries.

Science is somewhat primitive, because it’s too easy to manipulate, because it’s too materialist orientated. And as science is so primitive, to think nature is primitive, it even called the empty part of our DNA for junk DNA. I was shocked with this ignorance, because I used to think science was of some high intelligence. Or rather, I just expected it to be of intelligence. But then again, while growing up, I also expected humanity to be of intelligence, in particular adults, that there would be lots for me to live up to. But before I even turned 18, the so to say last bricks of the puzzle completed the big picture, enough for me to realise that no, the intelligence that I keep awaiting is just nowhere to be found.
And that’s when I quit businesses school (and the best of prescribed ideas, which to me was becoming a person of law, aiming for the highest positions available), and instead went off to find a way to become a globetrotter, to get to know this world that I’m born into, really. Law was just the only sane feeling choice to the prescribed lives, as to me it all felt like a prison of no real space for own creation. Now I know that I felt that way, because all official schooling is for imprisoning the peoples perceptions into accepting a Hamster wheel life, in such a way thet they don’t even notice to ever even realise it.


So we have science, and yet hardly much intelligence, and almost zero wisdom. In other words, all we have is adult kids that are both broken, and a bit spoiled stupid. And so if you think about it, technology, in their hands, it is more like dangerous toys. And not only that, they also go off planet, into space. Even though logically, a humanity of zero wisdom, is a constant threat to all life, and that not just here at home only, but as well  unfortunately beyond this planet.

If humanity were my kids, they surely would not have access to any of that, for as long as they’re so dangerously incompetent. Not untill the day they have grown wise.

So, please excuse my Arabic!; fck science and schooling! They turn you into a desensitised zombie kind of person, who’s basically half blind and half deaf to what’s really real.

No wonder that everyone believes we have some way of testing for a virus!
And no wonder that we can cure anything, and do have multiple ways for curing cancer, and that even harmlessly, but instead, we still keep killing the patients immune systems, with toxic and deadly solutions.

Not to mention, that countries like for example the ones famously known as, “the land of the free” (USA), and “the happiest country in the world” (Denmark), who have way above 70% of their people on happy pills, then clearly humans are not living according to their own inner nature. Clearly they are all sad inside, but keep on and on within the way things are, because we’ve been trained since we were kids, to not be so weak. Yet its obviously not serving any of us.
           But wait a minute! Weak!? Your sensitivity as a humanis being is your guidance! It takes us to our heart feeling awareness, which also provides us with our intuition. So if we were to nurture our sensitivity, instead of ridiculing and suffocating it, then this natural  guiding system of ours, would be highly fit sharp and effective. Then we would detect and correct all the wrongs easily.
But now that would be disempowering to the 6000 rulers of Our Planet, who own all our planets wealth, so that humanity will never have abundance, for as long as they rule.

Meanwhile we’re supposed to just have leaders, and real leaders are kind, because they’re wise, and not only that, they also make everyone co-lead, wherever possible, because they know the importance of sharing the responsibilities, which is sharing  the power.
             Now if in this way, we all have what to say, then obviously we distribute wealth fairly and evenly, for the whole of humanity to have the abundance of their planet, who’s nature belongs to nobody but everybody equally. Which means you are not supposed to work most of the waking hours of the days of your life away! And you’re also not supposed to work for money. Money is not supposed to be of any power, but simply just a pragmatic means of exchange, and rather an Abundant side-effects of any work you might do. And that work is supposed to be of wisdom, meaning that whatever work you do, it is something that serves the wellbeing of the whole, life itself.
So work, in a sane world of wisdom, becomes of value for the whole, rather than for financial growth and progress.  And as everyone is equally rich, the false needs and status symbols and so on, naturally fade out and become obsolete.
It also means that we’ll no longer be producing such garbage as fleeting fashion anymore. Even fashion will be sensibly of wisdom, and instead of cheap quality that rapidly turns into piles of overflowing garbage, we’ll have beautiful timeless designs and styles of quality, that lasts for generations.

So that’s the new world‼

But of course we can not just take away from all those who are already accustomed to the basics of whatever wealth they have accumulated in this old rotten world. So as the new wise ways of systems put the richest people in a position, where they no longer have the money flowing in as they’re used to (because their old rotten money systems has made the money  (which they own as a business) become worthless long ago). So now we have to see too that their personal livestyles are kept in tact, within reason, that allows them to feel home and safe.
We are in no way to punish them for having gotten so lost that they became so greedy, that they became so spoiled rotten, which all made them so disconnected from humanity that they’ve become cleverly insane, and in that even evil.
So we will take wisely care of them, but see to that their young children are raised with wisdom, so that the rich of the old world that ends in 2022, will be the last spoiled rotten beings, as the new generations will know better. In other words you can say, that we sensibly wisely downgrade them from owning excess amounts of wealth and power immediately, while they get to keep most of their lifestyle till they die. The support of our Abundant welfare takes care of them, and of course, keeps an eye on them as well.

See we are not to punish and fight each other. We are to be wise, and that is achieved through being of love. Because fight and punishment has proved by far, that it makes the bad become worse.


As money is no longer more important for humanity then nature and humanity itself, when there is no other power than the wise power of love, so that nobody, not even science will have any reasons to ever manipulate any studies, or anything for the sake of any profits and power. And the whole of all medical sectors will no longer be an industry, but instead be all local and transparent as everything else in a wise world.

We will think globally
and act locally.

Only the individual persons privacy remains. But even that will begin to look very different, since a wise world of love, does not generate any fears, by which humans then open up, as they are feeling safe, as all being do within a loving ralm.

Finally adults will be wise, so that as we’re growing up, we actually do meet what we would expect of those that are older than us, which is that they are of wisdom, so that we thereby have only good to live up to.
Instead of the old unrepairable rotten world of all the opposite, we’ll no longer have to desensitise ourselves to fit in, dumb down ourselves into destructiveness on all levels, and thereby we’ll no longer end up with depression on any and all levels.

Etc. and so on.

I Am The Biggest Mystery

You might see yourself in, at least, some of this. It might, more than likely, help you to make sense of some, or all, of your own possitions in life.

Searching my own secret. Looking back, I have always felt that I AM a soul, I have always felt my spirit strongly. And listening to other people, such as the ones, who insist that you listen to their judgements of what feels like critical views of you, such as the ones, who tend to say ,,you don’t listen. You have to learn to listen to people.” Everytime I have allowed to do just that, to listen to such people, then gradually I find that it takes me far away from who I am, loosing connection to myself, my own source, my own wisdom, which knows me, which knows what is right for me, which knows my nature and how I function.

The earliest clear memory I have of feeling my soul, was when I had my very first bithday. I layed eyes on something golden and blueish, and I remember clearly, that it looked like something familiar to me, something I could normaly go into. Today I know, that what I thought it was, is something we would call a door to another dimention, weather we believe such to exist or not, at least most of us know it from movies. But there I was, 1 year old, and as I tried to touch it, it hurt my finger, and I felt surprised in a puzzled way, but my physical surroundings quickly distracted me, with my kind grandmother (mother’s mother) who was there with me, standing a few meters away with a stranger.

Later, at around age 9, my other grandMother (fathers mother) showed me some photo albums of my baby pictures. I remember looking at most of those photos, without any proper memory of any of those moments. …until, I came accross a series of photos, of me sitting in a big arm-chair, with a gigantic teddy bear (the teddy seemed familiar), and each picture in this series, showed my different moves, step by step ~ image by image; showing how my attention was gradually drawn to, what seemed to be, to the birthday cake, which was standing on the table, right next to the chair that I was sitting in. The next picture showed, that it was the one candle on top of the cake, that I was actually focusing on. And the next picture showing, how I raised my arm, pointing my finger towards the flame, and the next picture revealing that I wasn’t pointing at it, but rather, I was on my way to stick my pointing finger into the flame.

Now sitting there at grandMa’s, flipping through the photos, this moment was where I connected the memories I had of this day, and my body was instantly filled with a wild-feeling energy, and I shouted out to my grandMother, ,,I remember this! I REMEMBER THIS!” …the following photo confirmed my memories, showing, me sitting with my finger inside the flame, and of course, the next photo after that showed, me now sitting with that finger in my mouth, and a facial expression of discomfort, as the fingertip was obviously hurting from the burn.

Now, being older and more knowlegable about things of this earthly reality, this life and the things in it, I finally understood, the whole silly deceivement. So I now the memories were all clarified, from this documenting series of photos, showing to the older me, what it all actually was, that happened on that day. …just a damn flame, looking like a familiar entrance to another dimention.

It blows my mind, to know, that a baby can have a memory, of a such thing, without being able to connect it within this earthly reality, without being able to comprehend this surprising fact, that it just looks like what you know, that it just resembles something you know from before this earthly life, unable to understand why it isn’t that, which it appears to be. …why something can look like a thing you know, but is actually something else.

It blows my mind, (and it still gives me that wild-feeling energy, right in the center between my chest and stomach) that I!, have such a memory, from before I was in this physical body. That is just so wild-feeling to me! It feels similar to, when you get surprised by a dream/wish come true.

