I remember all too well, so many feelings from childhood, about some things in life; it’s become needless to say that I don’t want any people without empathy around me, and neither any egoistic and self righteous individuals around me, but … I also don’t want alcohol in my life, (and I don’t want (to even know or ever hear about!) that anyone sells or buys or otherwise violates the most intimate a human has, in this world we live in), I don’t want drugs around me, I don’t want chaos and disorder around me, I don’t want laziness and people of no creative AMBITTIONS around me.

It pulls me down and stresses me out.

I do want loving people around me, but those kinds that are active and ambitious, with whom we share the feelings that everything is possible. !!!

I want health oriented and sporty people around me, who have very creative passion.

Because I want to be driven with inspiration and passion. To feel like me again, after having been immobilized in a somethings that seem like a long coma full of mostly heavy nightmares.

I don’t tend to have nightmares. …otherwise.

And I tend to always be driven with creative passion.

And I’m used to very neat and pleasing feeling order in at home in all material things and cozy cleanliness. Once learned, adapted and intergrated, it feels worth all the efforts of becoming like that, and it feels so good, and all your surroundings feel the best they could. It causes over all effects on all parts and things in your life!

And when those neat zen-feelings surroundings get bigger and wider with times of growth and relocation, and are connected with stunning nature, blue skies and sea air, then I become the most loving and giving, everytime. That’s what it builds up in me, each time I’ve been there.

Just like daily sport makes you feel possitive and strong, changing the filter through which you live to a better one, making you realize that there even is this sort of filter at all, which is caused~made by any state of being.

I am myself so spacy and sensitive of nature, and creativity flows with my ever reflecting, observing, contemplating, analyzing and decoding mind, in which there is hardly ever any moment of silence and nothingness. So I have got to have an invironment that distracts me out of that seemingly passive looking state, which isn’t passive at all, but full on and exhausting.

I have got to be in an ambitious and loving~supporting environment, which actively inspires me to just actually be active outside my minds activities as well.

I want and naturally need to keep learning and growing, so my environment can not only be loving. It has got to be interesting and progressive for me as well.

I can’t keep bumping into people with ways that slow my progress down.

Well, so for me, all it takes for me, besides sharing interest enough to keep connecting our actions, and all I’m talking about, that is the sum of all what it takes me for me to REALLY BE LIVING AND KEEP LOVING. …besides good health.

How would you say it is for you? It is very useful to be very clear about; What are your own experience-chosen most important basics, for you to feel that you’re really living and growing?


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