Lies About Magic

You don’t need Magicians, neither witches nor religions. You don’t even need any hippies or Gurus or any such things.

Instead Of Writing A Book, let’s just be simple and flat out. Based on my experiences.

It’s really as much simple as humans have liked to complicate it. When in fact, there is no initiations needed not even any Schooling needed really. Because when in life you reach heartfullness, and when you combine that with your intense feeling intention, that is all in fact the little wisdom it takes to do natural magic.

There are no rules otherwise as such. Heartfullness is the secret ingredient to make magic easy so to say. You could say that the heartfullness is the key unlocking the complete love, which is something everoryone wants to feel anyway, so your not even working against someone’s free will, nor are you getting anybody through any fear tactics. So through such a wise skill or stage of being as heartfullness, you’re not even manipulating. Simply put, You’re totally free of any rules when you do heartfelt magic.

Till you have developed yourself to that peaceful self loving and thereby all loving human self, that casts its spell with the heart ~ with selfless love, till then you’re just here to grow as a soul. …as a spirit, say as a tune, as whatever you deside to sound like or be like. Maybe as a soul having a human physical experience.

In doing the magic you are also safe. Well at the end of the day so to say, it is however you believe. There are no rules really.

What Noone Believed Would Ever Happen

Humans know nothing much about themselves, of course this factor keeps them, all too easily, enslaved through their own ignorance.

What Noone Believed Would Ever Happen, is happening after all, and now since a while, so I know it’s not just some joke or some passing mistake as such, but actually fully intended and seriously meant. Unfortunately authorities are not expert chemist and whatever else they would have to be, to even have a fair chance of seeing that they’re being taken for a ride down a false rabbit hole, being fooled and so on. And so the otherwise unthinkable, has now become possible (well I do always say that anything is possible, and so now we have a rather profound proof on some of how true that is). The unthinkable that no one believed, but which is now happening is, that humans are not allowed to just breathe the air freely anymore. We now have the beginning of breathing restrictions / regulations, that make it much more than just possible to have people ending up with bottled oxygen (another money making opportunity), eventually maybe even suit types of solutions can be made, who knows.

How could my species fall into this you ask. Well my species, the humans, are the very possible the most innocent, while at the same time most guilty species that exist. They are so easy, you can make them do anything you want all too easy. No matter how crazy, how ill, how cruel or self destructive it may be. You can literally make them do anything, if you understand how they function. The most powerful hold you can have on them is FEAR. Once you get them into a state of fear, then you have the biggest potential of power over them. You see fear causes them to become as if retarded. Their intelligence is very much like overwritten by fear.

Fear in the human species, is a subject to thoroughly teach humans about, to make them more truly aware of their own selves, so that they get to know more of what it more fully all is, to be human. They truly know nothing much about themselves, to even be able to prevent their self from being all too easily enslaved. …simply through their own ignorance.

Few Seconds Read, Ecoes In Eternity

I so clearly feel that theme of the world splitting into two (like cell division), in so many ways.

But to sum it down, the basic of it seems to be profound human connection, with not just each other, but gradually with everything.

And out of all my friends, out of all the people I know or just encounter, I notice I’m always feeling best after spending any moments with those who, just like I do, really listen (and /or even read what you say, tell, or share) without judgement, but rather with a sense of feeling with you. No critiques, no correction attempts, no fight/arguments ~ in other words No fears, ~ no suffering ego, big ~ swelled ego. Just that deeper connectedness.

At the same time everyone else is starting to feel like they’re titrering me out, just creating that exhausting and draining feeling, sometimes to the point where I physically feel as if collapsing right on the spot to rest or sleep it off.

With such encounters, with such people around, I feel waking up tired and uninterested in the day. And then it takes me anywhere between 1-3 hours to actually get up out of bed.

Simply said, the ones of us who really hear and feel-with each other, we are a network or even a tribe if you will, who are to be and stay close connected. This support network allows us to manage anything, even to go through hell, laughing all the way, so to say.

Helpful Insights Kept From Humanity

Religious ones carry a message of believing that such things as tarot readings and so forth of other magical things are forbidden. Some will even say that you get cursed by participating in any such things. But here we go again with indoctrinations that are purely there to keep the masses in the dark, to keep them struggling, so that they remain in a low vibration.

