The Magical Effects Of Tidying Up

I had no idea! But now, from own experience …

Here is a good place to remember that literally everything is energy. So all the stuff we hold keep and own, is also of different energies. And all though those different energies will mostly just depend on our own feeling connections to each of those things, they still clog up our energy, by hogging up space in our energyfield. …and as my mind is now making its inner eye image of that as I’m saying it, I do preffer the energyspace image where there is less strings/wires in it. …and I guess especially those from just things!, especially stuff I don’t even really use. …ew and more stuff is all more dust collections. …and that’s energy too.

But the discovery in personal experience went as follows. …years ago.

It was within the first year, of my independent-adult globetrotter life. I had just been through a “surprise abortion” in a foreign country, while my best friend, my life’s sister, went out with a guy who’s flirting with me had been the only thing making me smile and forget a bit about every hurting thing, including a long sad hard breakup. And while really, just to make it.even more careless, she actually had a crush on one of the other guys in his group.

We were all dancers, we were in Vienna, and it was winter. …beginning of February to be exact.

I was home, in the “working-class penthouse” dancers flat. Alone in the entire place, while my sister-friend was working, and the girls in the other room had all gone back home. Three of them to Portugal, and one to England.

I was deeply incredibly sad, but I had energy so to occupy myself with something, to not have too much space for my mind and heart in hurting sadness, I ended up fixing up the entire flat, re-organizing stuff and cleaning everything. And once I was done and started relaxing, then I noticed how I actually felt kinda’ good now, and looking at my whole sotuation in that moment, from that state of feeling, all my trouble and sadness just looked and felt with a better perspective aproach for myself, and that feelt better.

I felt clear about things, all in all it somehow made me feel uncluttered, and somewhat lighter and brighter, to clean up. It just felt as if what I had been doing in the outside around me, my sytem had been imitating ~ doing inside of me, so to say.

But however and whatever, the effects made me feel good. And I ended up having a good and beautiful time, the rest of the 4 months in Vienna.

And years later,

something similar with a similar inner impact happened while living on ibiza.

While I had been away for 9 months, the friend I had trusted with my house on the island, had betrayed me with the rent I was sending, so that in the end I owed some 15.000,- just to get my things back, while the owner had now already rented my house out to someone new, and was keeping my personal stuff bellow the house. So as I stopped working and returned to the island exhausted (from the past months having been hard and useless) and pretty much emptyhanded, and so I stayed for another two years time without my belongings.

But when I eventually did get my things back, suddenly while so to say intergrating my stuff at home, which was mostly just clothes and such, I noticed a really odd feeling on the 3rd day as I was unpacking and organizing. There was a very subtle difference in how I was feeling in general, in all the space I was in, all the space around me and in me, and how that had a slight effect over my whole general feeling constantly. (…thereby to my very beeing in fact of course.) It was a feeling best described as, …up until now I had felt all this freeflow and open feeling space, almost like world untouched kind of energy of possibilities. Totally opposite in comparison to how I was now feeling, after having my stuff back since a few days. Oddly enough I could feel very clear that it was the stuff, its accumulation.

Funny enough, all the happiest people I know, always want something new but never hold on to anything. And Yes they also Are always very generous people.


I am guessing that most of us know the word Zen, and associate some clean simplicity with it. …probably something good-feelin, clean and simple, and very neatly beautiful.

Among other nations and areas, the Japanese also have highly regarded forms of simplicity. Especially in their neat traditions regarding the spaces around them, rooms as well as gardens. Seems that it must be old wisdom.

On Another Personal Note two years of creativity flowing non-stop while obsessively into an own made project, being the whole time in highest gear durring times where my living spaces where physically just simple and comfortable, without an overflow of everything, and without stuff to store and such, except for my project stuff. And ok, on top I was living kind of in, ok surrounded by, the nature of northern ibiza. Waking up to views of stunning nature, and walking barefoot outside for coffe, feeling blessed and thankful, including to the very self of me, for having found and made Ibiza my Home years before. Who could stay non-stop in sadness all day in a paradise environment!?

It was the comfortable simplicity and nature that charged me!, into super flow mode. Functioning absolutely optimally and perfectly for what I wanted.

When I later moved with a husband type of boyfriend to Berlin, that very project didn’t fit life anymore, and so it was “put on the shelf” put on hold. But I still love that project. …so it just has it’s right time.