I even remember, feeling as if I had been cut off (from the reality I knew), as if that was why it didn’t work, the way I knew it to be working; which was, something that would instantly suck me in, to another ralm/dimension/place/space kind of thing. I remember the expecting feeling, that I would go into that thing, as my finger touched it (now knowing, that was just a candle-flame).

This is one major fact, which leaves me with no doubt of, that I am not just this one physical body, which should make me cease to exist one day, when the body itself dies. On the contrary, I know that I go on without the body. …that I am not this body, but rather, that my consciousness in connected to this earthly existence, through this body.

But, I don’t see what I can do with this knowing. I dont feel, at least not yet, what else it can be used for, for now, other than just sharing it with you.

Obviously I, just like most of us, would never expect would never imagine, and wouldn’t even believe, that a baby could have any sense of knowing some other reality/that a baby can have some knowing memory, of any doorway type of things, to some other ralm. But I did. ~so I do! …actually. And it feels wild. I have no better word than wild, to describe what this feels like.

But clearly, this also confirms, that the inner voice, which you might feel you have, is obviously all real.

And so, YES, you have to listen to your inner being/inner self, and not anyone pushing their opinions and critical advice on you.

And yes, there are different being on this planet. My ex is a major example of that, at least for me.

In this writing, I am searching to …. decode myself, so-to-say.

I am always told, that I am good with words. But in my own feeling, and in my own experience and observations from within, words are poor. For example, for explaining such things like this childhood memory, and many other seemingly mystical things. Words distort the accuracy, and thereby the truth becomes more moldable, and even a bit inaccurate, or just less precise. Which is also why, we best listen to most everything, “with a grain of salt” as my grandMother always said.

…..meanwhile, I find myself living in a world, where the majority of people, seem to be taking most everything quite literally. ….which then reminds me of my father, always saying that, humanity consists of some 80% stupid people. I say, Dangerously stupid people, which comes from, not only knowing the human history, but also from my experiences with people, and observations of them.

I feel surrounded by idiots, and that most of my life. This makes me feel lonely, and alienated, most of my life. And the worst thing is I’m not even that smart hello.

Now in Berlin, it feels worse than ever. As well as the relationship with my ex, made me feel more lonely than ever, while not alone.

I am a traveler, since my baby years already, and it has never really stopped. And everytime I worked in Germany, I always ended up in tears, weather those tears were inside, or actually physical tears, visible on the outside, my spirit/feelings, mental and emotional state, always ended up feeling absolutely horrible, within the 2’nd – 3’rd month of being in this country. (London Denmark and even NYC a bit also, always felt somewhat similar)

This time, I feel stuck here in Germany. I moved here with my love, ….from Ibiza, where our love was feeling so good, where I managed to feel mostly good, even through the worst of times. Already the first few months, our relationship started feeling different to me, but I was trying to ignore-it-away, which turned out to destroy my wellbeing feeling, instead of making the discomforts fade away.

I guess it is all to clear, that whatever our feelings perceive, we best not ignore. But rather, face the facts, by following our heart/our feelings, with the intention of somehow, in one way or another, to be somehow moving in any way or dirrection, which somehow feels better, whatever that may mean for you, however crazy it may seem at times. It surely often requires to be brave. But otherwise, we are allowing selfdestruction. ….for everything in our life, is our very own responsibility, incl. whatever happens, whatever anyone seems to cause us, whaever anyone does to us. (especially considering that we live in a world of dangerously stupid people, who will obviously behave as such ~ causing stupid things) AND asside that Because, bottom line is, I chose to be here, and/or I chose to be with or around this or that person, and/or event and/or situation. ….and I percieve this or that, so or so. Noone is percieving for me. So if what I am perceiving, feels so or so, then only I can act accordingly, to make my feelings feel better, weather that means, weather that is, to go/move/walk away or whatever.

At the same time, whatever happened, is not wrong, but meant to happen, because we are to experience contrast as well, from which we get to know more, and thereby grow more. And sometimes growing hurts. Surely, the more/the faster you grow, the more hurt you will encounter.

But this doesn’t count for everybody, and I have a good example of that; My ex, does not want to grow, and has anyway as well, been smoking joints since age 14, which is known to prevent mental and emotional growth. And I know enough people, who had this clear experience on their very self, realising after quitting the years-long times of smoking joints, that everyone else around them, who didn’t smoke joint, have grown and kind of changed, ~added to their being, and moved on in many ways, while they themselves, the joint-smokers who quit, find themselves (after some 4-6 months of not smoking the stuff anymore) feeling in their being, exactly the same as they felt right before they began their joint-smoking times.

My ex never really quit, thoughtout his whole life, so he will never know and never grow.

Now I dream of likeminded and likespirited people. I am wondering why I dont meet any such people here in Germany!?, and why the few I did meet here, left the country more or less fast. ….ok I feel like I do know, at least more or less, why they left. And I guessnit is a waste of time to ponder that, when what I want to achieve, is to not be without such people, to not be lonely and alianated.

I do know heeps of people here in Berlin, but the only 2people here, who I feel in good company with, are a russian couple (a ballet dancer, and a child prodigy pianist).

Yet even with this couple, I can feel that we are not connecting as well/as propperly as we can, as well as we would in a place of better frequencies/energies, than those we live in here. I know what it is to connect properly, as it is part of my nature, and I do it all my life quite easily/quite naturally. The only places in the world where I haven’t experienced this natural feeling trait of mine, to be connecting propperly with other people, is always in Germany, UK, USA, and for the most part in Scandinavia and France as well.

Odly as it may seem, I have experiences of connecting well, with people from those places, when we are outside these places. ….there is a feeling of things, money, business, immage and such illusory stuff, having more importance than living beings, in those places. ….they feel somewhat like battlefield places. Reminds me of Nostradamus, calling the so-called normal society “The Grand Theater” ~ another way of describing a world where all is more fake than real, filled with merely just imitations values.


POEM: Go Live


Dedicated to Bessie Ulla Herdis Nyholm (my grand-Mother)

Close your eyes and tell me

Who’s in the dark with you?

Don’t wait I tell you

Succumb to yourself, you won’t walk away

Don’t wait I tell you

Go live, go dream

Go make your life, don’t break it

Alone, you stand above them all

Life is what you make it

Don’t wait I tell you

Be a Boheme if you need to

Copyright ©Slavomila Zachova / SmilaZ

The Best Love 24/7

It was literally 24/7 and it had nothing to do with sex. It had not even anything to do with being best at the time.

I grew up always having a best friend, even as I became a globetrotter I’d meet someone who then became my best friend. And the development of such a friendship always happens in different ways and can progress faster or slower. It’s the same as boy meets girl, just without all the sexual influences on the friendship quality. So I’ve always ended up living together with a best friend, traveling and working together, brushing teeth together, shopping and cooking together, or going out, basically doing everything together 24/7. And not a trace of any drama. One such best friend of mine was even inviting me allong on all her dates. And it always fell in well and was a nice time.

Living like that with a best friend is the best way to live. It feels like the best world family, and I haven’t ever experienced, seen or heard of anything that beats this way of life. Husbands, children and boyfriends can come thereto, but we should never break up the original center of it all. Keep it solid for life, because it’s the most Presciously Abundant of all foundations for a home base. And what an amazing environment for children to grow up in!

Living in unconditional love is always without any pressure, without any expectations beyond what wise loved ones would expect of you, but which is things like you being reliable and trustworthy, and equally caring of all what you share.

None of such things work well with spoiled people though. They tend to have issues with what seems like anything and everything from how many times someone cleaned up the kitchen or whatever, to percieving things from some place of ego instead of love, so that you end up having issues of blame, as if blame must be and someone has to be made the sinner to be the victim of that blame.

Spoiled people invent the craziest most senseless issues. For example such needless drama as say, you sleep in the same bed one night, and as you come last into bed you jump in and forget to close the light, and because the spoiled one always comes up with choosing what they think is most pleasing for them, this time, in this sleeping together situation, it was of course the choosing of which side to sleep on that they made into a case of must choose, by simply stating “I sleep on the outer side!” So then as you jumped into bed while forgetting to close the light, they start spinning it up into, that you did that on purpose just to irritate them, while you wonder who even thinks like that?, who would even come up with something so needless and useless, if anything at all, then it’s almost a bit psycho, very disturbing and destructive to all good feelings.

For example, they will agree not to eat all the sweets in the house, accept that this snack box is only for when we’re having cozy times together, and of course we buy our own snacks to enjoy as we please asside that. But when no-one sees, they keep sneaking to it and take a bit from that box which is not theirs, and day by day, little by little it starts to show that the content of the snackbox is getting less and less. And they don’t care. They feel as if they’re smart or something. Untill we all sit down on a cozy evening and open the box. But then they try to play innocent, they’ll try to deny, as if we should all be so stupid, and if that doesn’t work they expect sympathy (for freakin playing everyone for a fool) and get angry if they don’t get the sympathy. And they’ll just hold on to that you’re all wrong because it’s just a freakin box of candy. Meanwhile the point is, that they tend to be like that about most anything, so it’s never just that one given thing, rather that one thing, in this case the snack box, is just an example of how the spoiled egoist operates and thinks in general. And usually if they do something for good for us or our home, then you’ll mostly find that at least 50% of what they did was selfish. So it wasn’t out of love or care or even just thinking of any of you as such, but instead it was just out of something selfish that he or she wanted.

