~”I have become a witch doctor”

My independent research started in December 2007.


(why I started researching)

Uppon having been given antibiotics approx.6 times during 3,1/2 years, by the doctors on Ibiza in Spain, even for silly things like infected hair-follicles/ingrown hairs, and for an inflamation in the upper back n shoulders area, that according to the doctor had been released up into the head by my daily massages. Which had created a headache, that wouldn’t go away with neither loads of water and exercise, nor wirh aspirin or ibuprofen, (yeah I was doing well enough financially to have full body massages several times a week). So after some 2 weeks of headache, I surrendered to a doctors help. ..while at that time I knew nothing about antibiotics, and what they do. And I had never even heard of probiotis.

Someone had told me that the only bad thing about drinking alcohol when on antibiotics, is that the effect of the medication will have less effect. So during the last days of taking my antibiotics, I alowed myself to drink redwine at dinner with my boyfriend in Paris, as we were eating out all the time.

Then on the last day of antibiotics, as I was headed for Denmark, an allergic looking reaction started happening around my eyes, in form of redish, dry and burning eczema. In denmark, staying at my friends house, we would drink loads of black tea with suggar, and eat toasted white toast-bread every day (I used to mostly just tag along with someones habit, if I was anyway just staying for a week or two) and my rashes spead out in patches on my face, but I decided not going to the doctor with it, but to rather wait and see if my intuition could give me a clue about what it is coming from (because I knew from my occasional tendency of getting rashes since childhood, that the doctors were never able to figure out the causes, but only knew to treat the symptoms with cortisone creams, which I knew enough about, to not want that on my face).

After about two weeks, I suddenly got this intuitive feeling, that it must be something in the gut, and as I returned to my paradise island home Ibiza, people told me that I was absolutely right, and that the classic effect of antibiotics in the gut would be something called candida overgrowth (a fungal thing that lives in our gut, normally in a good healthy ballance with all the other gut bacteria).

It turned out that the pharmacy industry, and thereby the doctors were not educated on this subject to be able to help with it. Rather they would want to prescribe different antibiotics, which mich make it subside for a while, but then it would return much worse, and the doctor could only try another type of antibiotics, and keep a patient in an “evil circle” like that.

Luckly I had begun researching immediately, so I was aware of this, when someone recommended me a german doctor on the island, who was a regular doctor but very open to alternative ways of treatments. He told me that my researches were accurate, and he felt very sorry that he didn’t have any better solutions that those which I had found through researching; of sticking to a strict diet regime, eating only veggies and at that time it seemed that spelt breads andnpastas were okay as well, but which 6years later turned out to be a mistake.

As the yeas went by, I found myself in a never-ending research mode, and of course allong the way of reading through studies, clinical trials and other peoples shared experiences, I came across so many other facts on other illnesses as well.

Gradually I came to understand our incredible bodies and how things work, and that not only on a physical level, but also on a mental level (our thoughs~feelings influence our wellbeing just as much as the physical facts of foods and what we drink and breathe).

It also turns out that all sugars feed candida/all fugal forms, incl.worms and parasites, except stevia (and supposedly fresh fruits and honey as well, of which I’m not convinced yet). AND THAT CANCER happens when fungal issues have been going on in the body long enough, as it is the environment in which it strives.

I also found out that things like allergies/allergic reactions, astma and insulin issues, are not disorders for life, but rather indicators tjat something is off/out of healthy balance in the body. ..and that sometimes any kind of stress triggers these things to show, if they haven’t already shown. AND STRESS CAN BE ANYTHING that doesn’t feel good, or even just OK to us!

Recently I returned to researching plant medicine, in form of the generally unwanted weeds, which seem to grow everywhere, especially where there is humans apparently. And so I got into collecting Dandelion roots (with the leaves) and making a medicine for our cancer struck doggy-girl Sheebee, and a tea from the leaves for myself.

Originally I was going to do this root thing for myself, but as I came to babysit Sheebee and saw her horrorfyingly looking paw (shown in a photo at the bottom) and her whole leg swollen, and so obviously hurting ……. I couldn’t help but to succumb to helping her.

Healthy Sheebee

I clean the roots, gently with a veggie-brush, cut them so they are all reasonably the same size, then dry them in the oven on 50 dergees Celcius, untill they are dry enough to crush a piece into powder.

Dandelion roots, cut from plant and cleaned.
Dandelion root work in progress.

Jar with dried/dehydrated Dandelion Roots.

The leafs I clean and chop.

Boil some water, let it stand for a few minutes off the heat, while the (electrical) stove is cooling down as well. Then I put in the chopped leaves, and let it stand on the next-to-lowest temperature for a while, as you would certain teas. Then I switch it off and let it stay on the warm stove for yet another while, untill it’s between hot and warm, perfect to drink.

Dandelion Leaf Tea.
Horrorfyingly-looking tumor by the paw.

I wonder if the tea, or a stronger version in form of a tincture of the root, would have a good effect if put directly on that alien thing growing there. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

» UPDATE ! «

Last time I saw Sheebee, I left her and Hennie (her guardian ~care-taker) with a jar full of dried dandelion root, knowing I would be going away for at least one months time.

So now, this past Thursday, I finally saw her again. And what a good feeling surprise to see her leg.

Now we see much less swelling of the entire leg, the flesh wound looking tumor thing at her foot is less than a quarter of the size it was, and she walks fresh and up-tempo again, as she normally did before.


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