Clarifying you and everyone, individually!

The Human Design, is SO OBVIOUSLY a present for the human species, and that especially (but not at all only) within the sectors of psychology and psychiatry, school systems (all edgucation) and all relationships, both privately and professionally.

Understanding who, or rather how we, each individually really are, from the very day that we are born, would obviously save us a lot of misinterpreting, miseducating, etc. and so on and on.

Imagine being able to thoroughly understand any child, from the very beginning of their lives. ..or understanding your seemingly mean brother, or weird sister, or lucky friend.

Imagine that your family, your parents, siblings and even your teachers in school, would have had an insight, to why you are the way you are, what your natural skills and tendencies are, etc. and so on., that they would have known what abilities you should sharpen for example, and that they would never be trying to push you against you very own nature, as they’d be aware of your own nature. Imagine instead of trying to just raise/bring up, school and otherwise generall correct you, that they would have been able to actually understand you profoundly, and had known how to best assist you regarding all different types of things on the way of growing up, weather that be, knowing how to best approach your weaknesses, or how to best go about teaching a particular subject, or you name it!

One tiny example, of my very own, is how all my closest friends, who had sides, that I didn’t really understand (but would rather just judge to be sings of fakeness and other pretending ~ lying), eventually got perfectly explained through “meeting” HD.

As most anyone, I had my own ideas about, why he or she would tend be doing this or that, behave like this or that, and why he/she tends to react to this n that, in such or such ways.

FOR A SLIGHTLY DETAILED EXAMPLE; a girl I grew up with, would always wind up in bad company, whenever I would not be around for a longer time. I thought she just had some rotten/self-destructive tendency, as if wanting to, become a looser by own will n choise (even though she was one of the best in school, and learns anything, faster and easier than most people).

BUT THEN, when I was hanging out, nearly the whole summer of 2007, with a girl named Alissa, who worked for the Human Design (previously called Genetic Keys), who daily shared more and more, about this whole system with me, in very practical ways (like starting out with telling me all she could, about my own HD chart, some of her chart, and some of the charts of our mutual friends, and so as I eventually at some point understood enough about it, to become really curious, I started wondering about some of my “old” friends, mostly back in Denmark (especially the trouble ones, and the seemingly most lucky ones as well). So she would look up the few ones, that i dared bother her for, and it turned out that, for example, my “rotten sister-friend” is not actually bad as such, but rather so undefined, that you could call her empty (which is also why, she is learning anything so fast and easy ~ I’d like to say in.other words, she is overly easy programmable). Above all, her HD chart showed, that she is more lost on her own in this world, than not.

But the very first thing Alissa said when she had her first look at my “lil’sister’s” HD was, You should go get her!, I can see why you guys have stayed friends all your lives, you complete and strengthen eachother in really good ways. Where is she? You should probably get her to come here. And I knew she was absolutely right about that being a good thing for my little lost sis.

As Alissa had looked at our charts properly in combination with each other, when I told her that we had met at age 8 and 9, and even though she is the worst best-friend, that I ever had, and has caused me more shitty suffering, than any friend ever has, we somehow were always inseperable, from the start, and grew to be like sisters throughout our lives. Through all the fights and make-ups, I accepted her as my black sheep/spoiled and egoistic little sister.

Without ever meeting her, Alissa was able to explain, how she could see, that our designs, sort of complete each other, ~so that we are more complete together, in ways that make us both, much stronger and over all better.

And when I eventually (years later) explained some of it to my sister-friend, she said that she also felt and knew these things were right on, and there was also nothing nee to any of us, that we handle the world better and/or easier, the more often we get to be together.

Another breaf example (even seemingly silly), was another girl, that I was friends with for many years, who tended to always play with my “buttons”, emotions and such. She was a girl who’s shoulder I could never lean on, when hurt/weak/feeling lost. She would only be a good friend for someone in need, if she felt, that there was something to gain, such as connections, or any other type of upgrading, especially status-feeling upgrades, or whatsoever, and to me mostly even just for upgrading her objective on something. But she was my only intellectual friend, which is something I treassured-too-much to have, so I told myself to take the good with the bad, ~love her how she is and enjoy the good sides of her, etc. But througout time, I also noticed, that she would tend to agree about major topics, and have nearly all the same opinions as I do, about most things, and then I’d hear her agree on the opposite with other friends, and so I though she was fake!?