Cleanliness & Order is also one of the best habbits, always causing me to be making … keep creating, that very comfortable simplicity feeling environment. For having these habits I am lucky I am blessed, to be able to say, I am full of gratitude to my father and grandMother for those. Especially when I see how other people don’t have a hand on that first simple step, for oneself in and with ones own invironment, how challenging it aparently is for so many, just the very plain cleanliness and order, even when they want to they’re having struggle with it. When I see how many people are strugling with that Part of living, upliftingly easy, in and with and thereby from their own surroundings …their own soil, then I’m always a bit stunned.

Living in the big Artist Residence in Berlin, called Greenhouse for 2 years, once I had moved out I realized I was slightly traumatized and depressed with humans from the helplessness and destruction these so called artists were/are doing in this building. The whole two years there, I kept having some creativity block, and felt nervous and restless mental energy, like never before.

There are definitely some good magical effects in tidying up.

Check out this video for more inspiration to make you tidy up. ««« by just clicking this link-text.

Also, feel free to share in comments bellow, your own energy experience with tidying up.

Wish you a tidy and perfect day.


My word is my wand

As your thoughts or lips move, producing words, with or without any humanly detectible sound (~vibration~energy), your wand is moving around on the canvas of life; painting your world, drawing the details~ producing your reality, and thereby revealing your perceptions all at the same time.

If you can dream it up, you can create it. When you are thinking of it, you are creating it. When you don’t worry about it, it is manifesting for you. When you let it flow freely, it flows dirrectly to you.

FEAR is rather more ~ False Evidence Appearing Real.

We are living in a duality, and we are The Creators. We are partly of physical forces and partly of nonphysical forces. We are of soul energy and spirit energy. That is also why we often may feel like we are seeking something, because we sometimes happen to be more with and in our physical, than with and in our nonphysical, and/or vice versa, which of course causes us to feel as if something is missing, as if we’re longing for something, seeking something, and yes, we are longing and seeking for the other seemingly missing aspect, which is all the time there, even while.we are tunned away from it. But as well we are often in the middle, in our center, in our “S”, perfectly ballanced with both aspects of us, the physical and the nonphysical.

It is the ones who doubt and won’t believe to hear their inner voice, the so called invisible, the seemingly intangible, who may feel that they remain lost, simply because they are simply just choosing to be desconnected from their own soul.

Since my word is my wand, it is good to know (the fact of what so many people have told me) that I am very good with words. So let’s do it, here we go, there’s nothing to it.


Most of the time, I wake up in the warm climate, in what feels like my palace or my temple, with stunningly beautiful nature everywhere, so colorful yet beautifully simple at the same time as if perfectly set, and many dreamlike beaches around in different distances. Looks like Can Punta.

I am in close realionships with deeply loving, creative and organized good friends, who live healthy and sporty lifestyles, and all of that keeps inspiring and motivating me to be my best, and keep learning ~ growing ~ improving.

Once a month we have a few days of everyone doing coconutwater fasting, always humorously and slightly competing to see who will keep it up the longest, which is usually ranging from 3 days to 1 week, and occasionally longer. We all conclude that it just shows who’s body needed it the most.

Many of us live in our base-home part time and travel between work family and friends.

Generally every morning, we meet up in groups of whoever lives closest to eachother, to run and do squats, and mostly as well the 5 tibetans.

My mind is more clear than ever, and my creativity flows abundantly. Often I feel like a super being, especially because, everything is just flowing and working so perfectly. And even though everything is changing all the time, it’s all perfect anyway. Even the occasional struggles feel right.

That I am generally a good influence on others, is another thing I’ve been told so oftent in my life, and now I’m seeing it clearly here n there, allong the way, alot of the time. …again, finally.

Whatever I’m good at, and whatever skills and good sides reside in me, are all somehow more effective, stronger more penetrating and active now, then ever before.

Money making business has become a small habitual thing of the day, like going to the bathroom. There are no worries nor complications to it. It just flows and grows like the plants that get all the water and nourishment that they need to strive.

I wake up feeling pleased and fresh, happy to be alive, and I fly out of bed much the same as I used to do when I was a child. And it all feels really good. …just like I knew it would.

My main base is, as I always knew it had to be, in a sunny warm and blue skied climate, with nature that makes my heart smile so that I feel it in all my cells. Very similar to how I felt when I lived on ibiza before, during 2005 to 2011.

My main house is the perfect dreamhouse for me, everything about it feels so good to me, no matter where I look, what I touch, or what I’m doing, it’s all just the perfect environment for me with all the learning toys and practice toys I can use, weather I swim or I sing, dance, design, sew or write a concept, a plain text or a song. I have everything. Even a big workshop space for building and creating big things with many people if we need.

