BERLIN, JUNE 20, 2018

Noone will tell you, but Berlin is actually, for the most part, an ugly city.

Berlin is like a ruined Paris (bombed) in pieces.

Old buildings are restored with the more plain and simple modern aproach. And while some of those old buildings were so destroyed after world war two, they only have the old historic look and feel to them from inside, as the building I live in. It’s so ugly from the outside, but giving totally different impressions from inside.

Berlin was so destroyed, that nearly every old beautiful building is surrounded with newer ones, of which most are very ugly ones.

For someone who grew up in Kalrovy Vary, and lived in Paris, where I also feel kind of home from the visual aspect, Berlin is … I could say so many things about it, using negative words, but I’m wonderinng how to express it in a better way. …

… Berlin is a place where ruins of beauty, have been restored with plain betton and asphalt.


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