Gratitude & Good Vibes

I seriously was already wondering how come a place like this can have such an easy going nice friendly atmosphere. I’ve been all around the world, experienced~investigated all types and levels of these places, and never has a place like.this felt good. It’s totally surreal! It’s incredible! How ironic!?

After having wondered about is for 3days, it suddenly occured to me that this unique idea of a system detail that they run here, where after each show, the dancer goes around to everyone with some tombola/lottery type of things, which most guests buy minimum 5 pieces of, to win a private dance from you, (1 tombola/lottery piece costs 2 Swiss francs). And like this you have a good reason to greet everyone and can easily ask if anybody would like a private dance.

This whole thing happens over and over throughout the night, and the funny thing is that as people are opening thise things to see if they have a win, I am hearing them repeating “Merci, Merci, Merci Boku, …”, because that’s what it says on every one of these things, as you can see in the image. Only the winning ones have a number instead.

So the club is full of thank yous ~ the energy of gratitude flows through the club several times a night. Odd how that fits to the current (rather new for our time) knowledge of energies, and how gratitude brings good vibes, more luck and joyfulness in general.

Still, I wonder if that’s the reason for this place being the only of it’s kind (with it’s levels) that has all nice energy!? …even from the guests side!

The place is so old!, it could be full of loads of old energies, there could be plenty of bad feeling things, especially since everything even looks so old and even crooket floors and wimdows upstairs in the dancer flats. And me who hates ugly visials!? But, incredibly enough this old Swiss place feels good anyway.

I am guessing that it’s a handful of things that have come together. Which makes more sense as well, since for example a good manager will automatically cause other good things, such as a good idea for the clubs system or amplification of whatever is good and whatever works for the better, etc. and so on.

What do you think!? Do you think the words that represent gratitude are rulling the energies above all else perhaps!? I personally do have my suspitions that it might actually be so.


The Ibiza Risk

IBIZA, JULY 4, 2018

No, I am not doing any normal job. No monotone life, thank you. No linear income. …such slavery. …such waste of life time, to spend more than half of your living awake hours on working.

I am living to do my own thing. I have got to make my own thing and use my creativity.

I’m not a hustler, somehow I just can’t, but for now have to do this dancing job again. Everything is possible and I can do what seems like magic. …so I don’t need to be a hustler.

I have to feel SO good. I have to rest in myself. Totally.

But ironically enough, I have to not smile so much. …not really-Really smile, just be cheeky and tease a bit, and not take no for an answer.

I have got to get the miney together for my wearable art parasol business.

But it is a crazy demanding (and even inhumane) job though. I better massage my feet and meditate on it.

Almost 100% Of Us Are Medicine Consumers

This is especially concerning Scandinavia, USA and UK.

But no matter where you are, just see if you don’t actually know someone, who is victim to one of the following, which are actually all directly linked to intestinal permeability / leaky gut.

Hay fever, allergies, arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PMS, mood disorders, cravings, brain fog, obesity, IBS, IBD, adrenal fatigue, CFS, autoimmune, and so much more. And too many of us know more than one person suffering from these things, and it’s usually something chronic, which is then always presumably for life. And some even have more than just one of those symptoms and take more than one type of medication. And many eventually die prematurely because of these things.

But ironically as it may seem, already more than 2500 years ago, our “old father of medicine”Hippocrates already knew, and is still today, absolutely and totally right with his simple claim; All diseases begin in the gut.

And it’s so very obvious that today, this statement is so much more relevant than it ever was. Now that processes foods, sterilized milk and fake babymilk, toxins, GMO’s and Antibiotics have been destroying human guts since childhood.

But, abundant as this planet is, we have natures incredible gut-supportive powers, in the superfoods of medicinal mushrooms, bine broth and fermented food. …and raw milk! …from grassfed cows that is!

Some of the mushrooms that are especially supporting the guts for optimal digestive health, are Turkey Tail, Reishi ,Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and others.

We should really all have this awareness of whats going on with our bodies in the bigger general picture. Thereby have a chance to heal an/or adjust for what we preffer for our own body.