THE suffering times that have gone into that COMPLAINING STATE OF BEING ~ is the state of being that serves you with the hightened state of sensitivity, which SHOWS YOU AS CLEARLY AS NOTHING ELSE, what/who makes you wanna die and what/who makes you wanna live. IN THIS STATE OF BEING YOU CAN DENY AND LIE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT BUT NOT TO YOURSELF. 

That is why the big asshole cold hard character you know, was showing a more humble kind soft character through the times you encountered them suffering with great heart-aches. 

When the angry storm is over, we look back with understanding and thanks for the trouble. 

Emotional people do sometimes complain, when there is reason to do so. Who are you to judge, who is anyone to judge the validity of someone elses reason? 

There are no geniuses without intuition, as well as there are no geniuses without emotions. Because emotions are the sensors of a sharp intuition. 

Why would complaining have any value?  Why are all genius people so intuitive? Because they are so emotional. 

And when some people turn complaining against you ~making you feel much worse, behaving and talking as if the pains that make you complaint would be something you should swallow and keep inside, and if you can’t do that they make all matters worse, so that you feel alone lonely, unloved/rejected, and unapreciated forall the good that you otherwise are and have bestowed on them in avalances. So how is it that complaining is important when some people make you suffer more for doing it!? ….when there are those who make you feel as if you should have no right to hurt, and if you do, then better keep it inside. 

Anyone who has any such experience knows, that keeping it inside, feels like it’s eating you up from within, and the suffering is amplified a dosen times. Now if you would know that feelings are guidelines of what is right or wrong for you, and only you can realy acurately sense what feels good or bad for you. And as that indicates you should listen and trust your intuitions ~your inner voice, then it must be clear that there is something wrong with some people/that there are plenty of people who behave as if they are not entirely human, as if they have a set of main programmes, which they can’t go beyond, because they simply don’t have that many different layers for that much understanding. There is a giant lack of awareness, and they simply don’t even have interest in anything beyond, they just don’t care to expand/grow their awareness to understand anything that doesn’t appear to be pleasing, even if it is just your discomfort, which can never become theirs. Such beings tend to even put extra bad feeling aspects into your already hurting wounds. 

But there are those people who do not turn your pains against you, those who just listen and hear you, without getting fearful of your bad hurting feelings. They stretch their mind to comprehend and tune in their heart to understand. So they feel with you, and comtemplate with you about it. And as the given issue/s of yours is/are not theirs, they have a clearer objective for seeing and finding positive aspects, and for noticing what makes you feel a bit less in destress, and together you always manage to upgrade your state of feeling~your state of vibration, even if just for the moment or rest of the day, and so everyday you get a better sleep, so you start to recuperate. And bit by bit, day by day, you feel less and less like your life-line is running out, less and less as if the world is more bad then good (because they are repressenting the good right there the whole time) you feel less and less like you’re sort of abandoned, used, lost and lonely. Rather, you start feeling loved, heard and understood, and eventually you feel found instead of lost. 

Many scientists and researchers have found piles of facts, from which they conclude odd unusual things that are rather far out for most of us to comprehend and relate to. But weather it’s true or not that there are different entities/beings born into humanity or not, weathere there are or reptilians in human forms or not, it remains clear that there are people who energetically function rather self-pleasing-cold, unflexible of heart and mind ~unorganic ~as if they are some sort of robotic humans. This fact remains. 

Such individuals purposely create more pains of stress to your piles of the same, which can for example be as simple as; Not giving you any straight overview of what the scedule if of their universe which you have now landed in, due to their invitations and suggestions of how they would be there for you if you just make your way to them. So you made your way to them with your last little money. He/she has offered you to work a few days for them, so you can make some money. The next day he/she asks you if you want to come with them to work, so you ask if they mean to work for them or to just come allong, to which the answer is to just come along, because so and so, from which answer you make your decision choosing not to come along. The next day or possible moment, they turn around and say „well I asked you if you wanted to come, thinking you wanted to work, but aparently nothing is good enoughfor you, so I can not do anything for you”. 

When you talk about nice stuff, which is not negative, then they show you they’re not listening, and if you go on as though you don’t really believe that is actually happening they they keep interrupting you with something totally else , showing now loud and clear that they are not listening. Untill later when there is something possible to somehow categorise as negative, then they turn on you with full attention against you for it, even if it was something negative from them which you just respond. 

A such person is all the time turning against you, even with something that makes no sense, as if to just show you „Yes, look you are right, I am fucking with you” without ever saying it in words, just showing it all the time, while simultaneously they’re insisting that they are trying the whole time to help you. ….”into the grave” is the missing part of their statement. 

In other words, for as long as they concider themselves helping you, they are taking the right to torture you with that help. 

