Tsss… lately a few, sorry to say; silly people!, have been talking about the demons. And now I saw something posted, which reminds me of this crap, and it irritates me (I feel how stupid it truly is) so I will break it down now;

Demons is just an energy case. nYou may rather consider this term a metaphor. Demon is a STATE(energies) YOU GO IN AND OUT OF: illness/sickness, computer-games, hate/resentment, possibly anger as well, probably even sadness, negative music, etc., and even TV tends to generate these types of energies as well, etc. and so on.

Those things ARE CAUSED by the infiltrations of those bad beings =negative intentions.
IT DOES NOT MEAN, that someone is possesed and helpless the way we are made to think of it. But when noone is capable of helping you to get well, then in fact, ALL THOSE UNABLE to help, are just as well under the influence of so called demons, because this bad/negative intending beings/entities(whatever to call it) have managed to keep everyone SO DUM and BLIND, so seperate that, although we all can help each other, most of us are too dumbed down, to feel inside us how we can help, and instead people try to think with their mind how to help, and the mind is the most limited/the programmed part of us.

WE ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL OUR WAY, grow our EMPATHY, Not be afraid to feel with someone, which is all part of what makes us grow into the AWARENESS which knows how to figure everything out.

It really only takes fear, to believe otherwise.
And remember (or do your own research) that also the TERM: satan, is in fact just another term for KNOWLEDGE, which you are supposed to fear, as for example, almost all religions forbid you to question. And why does a religion do that?,
…this top of the TOP MOST PROFITTABLE BUSINESS in the world!
Because you are wanted to stay dum, stay unaware, stay stupid enough to be blind enough, to be UNTER-HALTET(German word for entertainment, which says it the way it truly is. (straight translated; under-held/held under)) all just so the bad intentioned can keep ruling over you without you even noticing it. HELLO!?

FURTHER related here to this, are The Bibles, which are books of twisted truths, and TRACES of truths. And for the same dumbed down reasons, hardly anyone knows how to even read a bible acurately/how to enterpret the history, laws of nature and predictions therein.
Again you would understand it all much better and more acurately, and be easier able to find out where the twisted truths are(=the lies) IF you were tought symbolism in school or wherever  (which most people were not (to be kept stupid n blind/ blinded by stupidity=lack of knowledge=the lack of satan in you)).


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