My Danish brother (Egyptian Muslim),

and I (babtized Catholic, Danish (from a traveler-family life))

were having a whatsApp conversation.

Well, I was nearly just having the conversation alone, for the most part, because he doesn’t write much. Ever! (his insecurity/trauma/paranoia/lazy-tendency over) Having been dyslexic in school.

TRANSLATION:   My father was the first one to tell me about the universe. He knew so many things about all different things. He knew all the stuff that schools dont teach you. Man, HELLO!? lies in the word itself!? ….check it out! They teach us(in Danish “UnderViser” litterally translated to English “UnderShow”) ….UnderShowing us! Meaning they do not OverShow us! The system is UnderShow us! WhatDaFck!?!?!? ! ? Meaning, thez do not show us a damn thing.

UnterRicht (in german).

UnterHalt 😉 yei great, play another computer Game. And don’t forget to check the favourite maintream resource of news.

UnderHoldning. Tss! Ja, NIIICE !


Oh, the english have such a welcoming word-combination.

Only the word »Please[!?]« is missing there.

PLEASE Enter ……….Tainment.

Thank you very much Sir.

Thank you Madam.

Thank you all.

Thank God.


Thanks mom and dad

Thank you to all my friends

I’m so great-ful for all the blessings


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