Another sunny good-morning alone, feeling the peace in the harmony of life itself as it naturally/universally is. 

..without any overtaking influence of the “life” that I am (we are) otherwise so consumed by. 

..which is, so-to-say, not natural, which is somehow not in sync. with the natural flow of our universe. 

To sum it up in words, explaining what I percieve (all my life, but sometimes loosing sight of it, and sometimes percieving it in a messy way, all fragmented) today more clearly, other times with “new” aspects of awareness about this side of our existence. 

It is the same thing that Nostradamus reffers to as “The Big Theater”. To explain the bigger part of what that is, I will put it like this; I have so often in my life felt as-if-always aware of, there being much more to the nothing between everything (what generally to us is the air/the space between us and all things). Feeling that in this seemingly still nothing, there is as if a portal, you-could-say, to all creation and interconnectedness. As a child I felt that it is through there magic exists and happens. And in the times when I felt most aware of this (especially, but not only, as a child) my existence within this big theater, with the rest of you all/with humans living this whole man made society world, I was having good things manifesting for me absolutely effortlessly, wishes and things I would want to have, sometimes without even cosciously making a wish for it, would come true without any work whatsoever, and occasionally even instantly. And I would sense, I guess what we call spirit, which isn’t to bee seen nor propperly physically felt in the ways we otherwise know the feeling of something on our physical being. 

In such times I also happened to predict odd (but harmless) things, which on one occasion made my friends slightly angry or irritated, feeling disturbed over what they thought was purely my imagination. At the time I was not sure myself, of what it was or wasn’t, but a few weeks later the bizzare prediction did come to be, and of course my friends started asking me, how it was possible that I could have forseen something that otherwise seemed crazy and even stupid, and totally unrealistic at the time. Back then I remember trying to explain, saying that I don’t really know, but that it feels as if my brain is able to use all info. available, and somehow sense its way, or somehow calculate the eventual results, kind of like a crazy code-looking matematical thing, which looks so weird that you don’t even understand how to read it. 

Today I know that it is not the brain doing any calculating, but rather ones awareness/ones being that is so neutral in itself, being just open, as when listening without the involvement of mind/without any judgement, reasoning and such things of the mind (because it is mainly our mind which has been schooled/indoctrinated, and is as if made to surrender to all of our physical reality, for us to be able to exist, live and get by in it/to function efficiently with it., with this physical reality. …..and it is exactly because of these facts, that I at early age also began suspecting, that perhaps the people who we think are insane, might not actually be insane (they might have a solely energetic purpose, or just be stuck in a state of being tuned in differently, which is then obviously adjustable, in which case their energetic purpose might be (indirectly) for us to love them enough~ to love them selflessly enough, to actually come to understand them, since whatever you come to understand, you are reaching the essence of, and can therethrough actually affect it, adjust and (somewhat if not completely) change it, resolve, solve, and if it’s a thing, then actually fix or repair it). 

So anyway, this good-morning, alone in sync. is a perfect way to start any day ……. 

…….and so I came on to write, what I was pleasantly percieving clearly (the above mentionned are only small aspects of it all). But it is the putting it in worlds, which starts to simplify it, making it affected by this whole physical reality, as one is making the efforts to bring this non physical awareness of the non-physical reality, into this physical reality. Whenever I have tried it before, I find that I end up explaining other details, which are to lead into it, but somehow becoming so complexed, that it mostly leads me off track. THIS IS HOW SACRED IS. …….as if it might be in fact somehow impossible to explain. 

The ancients obviously knew that, and this is a big part of the reasons why they spoke in METAPHORS. There are two main reasons for speaking in metaphors; one reason is that while you are hopin/calculating/expecting and counting on that people of a different time, when the world is very different than you know it in your time, will actually get your message, so while you are you are describing and explaining in your so-called different time, where your references are of that time you live in, meaning that things are so different (for example 1mil. yrs different) so very far from the time than when “you” were scribling down explaining and describing ……. so you would choose to use a rather metaphoric language and an imagery way of speaking …….

(a fairly kindergarden-simple example of such a case would be, how you would, even today, be unable to describe a spaceshuttle to someone from a primitive tribe who has never even seen an airplane, and/or who’s language does not even have any of those words in its vulcabulary to explain and describe such mechanical things with ……. and another fairly simple example would be how to manage to explain what complexed and seemingly non-existent things you could have seen in a dream or on a psychadelic trip, so that the listener would actually understand it, accurately /exactly the way you do). 

…….and the other major reason for delivering any messages in imagery language and metaphoric language, is when wanting to pass on some sacred knowledge. (from sacred comes the word secret, truly just indicating something hidden, or something which can be decoded or otherwise uncovered) 

Which leads me to think of MEDITATION. …….as this is as well a state of being with our awareness, where you can gradually come to sense and percieve of the non-physical aspects of life. Because Meditation also leads to a state (as I mentionned earlier) of being just open, as when listening without the involvement of mind/without any judgement, reasoning and such things of the mind (because it is mainly our mind which has been schooled/indoctrinated, and is as if made to surrender to all of our physical reality, for us to be able to exist, live and get by in it/to function efficiently with it. So the mind is made rather for the physical aspects of life, and is too occupied with working within that, to even have enough capacity available for the non-physical reality. In meditation, people gradually learn to bypass this mind (most of us call brain) with their attention/awareness, which eventually then leads to becomming aware their higher self and of what is besides just the physical (but which IS CONNECTED to the physical). 

But what I can percieve from my ralm of peace and harmony (usually/mostly in fractions) is what I really want to describe. 

Allthough we are born connected to our higher self/soul/higher spirit self, generally we all come into a disconnected world of people who do not fully nor consiously know, the so called laws of the nature/universe, so instead of getting guidance for staying connected, learning to understand the non-physical sides of our existence as physical beings, and so-to-say live in the duality/liging in both worlds, they just keep bypassing our connection to our higher self, with teachings that occupy us (our attention) more and more with only the physical, until we become (consciously) only aware of this physical world. 

Meanwhile this is what makes us so ordinary, feeling so powerlessly small in a giant world, and rediculously never even wondering about even obvious cases, such as for example why a word like magic exists if there would be no such thing as magic. 

So we “run around lost in the games of the big theater, playing according to rules and ideas that we didn’t create ourselves”. We blindly trust that enough of some divinely selfless people (unconditionally loving humanity and all living organisms) have been working with the greatest wisdom, throughout generations for centuries ohne end, on how we should all best live. 

Meanwhile, we wouldn’t have so many inhumane problems in our world, and so many pathetic issues between each other, if all that was true (which it almost is, as such people have always existed and still do, but those people are not the ones in power, nor in lead of our world, nor are they in our attention). 

Instead we are rather “living like hamsters and other animals” in more ways than just one. We work jobs, that we would not do if we had more than enough of money. Yet “you” tell yourself that it is necessary for the bigger picture ~like somebody has got to do it, and that most of us do and get paid for it. But nature/universe is perfect and there is no lack of anything we could ever need, rather there is more much more than plenty of everything we will ever need. The only things of the bigger picture, where you can really say SOMEBODY HAS TO DO IT, is rather things like nourishing your surroundings, and not working for money to live, or working to live for money, and then spending all the rest of our time lourde 24/7 by things that all make us spend money. To enjoy, we only have thoughts, air and fractions of nature, as the last things left, which don’t cost any money.  Even love and other joys have been industrialized so skillfully that most of us do not even know the truth of what love is anymore. <that is one of the pathetic issues we have with each other. 


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