Waking up with all sorts of serious feeling thoughts on the “menu” …so here’s what it turns into when writing.

It was (and even so obviously) thought, that humans might come into this life with an expectaion or some awareness, of the so called Paradise. It is partly all covered up and partly deteriorated, but it is still right here. …though the awareness turned out to be too blury and too distant to be consciously noticed, especially without any of natures fungal elexir.

But we definately did not expect any religions.

And obviously noone had to create any such paranoid alternative story of where the heck Paradise went. But ‘they’ did, just in case humans would be born with a clear enough knowledge about it, arriving here expecting it.

I just remember expecting (AND HAVING) the awareness of all things being energies. …which didn’t seem to fit with the attitude of my surroundings. So I asked my grandMother about where people go when they die, and then I just knew that her answer was incorrect, but I had no understanding of my senses of it all, so I couldn’t even tell her about the truth that I felt present, and so instead I just left it as and open unresolved subject for some other time. I somehow knew that death is rather just more of a departure than anything else. But at about age 4 or 5 you haven’t even got the words for all things, so never mind feelings and thoughts. So I wasn’t just unable to discuss the subject and tell her what I felt I naturally just knew already, but I hadn’t even the awareness or knowledge of even just the posibility nor existence of discussion itself at all.

But also, at age one, the golden and blue flame of a candle, first time I ever saw one in this lifetime, to me it resembled a safe good portal to some positive/lovely/kind/safe other space. I felt curiosity, and even tried accessing “my portal”, but it just burned my finger of course, and like this I learned that (in this ralm of reality) it is just a candle which looks like that.

Since all and everything is energy, and anything is affected even just by one observing it, therefore their intentions affected over all enough to distort the human awareness, because their intentions created too much negative frequencies on this plane. A sort of game was worked out and implemented, for humans to be indoctrinated by, which was and has been very effective, but slowly fading in effectiveness, but at an increasing phase all the while.

But especially since it is the whole of the first 6yrs of a humans life that sets the scenery for that person, it means that, if “the baby’s bed was made soft and smooth, or hard and rough”, that determines the general energies of that humans being in this life. Then educating everyone, with the rules of the game (which everyone then obeys) comes in as well instead of pure true knowledge, because knowledge allows people to be free and think and feel independently instead of obeying.

“But yeah that’s all bullsht”

There is no agenda, there’s no evil and negative energies.

The world is so interesting. We don’t have avalances of for example marketing people, yoga teachers and massagetherapists, everyone is not at all a numbed down copy of a copy, living all prescribed lives. No. And in our world nobody wants to be famous or rule the world or any of such stupid superficial sick-ego stuff.

No. Here in Paradise everyone is free to think feel do and be whatever and however ‘they’ want, and their free will is not at all manipulated. We live in abundance, and everyone has comfort and plenty of anything ‘they’ want and/or need. Everyone is wise, so we have no rules and laws regulating and controlling everyone and everything.

Anyway, no matter what anyone believes, he/she percieves. ~ No matter what you have been brought up o believe, you will percieve.

Ironic as it all may seem …

‘They’ Fade Out Now, The Mischievous Ones.

Have a perfect day.


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