World Family living has to have a good foundation of min. 2 who are unconditionally loving. Then that can easily stay solid, even with a spoiled ego coming into that family. But if the base/foundatiin is made of one spoiled ego and one unconditionally loving one, then it will not go well, but be full of needless drama sufferings, untill the world family falls apart, which it almost guaranteed does.

But without the factors of any spoiled rotten person, the world has not much problems at all. And if any problems, then they’re taken care of without any bad feelings or drama between the people.

We share things because we take so good care of everything and each other. We’re like one solid family in the world. Amazing way of life. The best of all the different ways of life that I’ve been so lucky to be a part of. Nothing beats this way of life. The way religions want to run the world is absolutely rigid, stiff and totally unfiting for too many people, amd it ends up causing too much bad feelings and separation, just adding to humanity’s disconnection.

Living like this you stand so very strong in life, partly because you’re never in much any need, you never stand too weak, nor do you ever stamd alone, so you hardly ever really become needy of others. You’re rather safe and sound all the way, so you can really live and get things done and so forth, and really achieve things without all the world’s needless problems of the cold borderline retarded World full of all the lame insecurities causing all such things like jealousy hatred and egotrips, ~ creating like a whole box full of all sorts of components of the mega issue of human disconnection.

But to have such world family, also means (in my experience) that when one has no income they are carried allong by this world family, just like real family tends to be unconditional and investing in you. Amd I have noticed that this is the very thing that makes you feel more of that family love. It just works perfectly. And life over all is so much happier, easier and so much richer on all good things to keep you sane and well.

With your own loving world family you stand strongest in this world.

Well, I had it, but I let it go. I was already aware of what it was worth then, but because I knew that she, my best friend, was one of those with that simple and very fixed idea of herself in the future, being married and having a baby, I didn’t want to try explaining my unusual/unsecurerealisations and visions. It just felt more right to let her follow her own bliss, and she didn’t even really want to live on ibiza island to begin with, so I remained large about it and didn’t say a word. But of course it was the same as proudly and honorably letting the love of your life go.

I wonder how many people have noticed, that when getting to know a new best friend, it’s also falling in love. And here we much easier get to experience more of what unconditional love means, and therein what friendship really means, and how healthy it is. And it’s all Perfect Hints, showing you what all your relationships can be based on. Real love.

🇩🇰 DANISH; Dansk Fejlbehandling og Umenneskelighed ødelægger vore kæres liv

Der Er Gået Egotrip I Vores Offentlige Sektor

Det er tydeligt at se det overordenlige resultat af vores generationers opdragelse. Attityden i alt hvad der har med service at gøre er i gennem de sidste to årtier blevet precis ligeså børnehave agtigt som vi ser det på toppen af verden. Generationer af forkælede møgunger uden hjertet på det rigtige sted og derfor ingen visdom opnået heller ej, er hvad vi danske mennesker har fået produceret med vores måder at opdrage og skole os på. Sikke en advarsel ja.

Der Er Gået Ego I Vores Offentlige Sektor

Jeg kender til flere mennesker der har udnyttet systemet, fx to der har snydt sig til fortids pension. Jeg kender ogs et forkælet barn, en rigti ægte egoistisk trold der bare er god til at få sympati. Den her trold af et menneske har lavet så mange ulykker og kostet landet millioner i rehabs og hospital regninger, med avancerede operationer inklusive og alt muligt og nogle rigti fede ting der var rigti gode for hende. Og da trolden endelig fik det rigti sundt og godt, så snød hun for over en milion i skat. Samtidig med at hun var på understøttelse, oven i det hele.  Og i sidste ende fik hun alligevel sin fortids pension.

Jeg kender også en der har støttet sig på det offentlige siden han var teenager, og jævnligt hele livet og ind i fyrene. Han blærer sig med, hvordan folk ka li ham og dermed ender med at hjælpe ham, med at sætte de rigtige ting op på de rigtige måder, og få de bedste støtte muligheder ud af det for ham. Ogs selvom han er i Berlin.

Nogle mennesker kan bare det der med at få sympati, og nogle enda ogs uanset hvordan de går rundt og har det. Andre har bare karisma nok til at få lidt særbehandling. Og nogle er vel ogs bare rent ud sagt heldige i deres forkælede stedige løgn komedier.
       Og heldet kommer jo alt for tit bare af hvad man er vandt til. Så dem der er vandt til at få deres vilje har det med at få deres vilje. Ligesåvel som dem, der er opvokset i frygt og utryghed, eller på nogen måde i at stå for skud, de har det jo ogs med at blive ved med at stå for skud.
Ogs selvom de tit er rigti gode dejlige mennesker dernfaktisk har hjulpet flere end de fleste nogensinde kommer til, har givet for meget uden af få, til de en dag bare gik ned på stress af en eller anden art.
Så ryger de som regel på lægens valg af nogle piller, ja de fleste læger idag udskriver jo bare løs, og bedst er hvis man ka ha folk til at abonnere på nogle af de lovlige stoffer der, og des flere stoffer jo bedre selvfølgelig, for lægen. Ja det er et sygt system vi går og tillader.
Det var noget andet da jeg var lille, “I gamle dage”, da læger hellere gav sig tid til at snakke lidt med dig som et menneske, de kendte familien lidt, og holdt i de fleste tilfælde på, at du skal bare tage det roligt, måske enda vile etc. osv., og at alt ellers er ganske normalt og naturligt ved dig og din sag.

Har Fortjent Hjælp Men Bliver Straffet For De Andre

Når forkælede og uopdragede, overbeskyttede møgunger narer så nemt, at de får lov til at udnytte systemet, så blive de der virkelig har fortjent hjælp, straffet på deres vejne i stedet for.

Min klassekammerat var enlig mor og havde nogle gange flere jobs for at klare det hele økonomisk. Hun gav  uden at få (i denne ego trip verden), alt for meget alt for længe indtil hun en dag kolapsede inden i.
I stedet for at komme på rekreation og få et par år til at komme til sigselv og blive stærk igen, så fik nu bare piller/medicin, blev behandlet som et nummer I stedet for som et menneske. Selvfølgelig beskyttede man hende heller ikke imod stress overhovedet på nogle intelligente måder. Man lage i stedet press på hende, som om man nu om dage ikke ved, at det er opskriften på at gøre alt verre og risikere hendes velvære.
Selvfølgelig gik det da ned af bakke og ændrede hele hendes liv, selvom hun har fortjent alt godt i livet.

Hun får ikke hvad hun fortjener fordi hun er en helt naturlig og totalt autentisk type, der ikke lige falder i alles blødeste sted. Så hun får ikke den sympati der gør, at de folk der sidder i deres jobs foran hende til alle de forskellige møder hjælper hende og behandler hende menneskeligt, nej.

Det kan ikke vere rigtigt, at hvis man ikke kilder egoet af de folk der sidder på Danskernes offentlige service og støtte systemer, hvis man ikke kan stimulere deres ego med noget sjarme og karisma eller noget andet rart, eller bare teater og stædighed, så bliver man simpelthen bare ikke menneskeligt behandlet, man får overhovedet ikke det rigtige hjælp og støtte man skal ha.

Opdragelsen af danskerne er kommet til at ignorere at vi har intelligenspotentialet, som jo er det der kan gøre os til hjertelige mennesker som opnår visdom. Ja den er hel gal i landet.

Truth Too Far Out To Believe!?

As a kid I wondered alot about why my human family/my species would be selfdestructive. I had to make sense of it, somehow find an answer. Knowing nothing of politics and such, I concluded that it could only be some other influence, that is either confusing things or purposely tricking my humans. Because we humans all need the same, a healthy (and loving) world, so there’s only two options, either the ruling forces are not human or they are simply retarded, if humans are the most intelligent. But now I know, that intelligence is rather only just more of a potential. And since too long I see and feel how “we’re” breeding the opposite of what activates the unfolding usage of intelligence. The very thing that makes intelligence grow and bring wisdom. And then the food that too many still eat, also just dumbing down intelligence (and thereby intuition as well) through the health.

Why we (the original intelligence-potential beings of earth) are ongoingly ruled for one!, and thereto being not just ruled, but actually ruled away from our own human nature, from our connection, and into destruction instead!? That is a really the good question to be asking. And what if it’s actually Thee thing to question!?

If I was a cold ~ borderline retarded ruler, I would definitely have made sure throughout all the generation of ruling over you, that you will become so that you don’t know, so that you will not believe, so that you can not ever see, what I don’t want you to see of course! Long ago, when times were more dark age, I would have been afraid that anyone could blow my cover and kill me and all of mine. And so I would have gotten rid of enough clues as well as make sure, that what you know, will be such that could never believe the truth, even if you were face to face with it. And throughout times I’d of course be hiring and paying well for all the best of brains, best of experts and so on, to skillfully see to all the details of me achieving perfectly, and of course above all, me keeping my position at the very top, making the whole people-World below me, be like mere boardgames for me.
All such would be rather pure logic to me. And so it makes no sense that my people can’t see this approximate truth or what to call it!? That is an  ALARMING FACT. That feels the same as dealing with borderline retarded people.

