3 friends have tested it now. Everyone, loosing weight, getting beautiful skin, and enjoying energy-boosting that lasts all day (unlike the fake energy from coffe, and the ugly skinn etc.)

ONE FRIEND; only drank one fresh-squeezed lemon in a glass of water in the morning, instead of her coffe (I hadn’t told her to replace the coffe with it, not even suggested it, but she did). And besides loosing weight, she was the first one to notice her energy from it, lasting all day at work.

OTHER FRIEND; squeezed 2 lemons into a big Glass-bottle with water, drinking it throughout the day, and felt a so fresh mouth, that when sitting somewhere for coffe with others, it turned into rather ordering some lemon-slices with water, not to get the foul taste. And she saw her skin looking even better.
THIRD FRIEND; was a show dancer, working all night, who would continue her 2-3 cups of coffe with milk uppon waking up at noon/early afternoon. She would bring 2 lemons and a lime to work, and always squeeze some into her glasses of water (she was just looking for a healthy sugarfree thing to add to her many glasses of water that she was drinking throughout the whole night, just missing some flavour, since water with cigarette smoking leaves the tongue tasting like had she been licking an ashtray). She lost so much weight like never before, and reported that for the first time ever, all her belly-fat went away, and she realized there was a whole six-pack of muscles bellow, that she didn’t even know she had. She also said that her 8 to 10 hours of sleep turned into 6 hours only, and that waking up like a ball of energy, more or less jumping out of bed. She also said that her allergic reactions, especially to suggar, went away. And of course beautiful improved skin with a healthy complexion and glow.

Good Things In Life Happen Easy. -anything else is a lie to keep us stupidly struggling. Also see the video on my personal LEMON & LIME EXPERIENCE.


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