“Why City Life – is rather very – Zombie Life”

Bores me to insanity!

Just too many REDICULOUS FACTS all around, making me feel; Has the world gone totally mad or what!?

( ( ( now, clearly the most brilliant idea one could dust up here (in a case such as mine) will be, to figure out …perhaps some practise type of process, to help (myself) to stop noticing all the idiotism, OR manage to percieve it in a such way, that it makes me think of the good opposites to it all, and then let my imagination get all carried away with all that, of how the world should be, could be and would be (according to me)  instead ) ) )

• 1st thing I saw on my way: »Dogs Not Allowed On The Grass« (in a space where noone neither walks or sits).

• 2nd thing I saw on my way: Due to regulations (which become part of city-mind anyway) a dog is tied up for 2hours, looking at his family playing on a fenced-in playground.

3rd thing on my way: Nicest spot I find around me in the moment …to sit for a bit to enjoy some somewhat nice view …

…duh!, how “beautiful”.  ..haha..

Only smile-in-the-heart thing of today, was little birds stealing my two coffe-snacks … …unfortunately they don’t know that these snacks are full of refined sugar, for which their little bodies are not made. …arh!, fckn humans and their stupid adjustments of things. …in this case a whole pharma.industry connected story of Lobyists running the world for major profits, which is at the same time totally against the good of all-round human health, that including sanity.

[while it appears or seems, that most people just naively take all crap in, from the very begining of growing up, school etc, and from there it never stops, once indoctrinated, and not flashing on questionning everything, to then find out most everything on their own, discovering what is actually good and what is true, etc. But no instead, most humans occupy themselves with all the common, which is what bores me to sadness and frustration (lately (being in a city 6 years) it’s really been getting the best of me), I want to be learning something new, all the time!, or at least most of the time. ..as I want to be growing forever on, because the opposite of growing, is stagnance, and it is the stagnance which is rotting (just like sport/moving enough keeps the huiman body healthy, so it is with the mind as well). And as well, it too often makes me perceive how the city-life~Babylon is such filth!, especially versus Nature, which so many city people (idiotically) concider to be dirty. Too much freakin nonsense ammong most humans. Damn! ..oh whatever Bless the poor fools who know not what they do.]

And so, kind of a bit humorous at the same time, sometimes I find myself experiencing days, or just hours or moments, like for example;

Turns out that as long as I keep to myself, within this country, within this city, then I feel quite alright most of the time, and even happy. I always find something enjoyable to do, or something exiting to occupy my mind with. Even though I dont have all my things, so that most things I would do alone aren’t possible.  The moments of missing company are few when I’m alone without people around me.

Then the neighbour comes ringing the doorbell, complaining that he can hear my footsteps, and I wonder; what is wrong with hearing some energetic life, and the feelings that the most humans beings seem to be so overy ignorantly small minded, that it reaches stupidity to often, start surfacing again in me.

Then I go out to do some things, and afterwards get the feeling to wanna drink a good tea somewhere nice, but realize that all the cafes in most of Berlin, unless in the very center of it, are a total dive, clueless of good teas.

Then I get the (nice-thing-to-do when alone in a city/babylon) idea, that actually, I don’t mind if I can just sit somewhere nice, either in some green garden’ish place, …but find that there isn’t any around, and none of the parks around me even have any cafe kind of thing.

Then I think, okay the harbour where I was the other day will do, at least I can be by the water, but find that the only cafe there is already closed, while it’s only a few minutes after 8pm on a sunny day.

Everything feels so factory-like to me. …so fixed stiff, so automatic, boxed and frame-caged.

Then I remember that there is this Café Olé in a place called ufaFabrik, just on the other side of the road, which is full of green trees at least, and the ambience reminds me slightly of Ibiza, with the alternative scenery and the older generations who are the original old hippies, or atleast that’s what they look like and they are exactly these gennerations, most of the people I’ve seen comming there.

Café Olé

On the way there I pass muslims everywhere who have that media-brainwash mentality of cheap bling-bling styles, and all sorts of people eating in shopping mall restaurants, and start feeling this small world peoples reality that I’m surrounded by whenever I look around, and that sadness reappears in the deep of me, and again I feel that my traveling life is to blame for this perceptions. Especially places like SouthBeach Miami, the Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico. And sweet lovely Portugal.

And then it comes over me as usual, that I miss Ibiza. Even most Spanish villages have some small sweet local little terrace kind of places to have a refreshment most anywhere. And Paris is so beautiful even though it is so often a misserable-energy city (but nothing in comparison to a city like London). Paris makes me think of my childhood town Karlovy Vary (Carls Bad) where already from my infant years I was used to going downtown with my grandMother, and typically we’d go to her favorite Cafe Elephant. Hen I brefly emember how beautiful the Alps are, and how even in winter one can sit outside in so many places. Even an old dirty city like NYC as well provides plenty of nice options of course, it’s a worldly place, so they know better. …when in Germany or Scandinavia, you mostly have to be really in a city center kind of zone, to feel like it even lives up to the whole civilized common society that this world is).

Now to me, something like this  >VIDEO<  on the other hand, is to me “full of intelligent life” (just the fact of questioning everything, and being passionately curious enough to dig deep and do research) instead of  that rott of stagnance.


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