Being the most curious, sensitive and open minded that I know of, I of course also don’t have any issue with stretching my mind, and especially so rwgarding subjects to which humanity otherwise doesn’t seem to find answers to.

Stretching your mind, means to fearlessly be able to take anything into concideration, that you normally wouldn’t.


Consider that Humans in their original state, are sensitive enough in all ways to actually live in harmony with their nature, which includes that of each other. Humanity’s intelligence potential allows them to achieve the knowledge and wisdom for nurturing each other and their earth. And they did it perfectly for what seemed like forever.

So what the heck happened!? How did things get so artificial and fake, to go so wrong!? How did humanity “suddenly” become so as if retarded!?

How come humanity became so disconnected and lived like that for so long untill they out of that drive of their own original nature, ended up creating a substitute for some of their originally natural connectivity!?; the Internet.

Originally humanity is of that Love-energy/of that God-energy full of creation! So they keep creating allong the way. And it never fails, that everytime they create something, once if it reaches and clicks with the masses into being actively used by enough people, then it is either bought up or infiltrated by the ruling tyranny. Why is that!?

The Only Story That Fits Is Crazy

Much too long ago, the cold overly masquline insensitive Marsians ruined their planet and came to earth. Here they took over the power because humans are so soft and sensitive ~ lovely etc. Too soft for the hard Marsians, who don’t like that about humanity, because they don’t understand it, since they can’t feel the way we do. They’re just cold.

Now Centuries And Centuries Later

“Finally” very soon, they can send the humans to Mars, while they get to have the earth. Gradually (almost unoticably slowly, but surely as always) they get to ruin planet earth as well, but blaming us for it, calling us Useless Eaters.

Obviously they without the humans will see the truth of that they are the destructive ones, but they will anyway deny it (as spoiled rotten ones do), and the destruction will not stop untill they get crushed out of existence.

As If Ridiculing Was Resolving

It is hard to try believing in reptilian and shape-shifting ideas. So hard! But I do see that weather true and Real or not, it perfectly explains everything. It explains even why all truth and Everything has gotten so twisted, including the truth about ourselves as humanity. It even explains the tales of monsters, vampires and so on of the distant past perfectly.

So what if we didn’t ridicule like stupid everytime we just can’t relate or understand or see something!? And what if the ancient tales of Marsians are true!? The only thing that would matter about it, is the whole contrast and change of awareness that any such far out truth unavoidably causes.

Real/Physical History

Artifacts and too many things found from the so very distant past, so clearly without any doubt indicates, that we’re somehow raised against our intelligence potentials, and in that against our ability to comprehend much. While anyway to begin with!, at the core, humanity is too good to really be able to comprehend much of any evil just so. Which makes it extra easy to fool them.

Now as technology has reached a time of stagnation, and we simultaneously see that institutionalising (and desensitising) is all just more failure than anything. Perhaps now is that time in which we get to mind ourselves, enough to start feeling more fully, and get into the opposite of materialism all together, into the non physical of our lives and perhaps  restore our sensitivity to its full healthy and effective state.  …and by that end up leaving the Internet “life”, the money games “life”, the Pharma drugs, the school systems indoctrinations and so on and so forth, and just finally be free to notice that we’re in paradise (which was colonised by something other that us who were already here inhabiting it). It surely feels like the last chance to be free to take care of each other and our earth.


thinking so freely that I cross all your insane sanity boarders, is how I manage to solve the unsolvable, and make the impossible possible. And while so many have been enjoying this, in turning to me for helping and assisting, nobody even seems to ever be curious about how I have always managed to do any of it so successfully well.
Of course that only one example of the millions of factors in life, that make me register that feeling, that I’m having to do with, or in other words that I’m faced with, some sort of retardedness. A retardedness that just goes on leaning on, that they’re the most intelligent species, and so since they are human, that it also just applies to their self. But spoiled humans become a form of rotten humans, and that’s where goy find the tyranny, the mean and evil, that borderline retardedness.

So then theres only smart and clever left, which can never be anything more than just only inspired by intelligence, since smart and clever of the linear of intention and effect, which is harmful and destructive to a natural world that is not linear at all. But because the entire nature of planet earth with humanity is so flexible, it has taken ages to really cause enough weakening, for taking over fully. But now with technology and humanity being more retarded than intelligent, we’re at the door to a place of no return.

I’ve though that it takes Love’s wisdom to really see / God’s wisdom to see, Perhaps even if there’s no such things as any reptilians, no such things as any Marsians, I still feel what I’ve felt my entire life, and even though I ignored it and forgot about it, now I see the evidence everywhere in everything of humanity. So very obviously somehow, something that is not of humanity, is hurling us into the abys, while we’re so lovely of nature that we just can’t believe it.
But do you really wanna suffer another hell, equivalent that of all the previous wars!? ~ None of that is human, but clearly evil. Even if it’s just humans spoiled rotten with power games (instead of being taught to be of love) it’s clearly evil. ~ as if borderline retarded, and not really sane, ~ so as if not human.


Irresponsible Species In Space ~ISIS

Unwise and Doomed.

A disconnected species without enough wisdom to manage their own planet, and that even though it is the garden of abundance itself! …they have nothing to seek in space. Untill they come to their full senses and wisdom, they best stay home on their planet.

But for the same reason they have not the honor of wise respect to see that. They are are not only blinded by fear, they are used to living in fear. Fear is dangerous because the stress of fear makes a person be as if retarded. If these irresponsible, careless, clueless/wisdom less, WAR-MINDED SPECIES go off into space out there, out off their planet, they are 99.9% sure danger to everything. They are like spoiled ignorant kids. For them the grass is always greener elsewhere, even if that elsewhere happens to not even sustain any life. They are borderline retarded ~ DANGEROUSLY STUPID.

They are so ignorant the you can’t stop them, If anything we can only send them all out there, to stay out there!

Covid/Corona Application WARNING /🇩🇪WARNUNG!

2020 / 2021 Notizen. (Deutsche Text unten)

2020 / 2021 Notes.

Saving (and SHARING as this journal is ONLINE) a German note here, about the Corona-App/Covid App.,

The German note below is explaining how on the sidelines, this Covid app is also the perfect tool for kidnapping children, as it allows access to track and follow the children through their parents phones, (allows access to everything, photos, address and phone numbers of the children) through the bank access and health insurance, and thereby also the children’s healthfiles, and whoever else is insured.

Providing access to all info’s such as allergies and blood groups etc. can be perfectly used for the black markets organ transplant business.

More than 100.000 children disappear in Germany every year, already!

Vaccinated children have no chance to escape at all, because the vaccines contain markings, making them too easy to find and follow.

This app is like some Trojan Spyware in your phone, giving multiple access to endanger your family and in that of course especially the children.

The German note, says to please make kindergartens, schools and so on aware of this danger, in order to forbid the app.

I wouldn’t be naive enough to think this app is any different in other countries. If anything it reminds me who’s got the power, and that not just through the power of 6000 people owning 90% of the world’s wealth, but even more so through the fact that they also have the most of the power over all our technology.

🇩🇪 GERMAN: Covid/Corona Application WARNUNG!

Die Corona-App ist ein ideales Hilfsmittel zum Kinderklau und Organhandel.

Die Pädophilenringe können durch diese App über viele Eltern-Handys deren Kinder verfolgen und bei Interesse “beschaffen” lassen. Sie haben damit Fotos, Adresse und Handynummern der Kinder, bekommen über die Bankzugänge die Krankenkasse der Eltern heraus und können damit bis an die Krankenakten der mitversicherten Kinder.
Damit können sie Kinder per Nachfrage “vermitteln”, haben Blutgruppen, Allergietestergebnisse und alle Daten zur Verfügung, die bspw. auch für den Organhandel gebraucht werden.

Aktuell verschwinden in D über 100.000 Kinder jährlich.
Geimpfte Kinder haben keine Chance auf Flucht, da Impfungen auch Markierungen beinhalten und sie dann in jedem Bhf oder Einkaufscenter leicht zu finden sind, noch bevor sie zurück bei den Eltern sind.

Bereits allein durch das Heraufladen der Corona-App hat man einen Trojaner im Handy, mit dem man jede Menge Möglichkeiten der Spionage öffnet (ist die Familie gerade beisammen oder sind die Kinder allein, usw.).

Das RKI kümmert sich nicht um die Sicherheit der App. Daten liegen auf fremden Servern und trotz Hinweis der Gefährdung wird die App unverändert angeboten. Damit wird aus Fahrlässigkeit vorsätzlich kriminelles Handeln.

Daher bitte allen Schulen, Kitas und sonstigen verbieten, die Corona-App zur Pflicht zu machen.
Anderenfalls nicht mit Zeigefinger drohen, sondern konkludente Verträge starten, die Höchstforderungen gegen jeden erzeugen, der an der Umsetzung einer App-Pflicht beteiligt ist. Auch gegen gewählte Vertreter, die für derartige Zwangsvorgehen abstimmen, egal, wo.