The reasons for that are quite simply, that when people in a low vibration, they are incredibly easy to control. This is because fears of any and all sizes, make us rather disconnected from source, and similar to as if being slightly retarded. So in order to controll the masses, it is actually necessary to keep them as disconnected as possible, which generally keeps them away from the high vibrational state of being.

Let’s use tarot readings as an example here. If you dive into the world of tarot with an open and flexible mind, not taking any of it too literally, but perhaps rather more metaphorically and symbolically, then as time goes on you should notice that it makes you more at ease, more optimistic, because it teaches you to enterpret your reality (with all its situations and people) more possitive more of the time. The general result of that is, that you see less negatively and worry less (worry is also a low vibration). And there are no real limits to how many readings a week or per day you can have. As long as you begin to generally percieve more as they display to be doing.

The general tarot Readers are always enterpreting things analytically and metaphorically into wise and thereby mostly all Possitive things. Over time this helps you to get away from pessimism, selfpitty, worry, meaninglessness, and all such negativ feeling low vibration states of being. You begin to percieve good opportunities and possibilities, and see the meaningfulness and the depth in things.

As you stop worrying and all that, your vibration elevates. And as your vibration begins to maintain being higher rather than lower most of the time, your life and luck starts to change, because you resonate with the good feeling things, and don’t let the bad feeling things fool you into any lengths of misery anymore.

Being curious and experimental of character, I have tried enough things out to have come to notice the effects that most Tarot readers tend to have on us, and it’s all good good very good influence❣️

How Women Have The Power


Some men are well in touch with their feminine side. And no it is not a gay thing at all. All though many gays do tend to as if more naturally have that aspect in order. But it has nothing to do with the sexual aspect as such. Equally many women are more masculine in their energy, weather do to their development during growing up, or simply just due to the general circumstances of the environment that surrounds them.

The feminine side of us all is so to say the thing that connect us with our sixth sense, or higher senses if you will. And nothing comes without responsibility, and this is how it is then part of the purpose/”responsibility” of those of us with the stronger feminine, to inspire/support/assist the Masquline in reconecting or atleast be made well aware of their feminine, and in that to be taught about the existence of the world that goes beyond the physical reality’s common 5 senses. To atleast be aware of the fuller picture of existence so to say.

The feminine is divine, the earth itself is feminine, which is part of why it’s called mother earth. And divine should be treated as such.   Let’s put it as simply as we can, without loosing too much meaning and detail here;  We humans are overly indoctrinated by those who took on power and desperately faught in all and whatever ways they could see, to keep power, and to keep growing their power. This is how we have become lost, disconnected from ourselves and thereby from our own nature and of course in that from each other as well.

We see it in all aspects of our lives, and one can say that we see it especially, or more easily in the ways too many humans go about the sexual aspect of us. While the sexual aspect of us is the most intimate, the most sensitive, it is the sacred of our physical aspect, partly because it is accessing our higher feeling, one can say our soulful energy, as it is a case of the feminine surrendering to the masculine and literally allowing it inside, meaning two bodies melt together and become one, which we  otherwise only can, once we’re pure soul again, when we have left the physical body we’re back in Oneness. This is the reason why good feeling sex leaves us feeling so good, that we can feel as if high on life, and usually end up feeling love, and love is the all powerful healing energy. Yet once we become too unhealthy, we become more and more incapable of doing this physical act. At the same time, as long as we’re alive in this physical body, bad health remains so to say reversible. We can cure, heal, restore, recuperate, if we want that is.

In all sanity, which is healthy, the masculine is to approach the feminine humbly. Through that awakens sensitivity, and through sensitivity we touch soul, and through soul we get light and high feeling energies, that is the ralm of love, and from there comes those Uplifting healing effects. This is why it’s called lovemaking, because you are literally making love.

The so called opposite way of using this soul awakening physical aspect of us, is what you call having sex (as in having a meal, or purely consuming something), of which an even worse word is used, which yes you guessed it, is the vulgar word fucking. These intentions are obviously totally different, and since intention is everything the outcome is not healing at all, but rather the opposite, rather draining our energy.

