Almost 100% Of Us Are Medicine Consumers

This is especially concerning Scandinavia, USA and UK.

But no matter where you are, just see if you don’t actually know someone, who is victim to one of the following, which are actually all directly linked to intestinal permeability / leaky gut.

Hay fever, allergies, arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PMS, mood disorders, cravings, brain fog, obesity, IBS, IBD, adrenal fatigue, CFS, autoimmune, and so much more. And too many of us know more than one person suffering from these things, and it’s usually something chronic, which is then always presumably for life. And some even have more than just one of those symptoms and take more than one type of medication. And many eventually die prematurely because of these things.

But ironically as it may seem, already more than 2500 years ago, our “old father of medicine”Hippocrates already knew, and is still today, absolutely and totally right with his simple claim; All diseases begin in the gut.

And it’s so very obvious that today, this statement is so much more relevant than it ever was. Now that processes foods, sterilized milk and fake babymilk, toxins, GMO’s and Antibiotics have been destroying human guts since childhood.

But, abundant as this planet is, we have natures incredible gut-supportive powers, in the superfoods of medicinal mushrooms, bine broth and fermented food. …and raw milk! …from grassfed cows that is!

Some of the mushrooms that are especially supporting the guts for optimal digestive health, are Turkey Tail, Reishi ,Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and others.

We should really all have this awareness of whats going on with our bodies in the bigger general picture. Thereby have a chance to heal an/or adjust for what we preffer for our own body.


One of the things that WE ARE HERE TO LEARN 

One of the things that WE ARE HERE TO LEARN, is manipulating matter/objects/the physical, said Dolores Cannon. …and I’m able to be all openminded, and enjoy to contemplate and investigate everything, put things through the tests… I’m the analyzer, the deep-diving, deep-digging, excavating, Empath. …with the occasional tendency to be narcissistic as well. …otherwise I would not be such a major/all-round empath, if I could not understand/relate to any narcissistic behaviours.

…but hello man !? Here I am with a totally normal, DYT natural, classic coconut milk case! …healing food on a beautiful, fascinating (unbelievable) fossil plate.

But although I feel like I understand (the unbelievable truth) that we are capable of things that on average will seem like magic, and have since child felt as though I should be able to also move an object without toutching it, and create something out of thin air/out of nothing. This coconut just seems too dence!?

…making my mission seem like a metaphysical pain in the ass, a total quantum comedy here! Well it doesn’t seem to be working over here just yet!?

Going CocoNUTS here!

And hello!?, isn’t there a better trick than using a wineopener? …got a hammer, but don’t see any screwdriver here!

I even tried the “Open Sezame”! …but the only thing I got out of that, was the Coconut freaking me out by saying; my name is not Sezame. …..SO THAT’S IT FOR ME MAN!