Almost 100% Of Us Are Medicine Consumers

This is especially concerning Scandinavia, USA and UK.

But no matter where you are, just see if you don’t actually know someone, who is victim to one of the following, which are actually all directly linked to intestinal permeability / leaky gut.

Hay fever, allergies, arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PMS, mood disorders, cravings, brain fog, obesity, IBS, IBD, adrenal fatigue, CFS, autoimmune, and so much more. And too many of us know more than one person suffering from these things, and it’s usually something chronic, which is then always presumably for life. And some even have more than just one of those symptoms and take more than one type of medication. And many eventually die prematurely because of these things.

But ironically as it may seem, already more than 2500 years ago, our “old father of medicine”Hippocrates already knew, and is still today, absolutely and totally right with his simple claim; All diseases begin in the gut.

And it’s so very obvious that today, this statement is so much more relevant than it ever was. Now that processes foods, sterilized milk and fake babymilk, toxins, GMO’s and Antibiotics have been destroying human guts since childhood.

But, abundant as this planet is, we have natures incredible gut-supportive powers, in the superfoods of medicinal mushrooms, bine broth and fermented food. …and raw milk! …from grassfed cows that is!

Some of the mushrooms that are especially supporting the guts for optimal digestive health, are Turkey Tail, Reishi ,Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and others.

We should really all have this awareness of whats going on with our bodies in the bigger general picture. Thereby have a chance to heal an/or adjust for what we preffer for our own body.


Before Anyone Else Gets Antibiotica’lly FCKD’UP!

On this note, I must now add to ‘The Guts Of My Universe’, ‘The Guts Of My Body’;

Normally I HAVE THE GUTS to do almost anything and even make impossible things possible here and there. But since the end of the year 2007 my stomac got messed up by antibiotics, given to me for another infected hair-folicle.

I trusted doctors blindly, and had always felt safe and relieved with them. Untill this time around.

The only thing I knew of antibiotics, was that they always work really well. And I had never even heard about probiotics at all! Untill this time around.

This time around, the hair-folicle was seemingly recovering with antibiotics as well as anything else would, but my eyelids started getting a red dry and burning.

I was in Paris, visiting my boyfriend who had a brasserie place called Les Funambules or so, with whom we’d be dining out at different places every other day, and since he’d order good redwines, always a whole bottles, so “of course” I ended up joining him a bit, feeling so safe with my experience of antibiotics, I thought alcohol will not really hurt and people say alcohol just takes the effect of the medivine away. But oh WOW how damn wrong all that is!

Eating out at classic trendy restaurants feels good and the food may be great, but I know that’s not really the healthy diet. But before returning to my own rythms and habits back home on ibiza, (just 1day after the rash had started) I went to my Egyptian brother Mohamed in Denmark, where the rash gradually started spreading, which felt like my face was turning into a burning dessert from within.

Mohamed has never exactly been health oriented, and so had alot of caffeinated tea with refined suggar, and ate loads of toast bread with pasteurized cheese, etc and what not.

I decided not to go to the doctor, because I knew he would just give me a cortisone cream instead of finding the cause, so I wanted to rather just stay wondering why, and just give my bodily inteligence time to let me know somehow, in form of a hunch feeling or so.

Today I know that all those things Mohamed and I were consuming, were making my rash worsen and spreading.

After 2 weeks time I did suddenly have a hunch feeling early in the day; I felt it sensible, that it had to be something from the stomach.

I returned home to Ibiza, and in up my village San Juan, everyone was reacting with a fearful concern about the sudden ugliness in my face. And when I explained and shared my hunch feeling, I was told about intestinal candida and how antibiotics cause such things.

The next day I started researching the gut issues of antibiotics online, and I also quickly learned, that it’s a condition which is not even part of the mainstream medicin and what the phama business teaches doctors, so there was no help there and my reaseach was telling me not to eat most things especially suggars, flour products, yeasta, milk products and no processed foods at all, not even caffeine.

I was on candida diet ~ fighting for 6 years. But I would still get rashes when sometimes a dressing or something at friends or in a restaurant would have some hidden ingredient.

Eventually I moved to Berlin with my boyfriend, where I found a doctor who had picked up on this condition and specialised in it. His extremely high doses of antifungal medicine beat up my liver/kidney, and I started feeling depressed and would cry for nothing much. But my rashes stopped.

But I also drank 2-3 fresh squeezed lemons/limes every day for the last 3weeks of taking that extremely strong medication. So it could have been the lemon and lime that helped me, or both, who knows!?

I had peace for 2 years, and then it started coming a bit again.

This time I found that a ruined gut easily gets parasites as well. So I did a natural treatment for that.

But I also found out that all there things cause a leaky gut, so I drank bonebroth for a week, and found raw milk.

I still look sick but I feel the milk working. …something feels good about it, and I feel a difference in my stomach. So I looked up raw milk experience and facts etc., and found a guy who healed his colitis and got off all his medications, by drinking raw milk. So I feel optimistic.

All the while, I also have realised that some part of all this is psychosomatic, and so I’m looking into that and battling trying things for that as well. My researches lead me to seminars about psychadelics, and after more than 2 years of looking into all about that, I now think a mega dose of psilosybin mushrooms will help heal and repair both the psychological as well as the physical aspects.

I honestly feel on the edge with my health, and psychologically broken ~too weak to solve my problems (after the years in Berlin with my older (no empathy ~huge ego) ex boyfriend).

Though this time, now I have met someone who has loads of empathy on all different evels, and in him I now have personal support and real loving. The only thing that is missing now, is to feel worry-free ~ safe enough to stop feeling stress of any kind, long enough to heal completely.

But let’s see how it goes with raw milk and sourkraut!?

My LSD Experience

It was a liquid version, and a friendly dose for someone who never tried it before. But I was nervous enough to develop an upset stomach. I felt so nervous about “what if”, what if I would start to feel physically terible and such, worried about my gut, basically causing or at least contributing to the upset stomach myself, ironically enough.

But as it turned out, it was nothing to be afraid of at all.

It the waiting time I was being cozy among the pillows, while waiting some 1 hours time for the effects to begin. I started feeling slightly weird in my senses, but nothing more to describe than an effect similar to how different you can feel when you are pleased/happy or angry/sad. A subtle perception-feeling altering.

And then it was happening! …and I felt my sensitivity overall increased. …but very possitive, and that being the familiar positive and optimistic sides of me. …as if it was ruling the way with this LSD stuff.

It felt like being a child again. Bursting into laighter for no obvious nor propper reasin, followed by a whole lot of laughing too easy about things, having humor lead the way, pretty much, while being quick and sharp with it, and having laughing attacks. Sometimes even bursting into laughter before I’d even manage to share the hilariousness on my mind.

For the most part, that was pretty much it.

There were almost no visual effects, except in 2-3 short breaf, split types of moments, there was a vague sence of waveform in my vision, but vaguely and I’d have to focus in on it to sort of really see it.

It lasted a few hours and I hardly noticed the so called coming down. The laughing would just become less tearful and less unstopable, untill it was all back to normal breaf laugs with gradually more and more regular conversation instead of poouring silly humor out.