BUT, it turned out that she herself alone, on her own “Human Design”, is not really defined in her mind like that, ~not fixed with opinions, rather just influenced by her favorites of her social environments opinions, which is basically her viewpoint found through the people around her.

Alissa also said, ,,this girl could be a politician”, that she has the design of a politician. Makes perfect sense to me from how I know that girl. …and her many different sides and character-plays.

Now, years later, call me crazy, BUT!, I feel like, she is one of those kinds of people, who are, what some describe as, more “reptilian” (anunaki-genes), rather cold in a psychopat way. I know at least 2 more people like that, who were close to me in this lifetime, and a ton of such people, who were just my colleagues or so (many especially from while I was a globetrotting dancer).

A nother little example of the Human Design system, is with a girl from that globetrotting-dancer time; I was best friends with a colleague of mine, who I lived with, worked and traveled with. She was such a natural happy and incredibly lucky airhead. And by the time I wanted to look at her design, I already knew enough HD details, to guess that she MUST obviously have undefined head-centers, and a defined spleen (also called, the feel-good-center) connected directly to her heart-center, which is as well called the ego. I was stunned to see that I was absolutely right.

Apparently, people with the completed gate, connecting and defining the spleen and ego, are the happy-go-lucky types. Meaning, that it is in their natural attitude&expectation, to be lucky, and not at all out of being smart and clever, nor has it anything to do with intelligence, at all! Rather, they just are so by their own design from birth.

Meanwhile, I had given up music (in 1995), sadly discouraged from both my dad and my research about the industry.

And approx 2years later I finally completed my mission impossible, of how to get out of tiny little Denmark (a cozy and overprotected sheeple-nation), to be traveling ~which for me meant, to be freely changing country, whenever I want. And while it had now become, year 2007, the summer during which I had met lovely Alissa, I was convinced, without any speculations, that music was something I had lost by leaving it behind. ….even though I had been singing since I started speaking, and was born to musician parents, from a whole performing arts family.

But one of the first things Alissa had told me about my Human Design, was that I have the complete channel of making music, which is one of the gates going from the emotional-center, and all the way up into the throat-center. This felt both good and sad to know, that it was in fact, exactly as I had felt it, for all of my life. ~it felt like my thing in life, my destiny, something that was just meant to be. And so, now, it was confirmed /made all the more clear to me, by a stranger from the outside, that my dad trulybhad, as I though, really succeeded in destroying my most natural thing which I enjoyed mouch, one of those somethings for which I had a natural gift (the gift of singing, which used to take me out of sadness anytime throughout my teens).

But in winter 2009, while still living on Ibiza, I was to my own surprise, drawn and kind of pushed into making music again. And I didn’t even hasitate, which was even more surprising. And it was a surprise x3!, when I realized that I could songwrite better now, than I could before. For me personally, this was yet another proof, of the realness of my HD.

In the screenshots (of a chat) bellow, I am explaining HD a bit more.

Genetic Keys

I am in no way, trying to promote the business, that Human Design has become. I get nothing, no commissions or any such thing from this. What I am trying to do, is to share this incredible opportunity of propper insight, to how each individual is uniquely designed, or perhaps rather, how each individual has developed, on their way into this life.

Though I must say, that for the kind of deep insight of experience, as the one I myself have had, as I describe in all the above, does unfortunately require more, than just getting your free chart on the original Human Design website. That means, as you will find on their page, a full personal chart reading, OR self-studying through their books, is required.

I would like, however, to travel around, giving speaches about my HD experiences, to properly spread the awareness of this tool, to businesses, institutions and crowds of private people, because I see and feel, that it is actually highly needed, in our messy human world.

As well, for choosing what profession to spend you life on, if one wants to make it as personally unique of a choise, as possible, HD is the only clarifying tool, besides your own intuition, which can be hard and/or confusing to hear/feel and/or to make sense of, whereas HD is much easier to understand, than intuition is. least most of us are not so good at, or so used to, understanding,mhearing and making sense of our own intuition just yet. Perhaps HD might even help us a bit (or alot) with that, as well.

one can as well, even get charts for ones pet.