Noticing My Obsession

It’s interesting how I’m noticing the whole time, where all my writing keeps going. It looks like some obsession, and it feels full of urgency. But then I like the idea, that if something is urgent, then a sane human would become as if obsessed till the task is done, or till the issue has been adequately taken care of. Since obviously that, then helps preventing things from falling appart, prevents total destruction from happening, unless it’s to substitute something not good, with something that is better fitting and (this time around) of wise substance.

Then I wonder what it might be like for the readers, and I ponder ideas of what their impression and feeling becomes, if they read my posts from last year 2020, and into this year 2021.

Next it brings me to remembering, that the point here with “The Guts Of My Universe” is first of all authenticity. But to begin with, it is originally also a personal journal/note book, my personal journal, put online for the very challenge of staying authentic, even though you know it’s available for anyone to read.

All inspired by the creatively experimenting artist in me, feeling inspired by all the other many artists, who were residing around me at the artist residence when I started “The Guts Of My Universe”.

And so it became

an artists challenge to her self

But not only that. It also of course becomes a journey of contemplating, philosophising, creating. noticing, discovering and learning all sorts.

So these days I’m all about the times of change, all about wanting to live in a loving world of wisdom.

I’m so fed up with the waste of humanity’s intelligence potentials. I’m so fed up with Stupidity, even my own Stupidity. And all though my own Stupidity doesn’t even reach the ankles of the general body of humanity’s Stupidity, my own Stupidity is almost just as bad within my own life, just as humanity’s Stupidity is bad for the world. But in my case it only becomes that bad, because it’s in this freakin world I’m being stupid.

Now if I was being stupid in a wise place, I would get to learn and grow wiser all the time, instead of getting “beat up, cut and scarred, tossed and turned, torn and burned”. But yeah, I’m here on the planet earth, where we had a billionaire, one named Trump, as the freaking president of our USA. And to be more specific for the multiple-realities-people out there, it’s the planet earth where that Trump guy has by far not been the worst one on that post.

So now, only because I have all those strange childhood memories, I’m lucky enough to know that everything is all wrong. So even though my species are behaving as if nothing is wrong, and I thereby feel as if I should be totally bonkers beyond anything, I happen to be too aware to really fall for that. And also, if I wasn’t aware of what we cannot see, which we’re also not taught about, then I wouldn’t be able to understand what it means, and how it is, that death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. But I do know what it means and how that is! Because there is no such thing as death. There’s only passing on! Nobody dies! We all pass on.

My mother passed on when I was just 16 months old and she remained around me, I never felt her missing.

My grandMother was more than a mother to me. She was my best friend in life, my closest being of all beings, my everything in this world. She passed on in my midd twenties, but found my energy at the funeral, but I didn’t discovered it until I was back home. And I’m only one of many thousands of people, alive in our time, who have such experiences, and mine are not even as profound as that of most other peoples experiences. And some peoples experiences are even extreme next to mine. So I’m also not the weirdest one at all. If anything is weird in this life, then it’s the willingness to be so blind when one can see, and to be so deaf when one can actually hear, to be so obedient as if born for slavery, to be so cold that anyone else can be hungry or even homeless, to be such a poor creature while you’re actually supposed to be human, which is of intelligence, so that in your world of over seven billion people, only 6000 people own the worlds health. If anything is beyond weird in this world, then it is that those 6000 people are the ones ruling the way, with the whole of humanity just following as their free looking slaves even though their ways are ruining not just the plante home, but in that of course also ruining the people, who then on top of it all get blamed for it all. To the 6000 who own and rule everything even humanity itself, people are just useless eaters. Well, and since you just follow ~ supporting the deterioration of life, damn right you are.

So dear Angelo Guilherme Lopes Garcia, you who pointed out that I’m always fighting with the world. I was only twentytwo years old then, but now, since some time, I finally understand all that. And I felt like a fool then, disappointed with own myself. But now I know better, and I see so clear why I am the way I am.

I will not pretend that what matters the most doesn’t matter. Even as a sentence it sounds senseless!? I will not pretend that I don’t feel. I will not cut of the very intelligence of sensitivity to follow or obey. No way.

It there is any reason with me being here in this borderline retarded human world, then it is to be an example of what I know is your problem. Love.

Love is humanity’s problem, in having been taught twisted truths about themselves. Humanity in its own natural state without the infiltrated tyranny, is sensitive enough to manoeuvre well enough with everything, which keeps humanity and therein alsotheir home ~ planet nature all perfectly healthy. Humanity in its own natural state, without the infiltrated tyranny, is sensitive enough to gigure everything out and live harmoniously.

We are born with the keys to harmonious life; sensitivity and intuition. But ages ago, when there was a lot less humans than today, a few families saw the naivety of humanity, and so they jumped on the opportunity, and have been fine tuning their power for ages, and since long already literally breeding a degenerating humanity. The lifespan being longer is just a natural side effect of civilization. If it wasn’t for the tyranny, there’d be cures for everything, while hardly anyone would be getting sick compared to how we know it now in out times. And if we’d live wise as I see us living, we’d become twice as old as we do now. And it wouldn’t get boring because if you ever really wake up, you’re gonna want to take your natural responsibilities back, amd once you do that, you find that this planet is the paradise garden of Eden.

We are born with different abilities, that as a team, together we are perfect. That’s humanity without the tyranny.

Gone From Planet Depression

I was all depressed, aparently all beat up. And I was still expecting to be in Germany or close, when this lady reminding me of my grandMother, came and said “I don’t know where you come from, but here, you just have to be Your Best, because we take care of everything, and in that we all take care of each other. All of us here, well we’ll get to that later. So now go clean up.” Then she sweetly smiled and with a giggle she said, “You look like the forest’s soils just gave birth to you” and then she nodded towards this beautiful gate of a door. OK this is all together nice, I thought to myself, and noticed how I didn’t even really care to feel.

At that point I didn’t have a clue what she meant by taking care of each other and everything. And about that I also didn’t care, since it has never meant anything that I ever felt I needed. And people say so much without ever backing it up with the adequate action. So if anything, I thought it would just mean food and such basic things.


But from the moment I stepped into that bathroom, …well, everything changed, or rather it was like I changed. I started awaking from trauma as I was taking in and taken in by, my unexpected and unusual environment. As I was looking around I was shifting into Paradise, and once fully registered and awake, immediately my whole being was filled with a feeling of never letting it go. Meanwhile this, was only the bathroom.

I had the most beautiful feeling shower, and it was a bit like the half outdoor bathroom we had with the balinesian bungalows on Bushman’s mountain top, on Ibiza island. Only this one was even bigger and more perfect in its detail, to my sense of things. Everything made of regular wood and bamboo wood, and I guess microcement, with the nature itself protruding right into the whole place . A natural luxury, the best feeling luxury of all luxuries, giving me a sense of connection and harmony with everything. And according to the color of the wood, it was either all newly built, or just treated to stay in its fresh raw looking colors. The room itself was almost all round, the shower-wall was a Mountain Rock from outside, onto which the bathroom was built and the corner where I had entered was all square shaped like a normal house, but looking way up there was a huge wooden beam holding the roof, bringing that organic feeling even to the square side of the space.

On the side of the shower was a soil space like a tiny garden with flowers and palm looking plants growing, which immediately made me concerned about the loads of soapwater they get exposed to, and curiously I pick up one of the shower products to read its label. It said Natures Choice, Shampoo for dry hair, ‘plant-water friendly’, and my paradise feeling gave me goosebumps. It felt as a tickle like feeling, and as if it or my spirit made a salto right there in the shower.

From the square corner of the room, one wall turned into that mountain protruding in from the outside nature, and it was hard to tell where the wall ended and where the real rock began. The little garden went from the natural rock wall and had a tall panoramic window, which opened when I tried pressing the button, that I noticed next to the mirror, so that particularly the whole shower part of the room felt exposed as if it was all outside. Amazing. Once done there, I felt like reborn!, and that into a better reality! I probably felt so significantly better, because of the floors being earth-grounded floors, and then that together with the mountain water, surely got me good, and I stayed under the shower for more than an hour.

Where Am I ?

I didn’t have a clue where I was, and something inside me, felt as if it would be almost like some holy question, like some forbidden question. No idea why, but somehow for me, it just felt too sensitive of a subject to disturb it, as if trying to find out, could ruin my perfect dream. So I didn’t want to ask, and decided that obviously, with patience I’ll come across the answer, even without asking.


I had been wandering in some woods for hours, and I know that I was in Germany. At some point I had taken a nap on some huge flat Rocks, after which I felt as if something about the forrest, the climate, something about the environment was feeling different than before, but I was telling myself, that it was the sleepy state of me that was giving me this feeling, because I don’t usually wake up in a forrest, and so the whole awaking-feeling just stands out feeling very different here I thought.

I went on wandering, south, and eventually after what felt like an hours time, I suddenly started seeing people in the distance. To get to them, I went through these crazy bushes and had a serious battle with getting through them, which made my nerves explode into some blend of physical and emotional exhaustion, sadness turned to anger, and fear into rage.

