First of all, AHI exists through the heart, and it is a scientific fact that intelligence from and through the heart. And funny enough, the hearts measured vibrational frequency is the samee frequency as that of the center of this globe that we live on, this earth, our planet.  

….even in the lazy, somewhat passive with the intelligence, it’s easily recognizable/detectable. 

Though Intelligence has not very much to do with being smart or clever, as that is mostly rather limited, and often a misuse of the potential, in which case it is not growing on a higher level, but a rather low level. Though once the adequate stimulation for so-to-say unblocking/unlocking high intelligece is happening, then the ones with that potential can not ignore it, nor work against it. As if nature in its own will. 

If we take into consideration, that we know we have come here, to not only have this experience, but that we have also come for this ride to learn, to grow and expand in all ways possible. While for some of us it was and is, a conscious decision for profound growth (and the more the merrier/the more the better/more flies in one smack is always a victorious glory of outstanding achievement) then obviously those of us are the ones who can not ignore those stimulus. 

Others are here to just have the experience, rather with the intention to check out the ride of life on earth. Tjey are the ones who don’t actually understand at least half of it all. Most often they are optimists in their views, hardly ever, or rather never, worry, and they typically poses a lala kind of easy going energy. But tthey are the kind of optimist who acn not even are earing you out when you need exactly that from your friend. They don’t wannaa know of anything that is not happy, or lala easy going. They rather have a totally fake/supefishial conversation, than a real juicy deep talk (which moves worlds and connects beings). They don’t feel the need to look deeper into anything or anyone, before they feel they have figured things/situations/people out. 
Basically not everyone is here to learn much, if anything at all, as from the base of the very essence, some are not that developed and/or layered / “that colorful” / that fine-tuned in details / so interested in the real deepth of everything, and while some might never be, many just aren’t yet. 

There are also the ones who are not at all here to even just grow, but rather to suck up the essence of everything, in their own different abilities to percieve. As there are always so-to-say opposites of everything, and as that obviously includes energy, and everything is made up of energies in the first place (being reflected in absolutely every living level of anyhing (sort of just to prove it, if you will, or not. Makes no difference to facts anyway) then in the big picture, it’s leaving there be any and every sort of beings on this earth, all co’existing side by side on the same globe. 

You can try to pull “up a dummer” friend with you to higher levels and watch them learn (slow at times but it seems) very well, almost as if effortlessly with you, and they will sometimes even exceed you in some things. But as soon as your ways part, often enough or long enough, that “dummer”/”simpler” friend (extremely occasionally just a terrified friend) will rapidly drop to some louzy low levels again, and/or mis use what they have learned from their times with you, underlining that they didn’t really learn~grow at all, but rather just took in the experience. Sometimes a person like that could even be, as if having totally opposite views on things, then they tend to have when around you long enough. They are not developed enough to have any fixed sense of most anything yet, so far they just link on to the fixed of their surroundings and ride with that as if it was their own. 

Others are willing to carefully (and even sensibly in each their own unique ways) take risks to know and feel what is out there and what something is like. Those are ones who want to understand profoundly, on all levels, and they know very well that there are many layers, levels and angles to most anything or anyone, and they are here to know it all, so they can understand everything, and their big picture is not just of life itself, but of way more things than they can even explain to others than each other. 

Others don’t have eyes for details but rather more for practicality in action. Rather than being inventors, they are the ones who are able to be so monotone that they create some form of rythm for a choreographed (predictable/monotone) way of life, with which they feel safe and cosy. 

While I am aware that I am not fully aware of all types of energies of people, of all types of beings. The types I have had the most of (and so far concider some of many subcategories, as though being-types are as well intervened/woven in with each other, much like genetics (while some energy-types of all life can be “pure breed” which do not nessesarily then have to be human at all -still talking of the energetic sence of being) here are the types I know the most, up-close in my life so far. 

While some beings seem to be of light, others seem to be of dark; 

• Some are here to have fun, have a ride. (they tend to be confidant and lucky, and to feed on/to ride on, the energies from people and situations) 

• Some of those are playing with shape-shifting of the essence of their very being. (they tend to be fanatic, using spirituality, but mostly lack depth and a sense for detail to really understand and connect, which is what keeps them at the door of thanging their being)

• Some are here to see n learn what it’s like. (they tend to follow) 

•Some are here to experience and learn inorder to grow. (they tend to keep changing, doing it all, going from thing to thing, some even up and down the levels of things)

• Some are here to serve. (Ironic as it may sound, they tend to be your best friend, while they are exceptionally their own at the same time) 


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