Perhaps now at this point, it becomes more obvious for us to see how the further out versions of sexual acts, such as spanking, BDSM and such hardcore things are even worse, or shall we say total disharmony. Such things come out of damage, or better said corruption of one’s being, which we could well compare to that of broken bones that have either not been looked after correctly, or not been looked after at all, so that they have grown back together all wrong, as in all twisted. And again everything is repairable so to say, but it hurts, in other words, it is a hard process to go through. We have to break those bones again, ~ we have to break those so called habits, and go through a whole reset process, ~ a whole recuperating process. We could call it getting back to innocence. And innocence is by far the most precious personal aspect of ourselves. It is the very purity, through which we are connected with our divine feminine, and thereby with our own pure self, our soul.

I See, I Experience, I Feel,


… any wise one, who would like to keep me in their life.

First I meet and begin to know you, all that while, weather days, weeks or months, I’m seeing your potentials, experiencing you openly, looking not for any flaws, but for the good things in you, and it’s easy, as you haven’t yet imprinted anything about you on my feelings.

Then I’m experiencing you, how you are to me, how you are to yourself and others. All of that can either saden me or make my heart smile, ~ uplift me feeling, I guess the feelings of you. Everyone has grown habits regarding all kinds of factors of life, even regarding how they judge or treat another, which comes through as time goes by, unless a person is extremely aware and atleast a bit wise (always working inside on their own self (but which most people are not caring nor wise enough to be doing, and so most of them live stuck in their ego, causing them to be half blind on too many areas of being in this dramatic ralm of life). But it’s never too late to grow that intelligence that stimulates your wisdom. 🍀 Bless you❣️


Total Taboo!!!

Let’s be real, even though the truth always freaks out the sheeple in most any human.

But I’m not the only woman to has  given up on men several times, even just from observing how men tend to take the female in life, how they behave to women, (I gave up on men the first time in my life, even before I had my first sex ever!), and therefore I’ve been single most of my life and in fact even been so turned off by men, that my own sexual feelings would hibernate for extremely long periods of time. I remember one time period where I didn’t even feel any sexual feelings at all, for eleven whole months. But I would generally go for years without getting with any guy for more than just some kissing.

And part of the Truth is, that No Man has ever been able to keep me going with him, and that mainly because most men seem as if the only reason they want a woman in their life, is just to have as much sex as possible.  …while most men don’t even know how to go about the female body to make her pick up on his desire, to the point where we can actually share it. In fact such sensitivity ~ such intelligence, is so hard to find in men (atleast in available men!), that to have a male partner, it (quite logically in this disconnected human civilization where one can’t even live without money for even just a day) appears to be the case, that most men should then really be paying a woman a fat monthly amount to be with him, for all what they have to put up with in a relationship.

Never mind that most men can’t even clean properly, if at all. And some of my breakups have been due to such retarded feeling facts.

There are of course women who have  such an unnatural sexdrive, that they would be pregnant all the time, year after year, if we really lived all natural without all the hazardous pills and such things.   But all the rest of  all women (natural women) really deserve a fat monthly girlfriend/wife fee, for (among other things) being sexually objectified.

I am one of those types that people tend to open up to and confide in, and so I can say, that most women could and might as well just write a collective letter, sounding something like this;

Dear Man, 

You will surely loose me at some point if you keep going on, as if I was just a thing, without any sensitivity on the sexual side of things (especially).   If you think you can just come up to me and grab my most sacred parts as if they were just things of yours, then we certainly have no future together (and then it actually appears that you should be gay if you want to behave as if women were like men). And then (if you're not actually gay) you're certainly too primitively simple and careless behind the fasade.

Also, if you do actually want love, then you must be your woman's best friend, for example meaning, that you can't be the boss of her (unless she wants to give up total responsibility for herself (and most people don't want such types, because of all the other crap that type of person actually comes with)).  And you must want to share lifes non-sexual pleasures with your woman, those things that she wants to enjoy with you.  Unless you wanna risk being abandoned one day if you happen to become impotent.

And when it does come to sex, then lazyness / shortcuts and any other insensitive (~unintelligent) ways, will undoubtedly make you lonely anyhow. So Learn about the female feelings and the temple we call body (which you must respect very highly).

Alternatively, if you think you're too good for making efforts, just go get a prostitute. ...and perhaps even a servant, or someone who wants to be your slave.