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Ra Uru Hu & Human Design 

It was a quiet sunday on the island, and I was cruising my giant nature gardens of landscapes, beaches, mountains, hills and fields of vibrant orange/rust colored soils, with intense blue skies -as mostly on Ibiza. 

Cruising alone in my english friend’s black lowered GTI, with all black-tainted windows, looking really getto to the outside, while on in the inside, my reality was just a mirrored (english) version of a car. But yes definately also feeling that one does sit awfully low in that car /for a VW Golf GTI. 

While in my own nature-high bubble, I started feeling wanting a friend with me at my side. Next the lonelyness feeling was the shimmering milkyway in my universe, but all in my attention, as if I had noticed it for the first time. Driving the rollercoaster shaped curvy fun-feeling road between San Miguel and the Bennirras road, my phone rang, and it was some american girl expecting Yaniv (my ex) to pick up the phone!? 

Yaniv was my charming, seemingly sweet, knowing how to be gentle and romantic, but manipulative, childish, spoiled, selfish and selfabsorbed thief and liar of an ex-boyfriend, who I was trying to maintain a worldfamily friendship with because I still believed he wasn’t a bad person. BUT it turned out he was way worse than I wass able to imagine. …and therefore glad I ended the coupling with him after about only a months time. 

And while I had been staying at his appartment for two weeks, with my best friends boyfriend looking for our new house (to live in with my at the te best friend Dobi and her boyfriend) I had allowed Yaniv to call this american girl, who he had the cooles sex-experience story-to-tell with; having sex for hours on mdma, during which they eventually started a real conversation, while still continuing having sex. …yeah whatever man! Absolutely uninteresting stuff to me. 

It was impossible to stop him from always giving me reports of all his fling stories, which seemed to be so many!, now that he was so entertainingly fun and outgoing on mdma all the time, which he started taking after our couple-breakup. I’d tell him ,,pls stop telling me the details, it makes me feel disgusted with you, not jealous. But that couldn’t stop his “pride and joy” stories, he would even call me up when I was away for weeks with my show-dancing work, just bursting with joy like a kid, who just had to tell me every damn story. It felt as if he had to proove his worth as a man to me. Doing it in a way which just says the exact opposite, to any woman of an even just somewhat sane healthy breed. Only some prehistoric breed of minds could produce a woman into our pressent day, who would fall for something so macho, for posing an alpha trait. Hello!? 

So after some bit of a confusing moment I realize who this american girl on the phone was, and then I explained it to her ~what just happened to us right there. 

She was hoping he could pick her up and take her to sundaydrumming on Benirras beach, because she was still waiting to get the first available rented car. So I picked her up. At the first look of her she felt familiar, like seeing a relative or so. 

We drove to the beach, where there was loud sunday-drumming so we hadn’t spoken much yet. She was going around like flowerchild in the 70’s, independently surfing the party/the crowd sort of thing, and started to dance like an african. 

We arrived exactly in time for the last half sunset hour with which the dark came, as if immediately, then gradually the evening turned to night, and as we drove home she asked me for my dirth date time etc., to look up some chart of mine, which she would then explain to me for brunch the following next day. 

All what she then was telling me about me at that brunch, was absolutely but so-was impossible for her to have even a notion of at that time in our relationship so fresh and hardly begun. But she told me so much, and all of it fit me, even things I never verbalized myself, and I was feeling as if she had looked inside me all night like only a witch could do, and was now telling me, including even why I am the way I am, on top of it all.  It was as if I was not only naked, but see through as well. 

The system is not a Horoscope or Zodiac, rather it is a combination of that of the western world, and the chinese, and the e-ching and more. 

It explains things about why a person functions so and so, why they tend to be or do or react as such amd such, and so much more. 

When you get to understand Human Design a bit, and you look up for example a friend as well, then it shows different effects you have on each other, what extra traits you awaken/connect together, and many more things. 

Here is my H.D. body chart, which does look pretty see through. And I am a Manifesting Generator  who is emotional, and has the full channel of making music. …and of course so much more. 

And here is an introduction to the H.D. by the Canadian man who discovered it and is the messenger of this incredible system. His name was Ra Uru Hu

THE SPLEEN ….undefined in my case;