Pure true profound happiness is not the happy feeling state which you have to protect from negative things and peoples bad moods. 

Pure True Profound Happiness

is the times when it’s rather a whole vibrational-basis that you “just happen to” have, from which you absolutely fearlessly feel so full of good feeling, with a pretty neutral mind. When you are finding yourself fearlessly but sensibly and non-judging open, just feeling with the humans around you, feeling with your mitmensch, even with strangers, while it does not at all ruin your own vibrational basis, even with some really cold or otherwise unpleasant person, or situation, your inner feeling of your own vibrational basis remains undisturbed. You find yourself in that space of feeling, where you just simply know that everyone either just knows or knows-not what they do, from moment to moment, one situation to another, day to day. Somehow nobody is ever really truly guilty, as it is mainly their experiences that cause them to percieve and behave like this or like that, which you obviously can not take personally on you. 

True Pure Profound Happiness 

is the times when you experience that there is a natural humanitarian in you. 

Naturally it is also only from this vibrational basis that you have that effective power of touching people, in that way which makes them feel “just” pure love ~ effective empowerment. Because true happiness is you being soaking in your own vibrations of loving ..from whatever thoughts or place or person or whatever makes you feel like that. Suddenly you have time and patience for everyone and anything which is not being hurtful to you. Somehow hurtful doesn’t get you. Negative things don’t bother you or disturb you at all. You don’t even resist them. Effortlessly you let any badnsht justbsort of float by as it will. 

True Pure Profound Happiness 

confirmed and explained by someone who personally explored human connection, the different behaviours and emotional intelligence a whole a lot, being born into traveling and always living in different contrasting worlds because of it. For a deep analytical mind, it was unavoidable to discover that there actually are real pure and true, natural and profound highs on life without drugs

And since the natural high that true pure profound happiness gives you, is a state where there is no worries of survival or how to get by, having no what-will-become-of-me thoughts, having no space for such worrysome doubts, then it makes sense to call it a Royal High state of being 😉 Ok, sure a Natural High is one of maximum freedom with no conformities, which the life of Royals is very far from. But because in being Royal, you do not have such unatural mind-fucking monopoly worries at play, you are not on that trip when tax-payers are obliged to pay some smaller half of their income to your country’s lead, which is holding and keeping your Royal ass on it’s thereto invented pedestel, you personally don’t have to mind that greed and worry promoting game. 


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