May it be emotional abuse, physical abuse, or really hard times, perhaps everything was plain horrible …

Some say they learned to survive.

I can say so many things.

But roughly;

My father “taught me” that he was destroyed by his own father, and then by his own lifes misfortunes and some few mistakes. He “taught” me to understand and it grew my empathy, ~ I can understand almost everyone.

My “friends taught” me how to deal with/handle people. And my best childhood/lifelong friend taught me how to stand up for myself, and fight if I have to, a while before we hit the teens, in a time where I was weak at a new school.

My everything, ~ my grandMother, Taught me what love is, and how to be more thoughtful and clever to surprise people who come on rude/mean. …how to make people think and feel, if they can.

And in my early twenties I once taught myself by “coincidence”, that cleaning up and organizing a whole (then shared) flat, left me feeling as if it made my inner clean up and organize, while I was occupied doing the simpler and easier version of that in the outside physical world.


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