November 1’st, 2018 

When I’m happy, I am more powerful and more giving, and in more ways as well.

Though reflecting on the happiest times I have ever known, reveals surprising facts against most peoples beliefs. But then most people are all conformed to what they are fed to believe. Such as money don’t bring happiness. You have to work so hard etc. And while it seems that no love ever lasts anymore, and and neither do people actually work nor live for, neither do they give their best and most with love/care. …for love.

? ? ? ?

It’s all for money in general, and everything in human societies actually IS all about money. People are obviously willing/subject to believe anything.

Money can’t buy love is true.

But one in my case, is surely more likely to meet one, since feeling content surely does alpha wonders to our attractiveness. ..and usually to your overall presence as well, if your heart is pure and your mind and personal freedom has been freed of some permanent need for decent cash flow. …as suddenly it’s all flowing well enough to not even have to be very stable. 

If you have money you live how you feel is best well for you. You can make a good lovely comfortable and functional home, eat the best food and basically have all you bodily need to live and healthy. … and give useful good gifts, do whatever you want, and travel anywhere you want. Woth financial freedom I can at any time follow any bliss that comes up in my evergoing analysing and puzzling creative and naturally psychologically skilled mind, always searching knowledge and worldly experiencing, achieving broader and more centered connections on several, if not sometimes on all, levels. We all have our brighter and our brightest moments and such.

Having financial freedom to be so free, is something that makes me more content in this life than anything else ever has.

And that feels happy. That felt most happy. 

Yes, in this monopoly society, it is having plenty of money which allows me to be how I feel is best and most me, and however is best in the moment. I live so relaxed and loving in each moment of every day most of the way. Because financial freedom makes me be that free in this world. I can go wherever i want. I can do any and every of my ideas. Life comfortably feels so safely zen and neat. I can go see my friends, who are spread out in different countries. I am free to be of any kind of help and assistance to anyone on my way. I just naturally become really good for my surroundings. I become pleased and full of awakening gratitude feelings of all kinds. But such feeling CAN (for me) also come from connecting deeply with a person….with whom sensitivity and creativity (~/=love) flows in full acceptance and in plenty freedom to breathe …

Someone who can log on and connect to anything and is a person of more steady action flow than I am.

I who dwell on my emotional subjects and get too easily absorbed by thoughts, and can in prolonged solitude live more in my mind, than in the physical. I, with the independently inconsistent attention span tendencies.

. . .but also, regarding human connection, a man can also make me feel the great contentment, the amazing graceful happiness, if he is someone who knows how to build and create, if he is someone who gets the right missing knowledge and/or nessesary idea when and if needed allong the way in any project taken on. 

Someone with whom we share so much, and understand each others other sides and tendencies, while we share the gift to see and keep discovering the best in each other.

Growing with every day for ever on. Living Love, the Creative Enthusiasmus Energies in physical manifestations.

Simple, it’s financial freedom that gets me high on life and being my best, while it could obviously come out of the most profound connections with another human who is more like me. 

But I want both such great love, and financial freedom as well. 


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