So as if some psycho had gone totally emotional (for just this once in life), I ended up raging out in these bushes, and I was fighting some “ill” bush like a mad person, when some of the people were suddenly right next to me, just looking at me in silence with big wondering eyes. I paused with the surprise, and then immediately felt like a confused “clown of rage” , and as if on an emotional roller-coaster, I burst into a freaking laughing attack and then they did as well. We were all dying laughing and I could feel I had not even the power to laugh that hard, and just as I registered this exhaustion feeling, my laughing broke into tears, and I collapsed into the mud like a dying dizzy crying baby.

The people lifted me up and carried me (the loud waterfall of tears) to what I thought was their camp. Although helplessly crying, I felt no care of anything from there, not life nor death, and when they lifted me up, it overwhelmed me how I had the same feeling in what felt like all of my cells. So there was not a trace of neither cooperation or resistance in me, when they got me out of the “bad” bushes, that now seemed like nothing much at all for them to get through.

It was getting dark by the time we got there, and my tears were clogging up my view, and so while I didn’t even care to see anything in the first place, I just got some impression and expectation, that the place would be some sort of camp of some classic type of wild and primitive feeling Lifestyle people. But Wow how wrong I was!

As I stepped out of the bathroom, through that gate looking door, for a second I thought I was somewhere at the spa of Atzaro, on ibiza island, because the gate like door had that balinesian frame from the outside. But as I was now feeling fresh and well, not looking down and closing my eyes all the time as I was before, but now looking up and around, I began to see the whole. It was overwhelming to realise, how I had been there for hours in a state from which I hadn’t been able to see anything. Now realising that my feeling in those moments, had my senses clogged up with trauma, and from that it had me in a feeling of literally not caring anymore to see, literally not wanting to see the world or anything anymore.

But a familiar feeling lovely and grounded human presence, had appeared and somehow distracted me just enough to get me to move, as she helped me up and lead me to to that gate-door to the bathroom.

Now all clean and fresh, calm and neutral feeling as if reborn, I closed this gate-door behind me and leaned up against it in awe of my view. Where I had been laying, before the lady had made me go get cleaned up, there was a huge panoramic tilted window, looking down the slope of a mountain side. I hadn’t even noticed us going upwards at any point. And now the thought of some people having carried me up hill, somehow made me feel more safe, and immediately think to myself, Funny. …as if I’m that naive!?

I walked over to the window feeling light as a feather with joy. I was amazed, the view was stunning. It had very tall trees, just enough to cover the building, but without shielding out the sun. The ground below the trees was flat and full of rows of plants with big juicy looking leaves, and so many tiny flowers in between. Well, that’s what it looked like from where I was standing. But then later I discovered up close, that the flowers were all berries.

It turned out that I had actually slept for a whole night, from the early evening till somewhere before noon, and so I had a whole day of amazing discoveries that very first day.

Next to the window there was another bigger looking gate-door, which I had somehow taken for being a wall before, when I was not really looking up. And as I walked out of it, I noticed it was a double door, which again reminded me of ibiza (but in that also of a person that I want to forget). The inner door was a glass door, and the outer one was of thick heavy wood, making you feel small in a good safe kind of way. Immediately as my closing of the door made a noise, I heard giggles and noticed some people laying under some of the biggest trees. I noticed the old lady sitting up against the thickest tree. She got up and walked towards me, so I slowly started moving to meet her half way. She started moving to the right and waving me to follow her direction. As I left the shade of the building I noticed how warm the sun was, and how there was this feeling I know so well from each spring, where the warmth of the sun feels so damn good, like it’s healing me or so. To my senses, I can best destribe the sensation, as some kind of a magnetic or I guess an electromagnetic feeling thing, but of a good natural feeling kind. And so in this healing feeling warm sunlight I met her on the side of the open space, that I had stepped out into, and there where we joined walking, clifrock mett with a tree, only connecting with the little path that we were now walking on side by side, and she told me, “They were giggling when they saw you because … Well, if you could see and hear yourself defeating those bushes, you know. And this made me giggle as I was now remembering and seeing it more objectively with my imagination of how it must have looked.“The crazy Bush fighter” I said. She looked at me and smiled so that her eyes closed with a kindly amused expression on her whole face. I felt like the funny one now, and so I was equally amused.

Within just a couple of minutes we were standing right at the slope with the tall trees, and one could see the tilted window side of the house. She handed me a bunsh of raspberries, and this was the moment I realised, that all the little flowers were not flowers, but all kinds of berries in all their different varieties. To me of course a total Berry Heaven. Even with berries that I haven’t seen since I was around 6 years old, with my kindergarten back in Karlovy Vary.

– to be continued –

Welcome To The Era Of Technological Stangnance & Institutional Failure ~ OPPORTUNITY


It is always best to take one’s own part in times of change, then to passively just leave it up to the rest.

While it is obvious that we are in Times Of Change, most people feel like everything is being taken away from them, leaving them empty handed and with nothing to do. But while it does seem like everything is coming to a halt, there is actually a whole lot to do, which all in fact even leads us into dealing with those things, that inevitably will be more fulfilling to the more personal nature of us humans.

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What Nobody Knows About CONVENIENCE Anymore


Long time ago, I overheard adults talking about ‘CONVENIENCE’, but until just recently, I had as if completely forgotten this, what I now know is quite ‘Rare Widom’. I would even call this, a bit of ‘Deep Wisdom’.

Of course before I go on with my SmilaZ version of “life’s little obvious secrets”, let’s at least see what Wikipedia has to say about ‘CONVENIENCE’ …
… ok, something about your home and your lifestyle (could seem more shallow than deep yeah), but I strolled straight down to History, where the first thing it says is the following.

* Household In 1911, architect and author Louis. H. Gibson defined modern conveniences as “those arrangements and appliances which make it possible for people to live comfortably in a larger house, without seriously increasing the cares which they had in a smaller one”. *

And so that makes me wanna say Yeah here we go!; so while in the past CONVENIENCE was pragmatic home and lifestyle things, which could be anything from a toilet being not just in the house but also flushing with water, to having tools that make things smoother/easier/faster, or to having a car for getting around quick  and all independent.
But today CONVENIENCES consist of things that make people unhealthy and dumbed down, so that now, too many people know too little, too many don’t even know what they’re really eating hello!?, and too many lifestyles are set up so that too many don’t even move their human body enough (while the body made to move for hours, and/or walk or even run about thirty kilometres daily, and that’s how it’s system is kept flowing, self cleansing, self regulating, healthy till the day you die). But of course the biggest problem is the stupidity that were breeding, which is made even worse by bad health.

My memories of this word and factor  ‘CONVENIENCE’, started returning when I saw this pile of nicely stacked electric “don’t move your body”-scooter things, in Zurich last summer (2020).

No more CONVENIENCES thank you. I’m getting ready to rid my life of the ones I can’t adjust to be wise for me.

Ok, the CONVENIENCE of the internet and having it at home, felt really amazing the first approx. three decades time (for me two decades, as I came on in 2000), but since …lets just say, since all businesses and everything came online, and Google etc. all became so powerful, it no longer feels like humanity’s substitute for connection to the Ether at will.   But now it’s has so obviously, to all my senses and experience, been high jacked by something that does not feel good. …because it clearly doesn’t do any good, to say it nicely.

So again here we have a nother one of those gone rotten things without wisdom, just like money, medicine, science, education and what have you. 

How come I see all this, when most people don’t!? Or how come governments, authorities, lawmakers and politicians don’t see!? Who am I to see any of all the roots to humanity’s problems, when I’m not even somebody in any position to do anything about it, or even just to spread the word really!? I’m willing to do all I can, but I’m not even in any position of  even just being heard! So what’s the point of that!?, All Mighty and All Knowing Universe!, Huh!?

Thanks, now tell me.

I demand to know!


It Hasn’t Ever Failed !

When some invention/idea becomes used by the masses, then it either gets bought up, or at least gradually but totally infiltrated by Tyranny.

What feels so weird about it all, is that I’m not even a religious person, instead I’ve remained with the feelings about those things from early childhood. …thoughts that I started becoming conscious of, when I was 4 or 5 years old. …inspired by the fact that the adult’s answers to my heavenly questions, were to my feeling intuition, just of not-knowing, and of only pure guessing. The impression of this surprise factor made it become a clear memory, from the shocking surprise that my big great guardian feeling figures don’t know the answers. Feeling the memories now, I notice how I was clearly and somehow quite naturally expecting wisdom from them. (but in that sense, except for my grandMother and a ‘too few’ others, life has been rather very disappointing on the wisdom front)
       But anyway, so I’m not religious, but have realised, that I’ve been pushing away from my own attention the fact, that I do sense there being something that’s probably best called evil, and I never even use this word. And the reason that I normally don’t use a word like that, is because I feel it is of that type of just boring-feeling, retarded kind of something, it’s some dumb rotten shit that stinks. So I don’t give it attention. And I don’t see why to be scared of something that I feel is for me, of borderline retarded substance. It could only make me furiously annoyed at worst.
But of course, at the same time, any evil in human form, now that is surely a fatal Hazard to have around.

