New Video Footage!  YES! Now I’m curious. 

Cool, I like feeling curious, so this is great. Something exiting and fun.

And next, immediately I’m suspecting my iPad for being outdated for this kind of task, again. But I optimistically go for it and open the files … and this is what I got !

Yep!, that is all we get for now folks (hehe.. now that I got you to feel the 🌵dissappointment with me… From the Bottom of my heart, thank you for your empatetic coGefühl!) the damn iPad can’t play Nor download it either. Nope! So now I miss my cool little spacious apartment in Berlin where I (also happen to have a “real computer”) appreciate being in my own space, where I have all at hand for any task.

Mini outdated little iPad.

Thanx for sharing this irritating moment with me. I really appreciate your empathetic energy.

…and your sympathy. ~coGefühl ❤️🐝🌱🔆 . . . 🍀
Have a perfect week.




Watch WIRED CHILL • Freaks Don’t Lie / “LIVE DIARY” on YouTube

This is from last monday, when from my possition on stage the feedback I had, felt like it sounded so crap somehow, but aparently that doesn’t seem to be the case according to this smartphone video 😉


So here is a link to the song Freaks Don’t Lie  Freaks Don’t Lie • WIRED CHILL

•song-composition/-writing• by SmilaZ

` TWiSTED DiAMONDS ´ by SmilaZ 

 Twisted Diamonds • by SmilaZ (on youtube)

• MUSIC PRODUCED BY: Mr. Moods (Canada) 

• SONG LYRICS & MELODY BY: Slavomila Zachova /SmilaZ (Denmark) 

• Funny Facts: (1) These two creators have made this song “together” but have never actually met eachother. (2) The video has nothing to do with the song, except that the models in the video are SmilaZ herself, together with the portuguese Angelo Garcia (having an x-lovers reunion after ten years) when they got pulled into this fashion shooting for Gisela G. fashion, on moon-beach (Ibiza island).