I am lucky to know men, who are not behaving like any of this (not behaving as if they were retarded, or gay instead of into women), and so I’ve experienced most breakups to be for rather more decent reasons. But the fact remains, that too many confidential conversations with other women, do underline the case here, of all this non-decent ~unintelligent male behaviour. Another truth is, that intelligence is really just a potential to be developed on different areas. And apparently much too many men have not developed it much, if at all, on the relationship area. I’ve been best friends with many men, and so I’ve witnessed that those few good ones end up paying too much too often, for the mischief of those misbehaving men.

On the other hand, just because someone is what we call dyslexic, does not mean that they’re lacking any intelligence potential at all, and as an example I can tell you that Albert Einstein was dyslexic.   Part of all our problems in our human society is that we’re misinformed about intelligence (and too many other things).    And on this note Id also like to mention that having named a certain type of technology Artificial intelligence, is not only misleading, but it shows exactly what I just stated;  generally humans don’t correctly know about intelligence.

One can easily say, that intelligence has to do with developing our understanding of all sorts of things of nature, which includes our own personal nature and the differences thereof.

Intelligence can never be artificial, because …well, one simple way to say it is, that it has no soul, it is not of nature. And nature with its cosmos and all so to say, is intelligence itself, is “God/Allah etc.”, while we don’t even understand that the space between us and everything, is not nothing but air, is not empty. So we have alot of intelligence potential to develop.

Not even a genius is perfect, and in fact they are far from genius on subjects outside their expertise. Nobody is worth cutting away at yourself for. Compassion, Respect, Understanding, flexibility and compromise is the way.

Atleast half of the reasons humans are suffering illnesses and other personal and social imbalances, is because they are brought up to cut away at their self to feel acceptance, to feel loved. And so, people even suppress their own feelings, and somehow a trend has been spread, which is overriding human nature in more ways, making people suppress their feelings even more, because now we’re supposedly should be Possitive only all the way, not express our feelings to process anything in order to get well. If you wanna do that seemingly negative stuff, go do it alone! While the truth is that we’re a tribal social species that need each other. Lots of old sayings, such as Love concurs all, we’re not made and passed down through generations for no good reasons. Love heals. Compassion, Respect, Understanding, flexibility and compromise is the way. Yet when someone is suffering, weather classic illness or some painful/health-/wellbeing-destructive imbalances, then they are to be cared for with wisdom, of course without having them doing compromise.

Humans are so disconnected that they will say things mixed with humor, but which can never really be funny at all. Laughing is healthy, but spiteful laughs are literally poisonous. For example if someone says something like, “oh you’re broken, I have to exchange you” then theily are hurting that person they talking about. This will undoubtedly on average cause a person to start shutting down their truth, and so they will start getting more and more unwell. For example they might start getting inflammations, that eventually become physical issues such as either severe illness or chronic sufferings.

Also, if you don’t accept a person’s process, then you are equally hurting them, ~ hurting their progress, their development, all in all their wellbeing.

Shortly said, humans don’t understand what love is, and so they collectively destroy each other and themselves.

And regarding the sexual aspects, even men who work in jobs where they are objectified, they too develop allergy like feelings to sexual things, and start become A-sexual as well. So it is obviously a human thing, and not a female thing only.

Many men dream of being a sex slave, but what they don’t know is, that in practical reality, things are not as one imagines them to be. Not to mention that being a slave in any way, is being subject to suffering.

The good-/satisfying- feeling sexual thing’s purpose is to remind us hiw fine we are, to not let you forget that you’re fine. Too much of anything is unhealthy, and in time, those who exaggerate with sex, they will experience the results of that overindulgence sooner or later without any doubt.

Life’s Real Luxuries

Luxury, asside being healthy, is surely not a steamroom shower, unless you need or crave it. Being healthy enough, and therefore not needing those things, that is the real luxury.

Natural materials feel like luxury, not plastic (that feels like plastic as you move a bit on it).

Having built things so that you can relax and take it easy, that’s luxury. Whereas having to be worried about bugs is stressy. Luxury is enjoying things, and not having to worry about small things like whatever worries keeps you from enjoying the healthy sun and its summer air, being able to have Windows and doors open is luxury.