But something just came in, and now I think > this here < is a mad joke. And it surely better be! And here I’m be ready to argue anytime, what is and what isn’t CONVENIENT ! Vaccines are logically not convenient but Sick BS. …”that will make you stink”. Convenient for everyone, even the guilty and the fools is only If that document is just a a fake, a joke.
Ok and weather its true or not, I’m a bit angry now….shouldn’t have looked at that message from my Australian x-collague who sent me that document.
The world better get sane in a flash.  Or I will … I don’t know what, but something! I’ll get rid of it, flush it down my planets toilet, the whole human sheeple brain World, with all its spoiled rotten creeps.
Right, so now is a good time to take advantage of the fact that I haven’t quit smoking again yet.


So the whole subject of CONVENIENCE has changed a bit perhaps, but it’s like religion already knew so maybe it hasn’t changed really. The wise men somehow knew already so long ago what was going on, and so they tried to let us know (as so many others have done), but we humans are so easily turned as if half deaf and half blind, and just as easily are we also tricked into Exaggerating everything, and always without noticing that it’s not love driving the force in doing so, but feelings where fear is the underlying factor.
       Simply as if borderline retarded. And that’s my own species were talking about here. It hurts existence, and because its real, its like the worst twilight zone ever.

It’s a tricky thing to feel belonging here in this ‘wisdom gone lost’ world. …for me at least. I honestly admit what I what I have learned and feel clear about, with the general picture. I have got to have close loving humans around me, love, and in a beautiful environment. Otherwise I start to feel as if my spirit energy is dying and eventually as if I’m dying.
“And that’s how I became a lonely soldier in the wasteful needless wars of human (unintelligent!) life”. It taught me all sorts of different battling, which I never was made of and never liked, and I always cried the many first times other kids made some battling or otherwise mean feeling things.
I’m sensitive of nature and so yes, surely it has become my strength as well. And thank you humanity, but no thank you, it’s more than enough now. It’s time for you to learn what love really is. Because once integrated, all humanity’s problems rapidly fade away, untill you ony have all the useful problems.

It’s really time to grow up, grow responsible (and not for Hamster wheel life!). Its way past the time to stop all fears, there are no wild beasts about to snap you anywhere! Nor is there any unusual virus factor, other than the lies about covid. Especially the lies of the whole testing, and last but not least the vaccination business is guaranteed mega profits and there are 50+ business competing. Only a sick world makes any competitions at all, but especially regarding a subject like that.  To think you can trust an industry or even a government, is flat out borderline retarded. There has never been pure truth and honesty there. Not ever! But how would you know, when you grow up in a world that does not want you to know!?
       And death is by far not the worst thing that can happen to you. But about that humanity also knøs nothing really. But the truth is first of all scientific (20 years old news from our 300 years old science), and it says that the evidence is there, that you are not this body. You are also not really in this body, but rather just living here through this body, a bit like a wireless signal through a TV.

But it is CONVENIENT to give a sht, and not even learn any real anything. Just follow the (sorry to say but Fake) norms! CONVENIENCE has parents for the adults, which is called governments and authorities. It is horribly shameful to be living in an institutionalised world and think that you’re an intelligent adult at the same time. ~ borderline insane.

CONVENIENCE is not having to know about the nature of your very own selves, not even about your bodies, which means not having to be  responsible!, but instead just rely blindly on an industry that is not loving you, but is rather obsessed with money and power.

CONVENIENCE is not to know about love and wisdom really,

which means to not be responsible!,

By now humans are even scared of love. They rather be cold than risk feeling something UNPLEASANT, which is why they don’t grow their intelligence potential. It’s another factor of CONVENIENCE to avoid feeling anything that disturbs (nevermind if its actually part of growth), to just be cold instead of loving is CONVENIENT. But the price humanity pays for that is the gradual but ultimate self-destruction. And unfortunately only the human’s destructive behavior is such, that it actually pulls everything down with it. Yet if you tell them that love is the answer to set everything right, they will just laugh at you, the same as any evil from any movie would. …only they don’t sound like much like evil or even just Vincent Price. Yeah it’s much like if you’d imagine a sweet soft child or elderly, saying to you in their sweet voice, that they will kill you, which would probably make you feel more like laughing than running. Yeah well same same but different, but obviously humans are originally not of any evil at all. They’ve just become the most fooled and thereby also most lost species.
       Crazy, when only humans have the potential of those unique powers. As easy as it was nothing, they manage to make a bear and a lion and a tiger be best friends/be as if they were family. I ask the God of religions the universe, including any and all living thing, please try to do just that as well!!! But obviously nothing and nobody else, can even do such things!
Humanity is the only living creature that is so magical, and the only one meant to be so magical.
       But if they all woke up to these factors, the world would change in a flash. Uuh.. if they all woke up to this, they wouldn’t even be able to allow any such burdening to their very own existence. There’d be no billionaire factor, no spoiling rotten of anybody, at all. There’d be no unnatural rott. There’d be no rott spreading like cancer. There’d be no rott overtaking the healthy. Intelligence would wake up and blossom like the wildest and most overtaking of all flowers.

Now I understand the laughing Buddha. He suffered enough to iepn his hart, so that his intelligence grew, and he was brave not to hide away in fear of pain suffering, so his intelligence grew and grew, this was bringing him wisdom, and so he knows love so profoundly that he became of it. And therefore he also knows that if he would allow any fear to disturb his loving being, then his inspiring and contagious pressence in this world would not remain of love, while that is what is most desperately, most urgently needed here. That is why he stays undisturbed, because he has taken in the biggest responsibility anyone singlehandedly could, but which one can’t help to do, once one knows and has become love so profoundly. We can only lie to ourselves as long as we have not a “fit heart”.

Humanity’s hearts hang ignored (from fears of feeling), doing only their instinctive basic heartbeat functions, while actually the heart actively used by own will, is what activates the human intelligence. It has no insane fears, because it is the very opposite of insane and fears. The heart is of love, and it is the only factor through which humans can grow wisdom.

The idea of measuring intelligence quota is rediculously primitive, because the brain is more like the servant worker, more linear and fixed, not intuitive. It is the neurology of the heart that runs the show so to say. The heart holds the intelligence, while the brain can only be smart and perhaps clever. But intelligence without the heart, doesn’t even really exist. And so, artificial intelligence is really a wrong name. Really to be more correct, it could at best be artificial smartness.
But we’re here on this paradise globe fckn around in circles.
We’re since long the parodie of ourselves. So of course Buddha is laughing (since he’s immune to any fear).

Life is so CONVENIENT that if we had to start farming for our own food, most of us would quickly be starving, because we don’t know how to do the basics. That’s one perfect example of a poisonous convenience right there.

But today CONVENIENCE exists in pretty much anything we can think of, and so with tyranny infiltrated everywhere, we can safely assume, that it will be wise to pay wise attention regarding conveniences in general.

People About ‘SmilaZ’

What people have said …

According Miss Nwosu
musical actress and long time friend,  also a former colleague of SmilaZ
SmilaZ is ahead of her time about the world and many things, she’s wise. And she’s a problemsolver. She’s a very loyal friend, with you all the way. She’s a very good songwriter, and singer. And she’s also a very good dancer. She has her own something.

According to Miss A-C Nielsen
(Denmark, Scandinavia)
school-mate and life long friend/ “sister”
She is honest, but she’s also the smart one who knows everything, She’s highly intelligent. But she’s also the best friend. She’s that one who forgives you. And even when it really matters the most, she will take your side. Even if you’re in a state worse than you yourself dares to face, then she will love you the most and face it with you. She’s silly, but she’s the smart serious one. In most places she is the good influence.

According to Mr. M. K. A. Esmail
Egyptian “brother” from life, so called world-family
She was always there for me, when nobody else was. She’s too good for this world. And she’s like an open book, so I worry about her.

After going through all that, and of course there’s more, … I feel like this is good.

It sure does feel good, in the middle of all this … dark feeling time. Even though it seems, as if none of it ever serves me much anthing. Only occasionally I happen to meet the most genius, or somehow the best of special people, who then do serve as something good for me. But there’s too few of such people. And now since too long, I don’t have any such good intelligence of influence in my life. So I am awaiting it. ⚓🌊

Paradise Found

Having listened to many many stories of those who died, but somehow returned to their body, when I then am confronted with any of nature’s wonders, I realise that in the afterlife the whole of all of it is felt like love in its fullest form, and all the things that the ones who got to pass on and return got to see, is always all sorts of amazing factors including people they know who passed on before them, they can even see us who are still alive, and they not only see us from their passed on state, they even feels us with our entirety of all that we have lived trough, and it gives them a profound understanding of our being. But not a single one has ever reported any signs of a Paradise, the garden of Eden, or anything that comes even just close to what we understand to be paradise. In fact the only thing that comes not just close, but literally has all the components of any Paradise, garden of Eden, is this planet earth that we live on.

This planet earth

has the singing birds and all the most amazing creatures, even magical looking ones to unbelievable one’s.

This planet earth has the incredible gemstones and seashells of all wonderful colors and shapes.

This planet earth has all the flowers, some of which even look as unbelievable as some of the seas creatures.

This planet earth has seas and oceas so blue and turquoise coloured. And if you could see each and every fish and creature of the seas and oceans, you would surely feel so amazed, like”this can’t be real”, but it is and it seems s right here on this planet earth.

