November 4’th, 2018 

Suddenly this clear memory about feeling truly loved!? The different extra eneries that float in your own universe while you’re truly loved/deeply cared for. …I could say, it’s almost as if there are some sparks decorating and lighting up your very life. 

And if such magic is not from the moments of inspirations or results of natural connection with best friend home mates, then while you both are wrapped in each other, be coupled in spheres with plenty of social life, and still flirting with life in general. Then even your solitude becomes a different one all the while. ~You enjoy it more, and want more of it, which is even good for you at the same time. Especially under those full-of-love circumstances.

Yeah I remember what it all feels like … your world environment being mostly, if not entirely of love.

Including that silly feeling love …something not only juvenile’feelin at times, but also even absolutely irresponsible in a safe world of love. 

Everything mainly always possitive.

Always something to do with curiosity, experimentation and being adventurous. …the ever-growing individual. …someone somewhat wise, with some childlike spirit and sensitivity.

Yeah, loving and being loved!?



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