but I feel like I urgently and most semi-permanent-base’ly need . . . . 

#1       Beautiful stunning warm, sea aired nature with mostly blue skies all around me. 

( and several experiences that tell me, that it is best for the world around me and as well for me, that I be generally living in some (all mine) beautiful aesthetic, high-ceiling, old well kept and aesthetically renovated place in green surroundings with stunning and breathtaking views, with huge windows and loads of bright light coming in, and space for anything my heart desires to create. And I have got to have, just a couple of thousand euro a week. 

#2       I want fascinating friends(like Joel and Dan and Laura K.) and I want good spiritually-/energetically-connecting friends, with whom I do and share interesting life topics and/or work, and definatley growth of all kinds and sorts, . . . . 

( and I think that, besides realionships with friends, if ever I should stumble into a relationship with a lover, then “heaven help the fool” that walks into my universe, because he is in for a new surprising experience; I want to live like all other couples do, Inwant to live like partners(as if our relationship was a business that we take seriously like something you like and enjoy to be able to depend on) I want to 1st of all be, and 2nd of all live ….like best friends, having each our own spaces and bedrooms, so that we never stop making love, and so we are making ours to keep alive the desire for each other, keep alive those blended feelings of mutual respect, exitement and wonder, admiration and appreciation for being in the company of your best-lover-friend. If he needs to be a boy sometimes, go out to play, then he can do it, he is free because I’m not jealous, I don’ want to own him and I sure don’t want him to think he owns me either, so if he wants to live out some boy’ish things, that’s his boy universe, which I don’t have to be all over, I don’t have to put my mark everywhere like a male cat or some primate-level beings do, I rather stay the one who is his prescious speacial one, who he likes to keep flirting with, seducing, taking time and space to know and understand, all our own and each others layers. And I want him to be a person who is devoted to a sporty activity daily(like 5-tibetans and/or muscle-toning, running) NOT SMOKING and taking drugs every damn week, not even nessesaily every month, basically a man who is not addicted to anything. ….not even me. We inspire good thing in each other, especially creativity and and joy, bringing out the best of us and interestingly making us be the best versions of ourselves. He has some valuable things to teach me and motivates me to learn easy and be good at the things, he is (just like me but in his own ways) an exploring ever-growing anhropological all-rounder, and a jack of all trades(the kind that, just when you thought he was a fine intellectual gentleman, then he takes of his clothes and starts getting down and dirty fixing the car, or he never stops making me fall in love with him, just when I think he will not be able to understand me in something, then he turns around and starts helping me to understand it even better myself, or just when I feel really self-critical about something,mrhen as soon as I’m around him I forget all about that because of that admirering, appreciating love-energy of his is everywhere in my universe. A person like that naturally also has deapth and a spiritual something to him. A person like that is a natural scherlock holmes of life, a person like that is a natural investigator and discoverer, has an idea and/or sollution for nearly everything, much like me.) 



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