Have you ever seen a sky so royally blue 

when starring at it -in its open vastness 

even as you see it is not that cobalt 

it somehow feels as if it is 
The landscape governs fertility and green in all its depths. 

the sea is the background of the landscapes 

Looking at this world from the top of a hill 

I am soaked in this stunning beauty 
with a smile so big in my heart it appears on my lips and in my life 
And starring at the sky so royally blue -in its open vastness 

even though I see it not that cobalt 

it feels that it is 

Everything feels so vibrantly alive and looks so lively vibrant 

I notice these energies everywhere 

and the discovery of levels does not seise from appearing 

season after season 

While mostly the skies are so royally blue 

and I get to stare at it -in its open vastness 

it appears not that cobalt 

but it somehow is 


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