He/She may seem non-judgmental at first glance. But if you feel your way zooming in on this, you will notice that it, Yes, only seems as though. 

His/Her flaws of nature remain unnoticed to him/her. He/She pose as wise in their self perception, with an attitude/a motorique full-of proclaimed self. His/Her intention is not to understand you. He/She is not a parenting type. But rather an entertain-me type (a pink puddle type). ..who will keep “loving” you for as long as you manage to let him/her be the admired center of your attention without the eye for details, that would otherwise reveal her flaws of carelessness. 

METAPHORICALLY speaking: He/She sails in a boat full of holes. 


She doesn’t notice that her pet has no water since several days. She says she must feed the baby-pet four to five times a day, but then feeds it only twice a day, and occasionally only once. 

With a detail-careless perception, neglect has many forms. 

Her whites become all grey. Which makes it no surprise, that she cleans the table with a dirty rag, and let’s You Serve food on plates that she washed without cleaning aid.  

More than likely she will have some allergy (indicator) tendency, because, from doing everything without sensitivity, without an eye for detail, she definately will have some parasitic infection. 

Through his/her detail-careless perception, he/she naturally lacks empathy, which makes him/her be not a good listener. As detail-carelessness brings a lack of finer sensitivity allong, and such a person fixates on something, and becomes fanatic. ~Why Instead of hearing you out, he/she will shut you up with his/her persistence of fanaticism. The detail-careless perception, is not able to understand finer things ~finer souls and minds. The practised unselfish ability to selflessly listen and understand you, isn’t pressent in him/her. ~his/her love is not unconditional. 

His/Her personal hygene things are everywhere to be found on the floor and under the bed, where he/she keeps a dust-mite heaven. Even dirty socks and underwear is in every other corner with piles of dust. His/Her clean and dirty underwear might as well be all mixed up. 

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