Just because the mainstream media isn’t talking about it, does not mean its not true and highly relevant.

Actually the mainstream media will not talk about anything true, that is highly important for humanity, because we are by far the majority, who if they knew all there is to know, they would disobey and stick together, and be the most powerful movement ever, greater and more powerful than the biggest army, and way beyond anything that most of us could have imagined.

The video below, is a big load, and it touches on the subject, that we more than likely came into this life with a purpose that we agreed to/decided on. Which is all a subject that has been comming up repeadedly throughout time for me. And by now I feel somewhat clear on this toppic on my own side of things, and I see that in my case the idea of such purpose is bigger/greater than just some one simple thing of my tendencies, but rather there are several things in my case, which stand out as my natural tendencies pointing towards purpose. And some of it I haven’t yet got the words to explain or describe. …possibility because more bits n details are yet to become clear to me.

To find out what your purpose in life is. Check your very own tendencies. Most of us have so theme-like factors in our behaviour~ perhaps for example, it could be some specific tendencies to do/be and/or feel something at times. …something that is always very likely to occur from your side again. …even if it might some in different forms and varieties perhaps.

I don’t think I’m able to come up with all possible exampled of what could be ones purpose, but I know that purpose is always serving the whole somehow, meaning that purpose is never a bad or mean nor negative thing.

You could for example notice something like that through your curiosity (if you have a tendency to be curious in life), because your curiosity could reveal that you’re a helpless truth seeker.

Or it could be that you have a kind of helpless tendency to be there for people, to make them feel better, maybe just by making them feel less alone, or making them believe in good things coming.

Etc. and so on.

Or maybe as you’re scanning through your self n your life, you could find that you tend to be the one pointing out what others don’t see or notice.

Or, one might tend be a messenger. Or you might be the one that tends to disturb norms or so. Or you might notice that it so often seems that you bring a theme of provokation, which would be to shake things up/wake up the sleeping sheeple minds!?

In other words, anything you might notice being as if a theme that runs throughout your life, or a tendency that always comes up again, perhaps appearing slightly or very different from one time to the other, but coming from the same natural feelin skills and/or tendencies.

When I scan through myself and my own life, there are some things standing out and my reocuring tendencies; Always seeking the truth and being very curious to discover it or decode my way to it through finding enough knowledge. Always being the most effective in leading/helping others to finding their right answers/sollutions to their problems. Always feeling the need to improve my environment in different ways. And loads of other things show all different tendencies, most of which is potentially all my purposes in this life.

Here bellow, is a news update which is in fact for the entire world, for all of humanity.

It is the type of news that most people~sheeple don’t have the guts to understand, but rather they get all terrified, instead of seeing the bigger picture, which obviously is bigger and better than any revolution, and actually causing all the needed shifts that humanity has been dreaming about and wishing for, which really all has to happen now, before it’s too late.

¡ So check it out, and see if you are one of theose who has the capacity to comprehend it, or the weakness to have to judge it to be all just fiction and fantasy, regardless of what intuition might be sensing !

But either way, getting this global news flash will help to prevent you from getting the global panic attack, once the mainstream media is ready to disclose some of this stuff and so much more.



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