This planet earth even has so many plants that humanity can eat of, but not just that, there’s also all these plants with magically tasting juices that we can drink from.

This planet earth has little bees making honey, and polynating things to grow.

All living things of this planet have their purpose, their part of the whole, keeping all things in their well being. Even a leaf has its purpose, as does every bug, reptile and bird, every fish and creature in the oceans and the seas. Even your dog has its purpose as the only one who is always happy to see you no matter how you may look or feel, and regardless of what you said and did yesterday.

There is not a single thing here on this planet, without its perfect purpose. No, even humanity has its purpose, but we have been ruled away from looking after our Garden Of Eden, and most of us live in places of concrete and asphalt covering the earth’s wonders, and in that our natural connection with the natural electric negative charge of the earth, which aids your wellbeing, which aids the wellbeing of all animals as well as plants. The effects of grounding as we call it, has very significant effects of our health, yes all too many think they’re perfectly well separated from their nature, and some even think nature is dirty, that soil is dirt. Meanwhile some of the things they eat are dirt and even straight up poison. But as long as it tastes sweet.

It’s as if somebody figured out our whole being with its intelligence, and used it all to hack into our ways of functioning, so thay they could keep us from wisdom and thereby have us totally disarmed (from our natural power) to use us as their workers (yes, it is a bit slave like), which by now has turned into living a hamster wheel type of lifestyle for most people, working just to make ends meet, in other words just for money, in other words just to survive, which is insane and even if just because our planet has 100 times more abundance for every single human, than what we need right now today.

All we have to do to have the full abundance of this planet, is to use all the knowledge humanity has, to restore all the damage we’ve caused (because we just follow the unintelligent but smart rulership), and simply have nurturing it as our first and most important priority, and THAT IS OUR NATURAL RESPONSIBILITY ON THIS EARTH, AS HUMANS.

So yes, as I can’t keep myself from repeating since 2020, we do need a new money system, with all new and above all Wise rules and regulations about it, such as no stock markets, no billionaires, no funds, only one big world family foundation which is there for everyone and for anything that causes no harm whatsoever.

It is in LOVE and in MONEY, that humanity has failed fatally. While Money in cooperation with Love can solve all humanity’s problems very quickly in just a couple of years. And all those problems do of course include depressions and all illnesses and dis-eases.

Respecting the paradise from a being of love, this wisdom will reveal to you and to everyone, The Paradise that lay here unnoticed the whole time. Our garden of Eden is this Earth called our planet. Its wellbeing and nurturing is our responsibility. We Are Of God/Love / Allah/Love.

Two Artists Talking During Triple Lockdown



Life Itself

Is All Conversations With God



let me know,
what this makes you
think and feel❣️

“A Stirring Little Amusing Uplifting Tale” (by SmilaZ on medium) How Humanity Bought Their World Back

📖 Miss Moon:


You give it a name


You think it’s love


Its God his love,People forgot, People are Mislead




Honestly I suspect (not convinced) that all the God stuff is just the invisible ~ the very Creative intelligence ~ which is all love itself. And that bibles have been rewritten so many times, exclusively always to make people think of the God as a kind of person ~ as a seperate entity, which is why people will say ‘He’. But of course, it matters not one bit how you get into that state of being, where you become unconditionally loving, trusting and safe feeling, selfless and in all of that heart+brain COHERENT. Since the results of Heat and Brain Coherence is only one.

📖 Miss Moon:

I know

But what is holding you


ALSO, the life-giving force is not male.

Love is holding me.

Love is God and God is love ~ which is the very force of creation itself.

📖 Miss Moon:

To say. I wil pray. And say this in your pray. GOD I WANT TO KNOW YOU. IF YOU ARE THE SPIRIT PEOPLE CALL YOU THE FATHER. HELP ME IN THE NAME OF JESUS. And God will answer you. If you did not pray you will never know. He had a plan for you.



Anyway, Like this it also makes much more direct or simple sense, it becomes more logical /easy to comprehend, the fact of the (rather unknown) science, (2nd SOUL CONFIRMING research results); That it is not the brain but the heart that holds intelligence.

📖 Miss Moon:

Sometimes you online have to listen. I am your family. If you don’t believe, ask him that you want him to let you see and feel, he will answer if you pray in the name of Jesus. Just have faith believe and trust.


The brain holds only the IQ

📖 Miss Moon:

The heart is emotional

Like the body is meat and the brain is spirutual

Spirutual can not die

Meat can die


But babe, my lovely and chocolateBeautiful sister ❣️all the same is in the Ether, for me and you and everyone through the heart.

And many things seem to indicate that Jesus woke up to all the wisdom because he was consuming Amenita Muscaria mushrooms.

Did you never… Well I sure never thought about it, that Xmas is Jesus’s birthday and it’s overly packed with the symbols of Amenita Muscaria!!!!!!!

In fact the deeper you look into all you can find about it, it looks like Jesus is Amenita Muscaria

📖 Miss Moon:




That this was the way those deciples got the messages of wisdom that they brought

📖 Miss Moon:

First read about it


Because thay drank of jesus blood

From the holy grail

📖 Miss Moon:


You funny you


The holy grail is the last stage of the mushroom before it dies, that stage when in turns it’s hat upwards into a martini glass shape, which holds the rain and morning dew (Kondenswasser/humidity water), and as it sits there soaking the bottom of this “holy grail” part, which was originally the very top of the shroom, when you then drink that, you are drinking Jesus’s blood from the holy grail.

📖 Miss Moon:

The secret is that in Jesus is GOD and if you have Jesus you have GOD in you and the holy spirit Together we are one. You only can understand it of you read.


So even the holy grail is the shroom this way

As the effects set in, you are with Jesus .

And he is in you


You get it??

📖 Miss Moon:



And flesh of my flesh is consuming a piece of the shroom

📖 Miss Moon:

The spirit


You have to read my ChristMass article on medium! It is shortly a little alf poking people for xmass, about the truth of Christmas.

It backs everything up.

Wait a sek I’ll get you the link to my little mention of it.


📖 Miss Moon:



Merry🍄Xmass (by SmilaZ on medium) Would you believe!?, Santa is real, but the story is just a very different one…

I find it all very amazing and above all resonating.


Santa was a real man! But again!, the tru story is a bit different than the industrialised “Disneyversion” that we know in our times now.

It’s beautiful and fascinating ❣️

📖 Miss Moon:

Ok i wil read it

And let you know


Because you know how if you sit in a circle with people, and play that wise lesson of a game, where you come up with a message of a story or so, and whisper it to the one on your right, and he whispers it the the one on his right, and so on it goes untill it comes back to the one one youtlr left, who then has to say out loud whatever was whispered to him or her, and then as the last part, you say out loud what it was that you actually said.

And like that kids of wisdom upbringing/”teaching” learn through playing, a wise lesson.

And so about jesus and God WHO THEN DO EXIST, Athe story has not just traveled one personal sized circle of people, not just a whole day of whispering people (what a mega circle😉), it didn’t even travel for just a whole year nor even just decades or centuries. The story is too many thousands of years old to not be all changed (and aparently so skillfully, so intricately taken into use by smart clever (but obviously not intelligent) power-hungry people.

They lead the world today through keeping their bloodlines as pure as possible. Royal.

But asside them, there are those who were not of inbreeding, meaning not retarded. And they became the rich ones, out of which some were not just greedy but also power-hungry, and now they run the world.

These so to say two groups of a few are the ones overriding our authorities, our laws and everything through their power if money

They have nothing else to do hello

The planet is their board-game.

It’s all much too simple.

Allowing anyone to be so rich is humanity’s naive trusting mistake, because nobody can handle to get so disconnected from their own species.

When you have too much you don’t need anyone.

Everyone is coming to you. Everywnts your luck to rub off on them!

When you have too much you end up in a life state, where you disassociate in things that normally connect you on deeper levels with you own social tribal species.

You don’t have to be anything for anyone because everyone wants a piece of you.

Nobody is wise enough for this kind of imbalance.

The is the root of all the imbalance



📖 Miss Moon:

You have a high level most wanted book writer and this definitely I know.

Life Itself

Is All Conversations With God


A Good Morning – in a bad world.

Very Typical Day In Germany

It was a warm morning in a cold world. And even the sun was shining so bright and the sky was so blue.

Within a few minutes conversations brought clouds, and sadness touched my heart, overwrote the healing sunlight.

Wishing that my only friend in this world right here where I’m breathing in life, would at least on a so bright day, want to use the opportunity to go feel the good sensations of the sun.
Because even if sad inside, Together it still feels somewhat good, even if you’re in babylon.

But knowing that such Possitive normal is never the case, I dream in silence in the dark withour grace.
The bit of light dies without a sound,
as I see my only friend here
get dressed to go out alone

…never wants me to come allong,
again just that feeling of how much I’m really torn.

There’s no connection here with any  heaven

since I moved to Germany in 2011

Existence since then feels so dark and cold
And in such a case, who even wants to grow old?

Since I left the southern sun everything’s just wrong.
For the nations of warm hearts, I so do long!

Connect me God / Universe / Cosmos / … or let me go.
Once and for all, because more mean and bad, I don’t want to know.