Most of us know neck shoulders and back pains.

Most of us also sleep with a pillow, and some of us sleep with more than one pillow.

Inspired by my grandMother, (she who was my Goddess, my mother, sister, best friend, my everything and best human reason for living). She used to take her pillow away. She would read or do crosswords untill her eyes would feel like closing, then she’d move the pillow to the side and close the light.

I took notice of it especially, because I remember, that until my teens, I would always fall asleep on my pillow, but wake up underneath my pillow. And I always just understood that my body (obviously) just felt better that way. But then shortly before I reached the teens I was suddenly used to pillow. So when saw my grandMother removing her pillow, I thought she might be making an effort to do the right thing for her body.

This has made me a person who removes my pillow when I get neck or shoulder or back pain. And it works.

I’m happy to know this, so I thought I’d share the knowledge. Thank you for receiving.


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