Of course we do have new ways of thinking in these times right now. We are aware of the fact that we are all, internationally enslaved. to money that is in fact all set up, run and ruled in such leaching ways, that it it’s creating the global dept we are sensing everywhere. What we are, for the most part, experiencing as a prolonged time of working class rapidly spending less and less. And most holiday places that I as a traveler know, are all experiencing the all too obvious effects of this, as they are having less and less sales, vistors and tourists.

The thing that the most of us didn’t know, it that new rule of currency today can be set up and run so that it is based on environmental and social benefits. …at least for the most part.

If everyone knew our money system in detai, we would all know enough from the history of money, to understand a change of our ecomony system must start now, and how the value of our money should be dased and run.

The power is in the hands of our politicians, from the point of view of our society, but beyond that, the power lies in the hands of the majority ~ the people.

The only question is, how do we join our forces!? Who is gonna organize this to happen!?


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