A washing machine that is also a dryer is not luxury, it’s a sales trick only, because there’s absolutely nothing perfectly functional about it. There wasn’t 20 years ago, when my grandma first got one, and this technology has not improved, only become better at fooling people, to keep them buying it. But now if humanity was really connected, they would know not to fall for that in just a couple of years, yet two decades later the truth hasn’t spread out. Haha… Sheeple!

Luxury is when knowing a person makes them beautiful. Not perfect proportions on the body of a sheeple brain, with a face full of toxic injections and filling liquids. Yeah, humanity is very ill.

Luxury is being with wise people full of good humor. Not people lost in their ego/egotriping.

Luxury is not the classic of dining and all its steps, with fancy plates of food. No it’s rather an avalanche to weight you down, making you clogged up and sick. Luxury is one wonderfully tasting meal, in whatever size amount you individually require, that is aiding and supporting your wellbeing.

Luxury is having good people around, who truly care about you and each other, not BLING-BLING people, who just want some of your seemingly good sht to rub off on them, and if you fall they just walk away. ~ freakin’ Sheeple!

Luxury is, to not work for money, but actually be achieving good things together.

Luxury is to love yourself, so that you can love others.

Because the BEST OF ALL LUXURIES (asside perfect health), is any friend who you can be yourself with and say anything at all to, with whom you can be as free as when alone, but in fact feel even more free WITH as they’re with you through it all.

Luxury is to feel good, so that you never loose curiosity for life.

Luxury in our world is even having knowledge. And with a good sense of logic and a good eye for detail, luxury even becomes things like, having sinks that when used won’t get all sprayed over with water. Now ironically enough, something like that, seems to be out of reach of seemingly intelligent people’s intelligence; to have the water pressure set so perfectly that it doesn’t spray water all over everything as soon as you put a thing or your hands into the water stream, and to have the sink designed so that the outer/upper edges, and it’s surrounding surfaces (if it has any) are made so that the water that will happen to spray a bit will not reach those places. And all of that especially since most places the water isn’t clean enough not to leave stains all over the place.

To be so skillfully pragmatic with such details of life, saves a load of time, and especially cleaning time. Weather you pay for cleaning or do it yourself, minimising it is always a pleasure to the eyes unless you Vision is so bad that you cant see. Or unless you have the annoyance of a cleaner following you around all the time, but which is obviously a case for retards.

Luxury is also existing in your psyche so to say. In short, if you can live and let live, not have to be the boss of everything, not have to control everything, and are still happy, then you have some of life’s most luxurious luxuries.

The same goes for, if you can be totally addiction free.

Wise Love Is Profound

Wise Love Is not head over heels.

Wise Love Is Not infatuation, nor just based on attraction or something of the falling kinds.

Wise Love Is loving for the good feeling and understanding you experience with someone.

If you can say, I love you for loving my care and cuddles, my touch and efforts. If you can say I love you for the way you care about me, I love you for the ways you show that you think of me, I love you for the way you listen to me, for the way you contemplate things, and for the ways you show appreciation. …then your loving is wise.

A Good Journey Of Passing On

Some saw you as a mentor, some as a star talent producer and DJ, some as that special friend. I can say, You were always of kind lovely feeling energy. You were part of making the world a better place.

I’m happy to know that you hung out with a friend and had some good food on your last evening, and that you just went to sleep and went passing on from there. Wishing you Elbee (Lamont Monty Booker) a lovely passing on.

Lamont Booker

Human Reality Experiments

! Because most people think of themselves as not ignorant, no matter how ignorant they actually are!

A brilliant example of that, are all those who think they have a “type” of looks and likes to match them, in other words factors based on mere superficials, such as visuals (which obviously include such illusory things, as that of status).

One experiment that would give most people profound realisations within themselves and possibly cause a gradual change that solidly helps lead the way to the wellbeing of their natural/true happiness, from real/profound/authentic connection; would be to meet naked bodies with covered faces, chests and hands, and choose from this silent (non speaking) and hidden characters, as though they were just consumables.

This choise is then made “official” …

… but then you get to meet the characters of these bodies, now all dressed, (all participants being similar enough in size for you not to be able to recognise them with chlothes) so that you don’t recognise your impersonal choice/choices. Leading to making a choice now, obviously based in their fuller expression of person/self/character.

The results will surely be astonishing for most people (since most people are much like mere sheeple to say is as mildly and shortly as possible).

