A good and talk that leaves my perception feeling different.

From several countries and boarders away, I get to speak with my favorite friend, with whom nothing is too big of an issue, with whom we can relate and talk about anything and everything, with whom I feel awake and ready, with whom creativity is flowing abundantly, with whom that feeling of having so much interesting purposes exists.

Someone who’s aproach, view points, opinions, answers, ideas, sugestions and mostly everything makes me feel heard and understood. All together this is one of those rare persons,  whos very existence in my universe is calming and motivating.

After talking with this friend, walking down the same street feels different,  and even thinking of the same thoughts as before feels better.

Sadly this other person, who I spent the past 7 years with, made everything that could get better, feel worse and worse, as if no deeper/human capacity present in the person to understand complexed things in life, besides just simple entertaining/useless/superficial things, no deeper connection possible.

..which was torturing me, feeling like I’m the only real human here, surrounded by german robot-people, including my very own partner being one of them. Like a nightmare that I hardly noticed myself coming into.

A simple talk with higher intelligence is such a giant contrast. And it makes enough difference for me to at leat remember what it feels like to be alive living. Because he in Germany everything sure feels like only machinery running on their given programmes, absolutely cold and empty, inorganic feeling energies.


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