Another fine example of inventing things over which to attack you with agressive energies might be something like; letting you in their home alone with their cat, who has a bowl full of dry food, from which you see him eating throughout the day, but when “your male or female diva” returns home, they start screaming at you for not having given the cat any extra food, AS IF they would have told you to do so at any point in time, which they didn’t. 

It feels as if they enjoy to see, how your feelings uncontrolably react with tearing your heart out and/or shaking, which so openly and clearly shows how badly in pieces you curently are. ….so they keep playing with how easy it is to bring it to surface. 

I have also witnessed multiple times, when it was not myself who was in deep troubles, how others end up reacting to such mean friends, by starting to fight inside, to pretend that they are suddenly ok now, just to get free of the mean-evil friend’s torture, and how they then go away more broken than when they arrived. I have done that as well several times in the past. But at least you got away (from more spirit-murdering) with the last window of opportunity you had to get away, weather that was just money to get away for, or a family member who picked  you up, or whatever it was you had left on your side to get away through. 

Basically, it is better to face it (face the pressence of parasitic infection); They are more into making up things against you, to create all the perfect excuses not to be there for you in the end, much more than actually being into sincerely (actually feeling their way to) be there for you when you happen to be in a fase of beat up broken spirit. They wade in it and smudge everything up, rather then threading sensibly sensitive with you. 

COMPLAINING IS WHAT IS HAPPENING WHEN WE BURST INTO TEARS. It is the same energy happening as when complaining with words as it is with tears. ….buu huu now it’s all become too much, we just can’t take anymore, bla bla bla…. IT IS A RELEASING MECHANISM, A NATURAL RESPONSE OF THE HUMAN  SYSTEM, THE ONLY WAY THIS SYSTEM CAN DEAL WITH IT/work through it/get through it, BY CRYING AND/OR COMPLAINING. And it is anyway only in central europe and scandinavia, that so many of these individuals exist who use that term on each other to „stop complaining”. And as it is ancient news that different parts of the world are totally different of energies, well then it only fits to say that some parts of the world are hard dark and cold of energies, while other places on the planet are warm, lovely and enlightening. And so it also makes perfect sense that there are different types of beings of humans, who get inspired and motivated by either one of those different environments. Some need a hard world to be tough in, because they strive only with cold rigidness (the’re are no but’s and if’s, everything is fixed the same for all, a monotone existance) while others need a gentle world because they strive only with warm flexibility (where there are flexibly endless differences amd ecxeptions of all different things in all different ways, everything remains rather flexible ~possible to adjust and change, there is space for anyone to be unique, a colorful existance). 

The very essence of a complaint repressents what we don’t want, which is what gives birth to the very essence of the exact opposite~which is what we want. THE NATURAL HARMONIOUS WAY OF THINGS. Opposites always work together, and can only continue to exist because of each other, just like day and night, laughter and tears, summer and winter, love and fear. Because you can not recognize enough of what you want, without knowing enough of what you don’t want. 

I can certainly say, that because of my Dad’s existence in my life, I have come to know perhaps a bit more than I needed, of what I don’t want. And some parts of what children get from their parrents is not only hard to identify as wrong/bad things, but some of it is as well almost impossible to unlearn. It is the hardest of times, yeah those times that make us complain, which makes us sort out some of our mess each time, which make some things surface to our attention, which makes us realize important things, which always makes more things clear, which help us to work out more of what is right and what is wrong for us, very individually. 

Something that makes you cry, or otherwise complain verbally, is obviously a fact that was in need of being realized,  whatever happened needed to happen to make clear that there was something under your bed/under your carpets/under your skin, that you didn’t realize was there causing the issues, which you don’t even actually want. 

I appreciate the authentic, the honest open truth. I love such real people. We are so unbelievably powerful together. 

There are no geniuses without intuition, as well as there are no geniuses without emotions. Because emotions are the sensors of a sharp intuition. 

When the angry storm is over, we look back with understanding and thanks for the trouble. 

Now our universe has been cleaned up, and so there is much less sharp edges and/or assholes, for us to get hurt from. 

Complaints are the parts of contrast, which have created all the good opposites of all the bads you found hidden within your own universe, and AFTER THAT, as you get to feeling good again, because of whatever and/or whoever, NOW you are resonating accordingly for all that good (which has been created as response to what caused your complaints) to enter your universe ~ now you are resonationg accordingly for receiving all that good which you suffered for. 

The good comes into your life when you are no longer suffering. Prescious to you are those who made you feel good long enough. Worthless are those who rubbed your shit in your face, those who’s help made you suffer more ~ those who made you feel even worse. Those unorganic-like creatures, those robot-like cold ones. But FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. And know that forgiving does not mean to keep them in your universe, to set them free, to let them go, to let them be without you. 


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