Many experiments based on the same ideas, of having the chase to make a consumer (useless eaters) choice, next to then making a choice based of the more real, pure, original, the authentic feeling of what actually truly matters for our more pure feeling of wellbeing.

Perfect Is Not Perfect At All

For on that seventh day …yes we know he created “Prince”, yes, and so on the eight day, the conclusion was set as follows.

The perfect ones, in other words the best ones, they go first.

But the best version of perfect, is the perfect imperfection, just like bricks of a puzzle. In odd ways they have to fit perfectly together❣️

On the Seventh Day He Made



ENGLISH VERSION (google translated):


MAY 26 The Complete Eclipse of the Blood Moon and the Super Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius occur, the beginning of the sixth Sun in the Aztec calendar and the end of the approximately 6,000-year cycle.

The Sun will change the frequency to what the Aztecs call the "etheric" Sun.

Symbolized by a sharp change of consciousness ..

Do you have more lucid dreams than usual?

It's the right time to record your dreams, because they have news about places you may need to look at in your mind to adapt to these new frequencies.

The fifth Sun, called the "Sun of Solar Justice" (ruled by Saturn / Underworld), began its final phase on December 21, 2012.

According to the Aztecs / Toltecs and Mayans, the end of this "Sun" will be marked by the complete destruction and shocks of the economic, environmental, psychological, political, religious and social structures and foundations built during this last "Fifth Sun".

According to prophecy, those who choose to remain in the energy of illusion and justice of the Fifth Sun will face its destruction head-on.

However, there will also be those who choose to ascend to the higher frequency of the Sixth Sun, create and build a New World, where the inner and outer world meet in Oneness. Unlike our old world, where most focus only on their external material world.

This is the beginning of the highest evolution of consciousness the modern world has ever seen.

Evolution guided by Dignity, Respect, Honesty, Oneness, Self-Responsibility, Recognition and Healing of the Shadow Side of Our Consciousness, Adaptation to the Natural Rhythms of the Universe, Remembering Who We Are and Why We Came Here, AUTHENTIC FREEDOM. Some have already begun the process and will become leaders as more and more people choose to ascend. (it's a choice)

"Ether" is the glue that holds reality together, energy "between" planets, atoms, breath also known as "Force" or "Source" Free Energy that animates the universe and everything in it, including U n I.

Physically, today we may feel mild dizziness, vivid dreams, difficulty sleeping, daily wakefulness, etc. We recommend deep breathing.

So on May 26, it pays to be in a place where you feel completely grounded, or to meet people with whom you feel at home or in comfort. 🌹

Let us let go of everything we fight against, let us let go of confusion and uncertainty, and let us surrender to the unknown. The highest vibration of creation is unknown, and energy that allows us to show reality, as opposed to control, will help in the transition to this 6th solar energy.

We can expect solar flares, higher activity on the Schumann resonance graph.

Meditation, breathing, hydration, grounding.
Nicole Tufts.

Thanks to the writer and the artist🌹

Communication with PACHAMAMA 🌹

SOURCE: Divine Roberts 💜

Shared in connection with the Great Central Sun, on the angelic frequency of the guardians of the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, Elohim Apollo and Lumina,

IN CZECH (original):


  1. KVĚTNA nastává Úplné Zatmění Krvavého Měsíce a Super Úplněk ve znamení Střelce, začátek šestého Slunce v aztéckém kalendáři a ukončení přibližně 6000 letého cyklu.

Slunce bude měnit frekvenci na to, co aztékové nazývají „éterické“ Slunce🌹

Symbolizováno prudkou změnou vědomí ..

Máte více lucidních snů než obvykle?

Je ten správný čas zaznamenat své sny do deníku, protože mají zprávy týkající se míst, kam se možná budete muset podívat ve své mysli, abyste se přizpůsobili těmto novým frekvencím 🌹

Páté Slunce, kterému se říkalo „Slunce Solární Spravedlnosti“ (vládl Saturn / Podsvětí), začalo konečnou fázi 21. prosince 2012.

Podle Aztéků / Toltéků a Mayů bude konec tohoto „Slunce“ poznamenán úplným zničením a otřesy ekonomických, environmentálních, psychologických, politických, náboženských a sociálních struktur a základů vybudovaných během tohoto posledního „Pátého Slunce“ 🌹

Podle proroctví budou ti, kteří se rozhodnou zůstat v energii iluze a spravedlnosti Pátého Slunce čelit jeho destrukci čelem (po hlavě).

