One of the things that WE ARE HERE TO LEARN, is manipulating matter/objects/the physical, said Dolores Cannon. …and I’m able to be all openminded, and enjoy to contemplate and investigate everything, put things through the tests… I’m the analyzer, the deep-diving, deep-digging, excavating, Empath. …with the occasional tendency to be narcissistic as well. …otherwise I would not be such a major/all-round empath, if I could not understand/relate to any narcissistic behaviours.

…but hello man !? Here I am with a totally normal, DYT natural, classic coconut milk case! …healing food on a beautiful, fascinating (unbelievable) fossil plate.

But although I feel like I understand (the unbelievable truth) that we are capable of things that on average will seem like magic, and have since child felt as though I should be able to also move an object without toutching it, and create something out of thin air/out of nothing. This coconut just seems too dence!?

…making my mission seem like a metaphysical pain in the ass, a total quantum comedy here! Well it doesn’t seem to be working over here just yet!?

Going CocoNUTS here!

And hello!?, isn’t there a better trick than using a wineopener? …got a hammer, but don’t see any screwdriver here!

I even tried the “Open Sezame”! …but the only thing I got out of that, was the Coconut freaking me out by saying; my name is not Sezame. …..SO THAT’S IT FOR ME MAN!



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