All sorts of disturbing worries crawl in the dark, and it makes me wonder; How stupid could the humans before me have been, to let our world evolve into this where everyone is struggling, meaning noone can just quit their job and build their dreams instead. It is, ironically enough, the largest number of us, who can’t acrually avoid working approx. 80% of our lifetime. So yes!, then under those circumstances you better start believing in the supporting-it-all religions and their after-this-life paradise promises!

But I know paradise is this planet. I’d say my first childhood times hint, was just nature itself, and later on, the planets surrounding us came to be another sign supporting this feeling. I haven’t exactly been looking for more signs, but throughout life, including a decades time of selfstudying natural medicine healing methods as well, I’ve been discovering how the nature actually turns out to really be an absolutely perfect wonder. Humanity, the earthlings, in general, have no idea the paradise of abundance we’re given by coming into life on this earth. They are too bussy surviving the money- and/or status- game.

I’ve lived in on different types of levels of what we call luxury, and it is as well lessons learned as anything else. But mighty powerful lessons, showing me that when I have plenty and am surrounded by what to me feels like stunning beauty, then I helessly turn into this person you can not piss of or irritate into some bad energy feeling argument, or stress me out about anything, not even my own issues. Suddenly even issues or problems are nothing but something insignificant and unimportant. Instrad suddenly I as well helplessly, feel I have all the time and space for everyone and feel patiently about everything. Suddenly I begin to feel so at ease and full of love and willingness for everyone.

And everyone should obviously live abundantly in comfort! ~ Not having to fight min.80% of your living time for status or money, not to mention basic survival.

At least for the sake of our children and all the ones that come after us, we have to be working with every creative and optimistic skills of our species, to profoundly change these ways in which we live! Otherwise we are dis’eased swollen ~ sick egos.

But this earth we live on, it has more than everything we need, if we nourish it and treat it right. It gives us all we need to build a home or anything else we earthligns want. Atleast we have still learned some good things in between our dum living-systems ways.

This earth even grows something to aid and heal every organ. And even with something as simple as cooking bones of healthy but dead animals, you can heal several serious and even life threatening health issues, all at the same time with one ingredient. It even helps on some mental issues.

And if you have traumas that you want to get out of your psyche and system, there is a couple of different things growing for that as well, and one of those things in particular, can even cancel out the abstinence to all drugs, even tobacco.

So here comes another failure of my species, most of you can’t even afford to get to these medicines that work, and some of the people who manage to get to those medicines, end up using them under some unsafe circumstances.

Earthlings are like a bunsh of kids, playing weird meaningless games and causing needless struggle.

I will try to sleep now, past 7am already. Good …whatever day or night time you might be having right now.

Be well. 😉


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