Budou zde však také ti, kteří si zvolí vzestup na vyšší frekvenci Šestého Slunce, vytvoří a vybudují Nový Svět, kde se vnitřní a vnější svět setkávají v Jednotě. Na rozdíl od našeho starého světa, kde se většina zaměřuje pouze na svůj vnější hmotný svět.

Toto je začátek nejvyšší evoluce vědomí, jakou kdy moderní svět spatřil.

Evoluce, jenž je vedena Důstojností, Respektem, Čestným Jednáním, Jednotou, Sebe-Odpovědností, Rozpoznáním a Uzdravením Stínové Stránky Našeho Vědomí, Přizpůsobením se Přirozeným Rytmům Vesmíru, Rozpomenutím se, kdo jsme a proč jsme sem přišli, AUTENTICKÁ SVOBODA🌹.

Někteří již tento proces započali a stanou se lídry, jak se stále více lidí rozhoduje pro vzestup. (je to volba)

„Éter“ je lepidlo, které drží realitu pohromadě, energie „mezi“ planetami, atomy, dechem také známá jako „Síla“ nebo „Zdroj“ Volná Energie, která oživuje vesmír a vše v něm, včetně U n I.

Fyzicky dnes můžeme pocítit mírné závratě, živé sny, potíže se spánkem, denní bdění atd. Doporučujeme hluboké dýchání.

  1. Května se tudíž vyplatí být na místě, kde se cítíte úplně uzemněni, nebo se scházet s lidmi, s nimiž se cítíte jako doma nebo v pohodlí. 🌹

Dovolme si nechat odejít vše, proti čemu bojujeme, umožněme si odejít ze zmatku a nejistoty a poddejme se neznámému. Neznámo je nejvyšší vibrace stvoření a energie umožňující, aby se nám ukázala realita, na rozdíl od ovládání, pomůže při přechodu na tuto 6. sluneční energii.

Lze očekávat Sluneční erupce, vyšší aktivitu na grafu Schumannovy rezonance.

Meditace, dýchání, hydratace, uzemnění.
Nicole Tufts.

Díky písaři a umělci🌹

Komunikace s PACHAMAMOU 🌹

ZDROJ: Divine Roberts 💜

Sdíleno v propojenosti s Velkým Centrálním Sluncem, na andělské frekvenci strážců vědomí Kosmického Krista, Elohim Apollo a Lumina,

Your Blessings Blocker


Therefore, approximately …

Humans cannot understand everything and for as long as they’re in this physical form, they never really truly will. Especially not about creation, about life, the universe, the cosmos. Humans can just about grasp an idea of somethings, and will always be somewhat “halfway” to it all, and so they have come to a point where they are getting convinced that there’s a Matrix, that all is much like an illusion, and some feel convinced that everything really is a complete illusion. And this is almost true, and yet it isn’t really at all.

Rather than matrix illusion, we are in a very dence and sort of heavy ralm of reality here in this physical existence, so seemingly fixed, rigid and solid. And that is more or less the only Illusion in the bigger picture of this life, keeping us from seeing feeling and understanding that magic is real, and in our hands so to say. We can be magical and make our existence wonderful. We are as much part of God as the idea of God itself. We truly are the creators of our reality. Life is not an illusion, but rather tricky, as if it is and isn’t all at the same time.

The ego is too bussy being in survival-mode, because that’s it’s job. And because we’re trapped in fixing things in our attempts to decode, in our attempt to understand, we have impaired our feeling. And so we raise our own with frames and rules to say it simply. One could say we keep trapping and locking our feelings up. We are blocking and confusing ourselves. We are cutting off and cutting away our own senses.

We are lacking wisdom everywhere, and so we are swallowed up by fears of all sorts, weather feeling lack or anger, or any victim situations, or even jealousy or envy. Any feelings that are not…shall we say Possitive feeling or nice feeling to us, all of them belong in the category of Fear. And the opposite category is Love, which are all those feeling that feel…let’s just say Not possitive or nice.

