Where it could possibly be the best to spend such days as Christmas and New Year, would most likely be in some stunning mountain locations where there is some snow, as most of us are most fond of those times being rather all White with snow, and that especially Christmas.

And while even the usually all full of snow locations, such as the high mountains, now as well don’t have as much snow as they used to, they still do have snow, and even enough for all the snow-sports to still be in full action, such as the Alps. …located in Europe.

Even just at the lower altitudes, at the very begining/the first parts of the Alps mountains, you will still find some snow, but mostly only up on the highest mountain tops, and while all the cities around still just look rather grey without the snow, the Alps areas even still have plenty of natures green colors, creating stunning colorful views.

As a good example of how it all stands these days with the whole subject of white Christmas, and winter time snow in general, here is one of the very closest Alps locations, nearest to the German city of Munich.

Visually one could say, that it appears as if we have all seasons in one and the same time.
Stunning views, especially in real life, rather than just in a photo.
As this image of only the very “foot” beginning of the Alps shows, the furthe up into the Alps mountains you go, the more snow you will find.

May you have a Happy & All Perfect New Year.

Thank you for your time.


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