The way I would feel so clear as a child, the energies, of things and people, it was beyond the common sense. However I manage, I will do my current best, to do it now.

A sense that is mere common, is for mere common people.

I want to sense beyond just the common. I never felt like most people around me, and I know from people of all sorts, who have said to me in all kinds of different ways, that I am very uncommon.

Only now, unlike when I was a child, I have words to roughly describe what I sense and feel. So here we go …

I feel the atmosphere is different, my energies feel altered. And while I do know that all is constantly changing, moving and fluctuating, and that i am one of the bravest and strongest people that i have ever met, I can feel fear and stagnancy being pressent as well. …whatever that means.

I sense that fear causes stagnance. And stagnance can as well cause fear. So in between those, one can get stuck in a loupe, and keep going in a circle of that.

Some loups of mine, have been broken and shead, and recently that is part of all I’m feeling as well. I feel a cycle of all sorts of suffering comming to its end. People, events and constellations, have been part of the causes of these changes now. These are some of the ways in which the universe works with you, no matter what we want to believe. This is what people obliviously call God, while visualizing some image of an old wise and loving figure, who is fair but hard (ideas that absolutely disempower and cause the human to drop his own greatest powers of responsibility), like some outside and seperate force, that should be looking down apon. Which I’ve always known is some total nonsense ways of perceiving any of it. ..unless you also feel seperated from your self perhaps!? But notice and feel the total disempowerment in that idea!

Already before reaching age 6, I remember feeling that this (what I today know is the avearge and mainstream perception) idea of God, the mighty powers and perfect forces of nature, all creation, and all energies of life, … that it is not at all apart from us, but actually all part of us.

So, the universe is! working with me and working for me as well. I can see many of the components of this going on now, as I also did notice and see many other times in my life, including as a child. But as most anyone of us humans of these times would, I was as well always questioning this magnificent splendor of me, the fuller and more complete me. No matter how severe and obvious it has ever been, I would always end up feeling like it’s just not fitting as being anything real witthin the ralms of what my world here/my fellow humans are teaching and preaching. So growing up like that, I have tried many times to give into concepts of perception, but it doesn’t feel right/true/real. And eventually enough experiences have had me in a situation, where my common sense (the limited perceptions) keeps arguing against the very experience itself, while some inner voice grows so powerful, saying ,,you don’t wanna believe, just not to be a fool to yourself, but all your senses know that this is happening, so you can obviously only be a fool if you keep denying and klinging to your disbelief”.

Basically, whenever we are on the wrong way in anyway with anything, times will get hard somehow, because then we obviously got some learning and growing to do. Yet at the same time, the judge of right and wrong for any given self, is and will always be, oneself, from that God part.

To get closer to the truth, a better teaching for us all is;

be sensitive humble and full of care, because we humans are the most powerful and magical souls and spirits on this plane of life.

We are allways more responsible for everything than not responsible.

We are part of a universal collective consciousness that we call God, and other names. We are constantly communicating within this aspect/part of us, which is what is causing the very creation of everything, constantly.

We are all creaing everything with our thoughts and imagination, all the time. Even if and when we are unaware of it, we are still doing it.

While our physical plane seems rather powerless and fixed, we are a great magnificent and powerful God part.

Therefore, our main (and for some the only) challenge in this life, is to always practice being constantly aware, and in and of pure/undonditional/non judging love. And this practice starts by loving yourself. …purely/unconditionally. Knowing that the only being you can truly ever judge, is yourself.

Oh well …. but we have been lead astray for ages, and I feel so out of control these days. But I’m guessing from all my knowledge, that changes cause feelings of being out of control, untill they start settling.


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