Generally most humans are so stressed out that they don’t even manage to have their own immediate environment be ZEN, even though achieving that is as easy as walking, and has a profound effect on our over all energies. Generally humans tend to even be so indoctrinated, so misinformed, so miseducated, that Cleanliness and nourishing of our environment, even just that of our own immediate environment is seen as somewhat of a waste of time. But this is a practice within which our magic only begins. But even if we get that right, then we still mess things up with fears. Most people even fear things that they can’t do anything about at all. Death is the best example of that.

Generally speaking, the younger we are, the clearer our feelings are, the more accurate, pure and unfiltered so to say. The younger we are, the mor we feel as if immortal. Amd that is closest to the truth. Because for example, there is no real death. Just like in tarot, the death card does not actually really represent death as such, but rather an end of a cycle, end of a period, end of something, but not death as such. And in the same similar way, we do not die. We just end a cycle. As our physical body dies we just finished a cycle, a period of physical life.

Since the job of the ego is to keep us living, and since we use our egos weaknesses against each other, due to fears of not getting enough, not having enough, not being enough, the ego has so to say grown out of its own territory with all such fears, and it keeps us in the mind, instead if in the heart. The heart is to passionate to be of fear. And that’s part of our magic as well.

There are several components to our magic so to say. One can say that Wisdom and fearlessness are key to our magic, and both arise from being in the heart, and not in the mind.

You arrive somewhere and don’t notice the details, the small things, the little ways in which things function best. So you step all over things or even people or their ways, as if you don’t care, as if you have no fine feeling senses, as if you have no eye for detail, as if you don’t respect yourself, your own wellbeing enough, and therefore can’t respect another’s either. In such ways humans disturb and disrupt natural order.

In unattentive ways, humans step all over the nature of things, as if they were Kings.

In unattentive ways humans disturb nature as well as each other, don’t use finefeeling attention to care of a sister or brother.

On the smallest of scales and to cases bigger than dinasours or whales, humans just take and use, don’t pay attention or even ask before the next move they choose. With the effects of all that they make each other angry and then to many turn to abuse.

Magic resides in your finer feel. As you just take and take, you actually steal. How could that ever lead to your magic in real?

SmilaZ Expla-Quotes

Don’t stress. Have no fears. Make space for the Magic in your life. 

Fears are such things as worries, hurt feelings, jealousy and envy. In general all non-good feeling things are stress og different intensities, which all cause your body to create toxin within itself, and is why we say stress kills. 

Trying to controll everything, weather of the moment, the coming days weeks months years, is very narrow-sighted and short-sighted, because  you’re only human, which means that there’s so much you don’t know, so much you can’t see.

You have to go with the flow of things as much as you can and compromise, to give space for the universe/the cosmos/God/Allah/Magic of life to take you to the good times. 

Oh Sister-friend, My Love

You, my love, my sister, my other half, my closest lifelong friend, I know you better than anyone ever will. I even know you better that I know anyone.

You, my love, my sister, my other half, my closest lifelong friend, You!, you too often bring the worst side out of another. And you used always do it to me, way back when I didn’t know better, way back when I didn’t have enough contrast from life, way back then, when I didn’t know myself enough.

You, my love, my sister, my other half, my closest lifelong friend, You!, no-one has ever taken your place in my heart. No one has ever been those so completing parts of me, those parts that you are. No-one else has been as much of completing, as we are with each other.

You, my love, my sister, my other half, my closest lifelong completing other, who I always cared to come to be with, who I always came to see, to love, and to laugh, to share loving care. You never come to me!?, You are at the same time also the only one, who never keeps a loving eye on me.

… never strive to know if I’m okay.

… never go to see me.

… never even go out of your way.

Time and time again, you’re the only hurtful one, to make my friendship-feeling wheep, the only one of any friend, that I let in my heart to keep.

Again all over and over, it looks like I’m alone, alone in giving to this and being true, to this earthly relationship with you.

Tell me, am I simply wrong, in living up to this feeling, the feeling that You, are my love sister other half, my closest lifelong friend?

You always behave as if I’m not those same/similar things for You!

Even you yourself know that this is true!?

You have your own space, and that in a supportive place. Why not flow with me, but instead always give me, more of the stressy-life-race?

Your need, never meets my ego-greed. I move my world, again to sync with yours my friend, to be there for you, you see. So why can you not just also be the flexible you for me.