What I see through who I am~What I see from where I stand, in all what •he• says through her, 

One must spend the time and attention experimenting~experiencing what draws us, to know what things make your heart smile ~you feel good ~your soul fly ~your spirit weightless while you’re filled with gratitude on your cloud of thankfulness, and the most powerful of the kind that can over, is when you look around you and realize that you love and admire your surroundings and the entire environment of your life/your home base so much that it makes your heart smile ~you feel so filled good by it ~your soul fly ,~your spirit weightless …. 

you know you are in the right state of feeling ~that feeling which is the only one that allows you to get what you want, when your time feels good and your heart is having innocent fun 

IT FILLS YOU WITH ENERGY and it’s such good energy. Makes you move a lot in all ways. Because it is filling you with pure LIFE ENERGY. ~and that is The Best INSPIRED ACTION THERE IS. 

The challenge in life is to STAY IN THAT MODE mostly/mainly ~learn to keep doing whatever it takes, to be in charge of how you feel. (which can be so many different things, all depending on who is reading the words)

Suffering and Hardship

 is something we need to grow our empathy ~which is a finetunning and uprating our intelligence all together. 

Suffering and Hardship

 is not what we need to have nor do, inorder to achieve and get anything and everything that we want. 


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