Even, so often when I arrive home I feel welcomed by a sense of loving restoring and rejuvenating energies. Often it feels as if I during the day am living the moment so well, that I seem to forget the feeling of my home base, so that when I arrive home, I often feel something like taken by surprise, as it takes me when I start to feel gently enveloped with the calming and relaxing energies, restoring and rejuvenating me ~ those mighty healing energies that always await me at home. The Home That I Have Created.

When I am with my boyfriend in his part of the world for example, then I can feel and sometimes even see, how those good and well nourished energies are felt where ever I go, and how that so rapidly affects everything and everyone around me, generating good feelings on all levels and parts. Peoples projects and ideas get revived, as if touched by a good magician’s glittery dust of the divine, they get unstuck and start to blossom and flow. Things/ways that seemed to not be working, suddenly turn out to be all perfectly functional or replaced by new things/ways, and even better than one would originally have imagined. …which sounds so familiar.

And funny for me is, that I don’t feel that any credit for any of it belongs to me, but rather I feel blessed with overtaking luck, all enveloped in some super power magic of mighty love, which sticks to me and is therefore logically felt by most everyone that come close to me. It doesn’t feel mine, or made by me. It most accurately verbalized, feels like something universally divine has settled in me, or with me, divinity rooted in my life. It feels (best put into words) like I am being taken good care of, by a universal family I hadn’t realized that I have. And it feels as weird as it sounds.

As well, I spend most of my time mainly in Europe. Mostly I’m in Ibiza, Mallorca, and Munich, but I’m also, pretty regularly, spending time in Berlin, Paris, Cannes, Karlovy Vary, Portugal, and here n there, in between it all, as well in Copenhagen, or somewhere in and around the Asiatic zones, or somewhere on the American territories as well.

In general I feel that the world stands heart-fully open for me, warmly inviting, and lovingly welcoming me everywhere.

The funniest thing is, that the beginning journey into the materialization of this reality that I am now living, stared with my sheeple-shirt business idea, which is a bit like a club of sheep people waking up to the whole sheeple society madness that we have to stop, and should have done so long ago.

I can feel that I am making a good difference in the world wherever I go, and I feel a peaceful/calming sense of belonging. …which is also weird but good weird feeling.

And I’ve noticed that I go to sleep with an over all satisfied feeling again finally, and that I wake up happy to get out of bed. I’m even told that I have a restful smile on my face when I’m asleep, which my grandMother also used to tell me, when I was a small child, up to the age of 6.

I guess you can say that I am reborn, within one and the same life.

Gratitude & Good Vibes

I seriously was already wondering how come a place like this can have such an easy going nice friendly atmosphere. I’ve been all around the world, experienced~investigated all types and levels of these places, and never has a place like.this felt good. It’s totally surreal! It’s incredible! How ironic!?

After having wondered about is for 3days, it suddenly occured to me that this unique idea of a system detail that they run here, where after each show, the dancer goes around to everyone with some tombola/lottery type of things, which most guests buy minimum 5 pieces of, to win a private dance from you, (1 tombola/lottery piece costs 2 Swiss francs). And like this you have a good reason to greet everyone and can easily ask if anybody would like a private dance.

This whole thing happens over and over throughout the night, and the funny thing is that as people are opening thise things to see if they have a win, I am hearing them repeating “Merci, Merci, Merci Boku, …”, because that’s what it says on every one of these things, as you can see in the image. Only the winning ones have a number instead.

So the club is full of thank yous ~ the energy of gratitude flows through the club several times a night. Odd how that fits to the current (rather new for our time) knowledge of energies, and how gratitude brings good vibes, more luck and joyfulness in general.

Still, I wonder if that’s the reason for this place being the only of it’s kind (with it’s levels) that has all nice energy!? …even from the guests side!

The place is so old!, it could be full of loads of old energies, there could be plenty of bad feeling things, especially since everything even looks so old and even crooket floors and wimdows upstairs in the dancer flats. And me who hates ugly visials!? But, incredibly enough this old Swiss place feels good anyway.

I am guessing that it’s a handful of things that have come together. Which makes more sense as well, since for example a good manager will automatically cause other good things, such as a good idea for the clubs system or amplification of whatever is good and whatever works for the better, etc. and so on.

What do you think!? Do you think the words that represent gratitude are rulling the energies above all else perhaps!? I personally do have my suspitions that it might actually be so.