My fairytale like childhood memories …

Imperial Karlovy Vary.jpgI grew up (partly) on a mountain street called Nebozizek, right bellow Hotel Imperial. My neighbour friends and I (me with the boys) used to climb up the steep mountain side from down our street and all the way up to this hotel, where we would arrive right into the front park of it.

HOME-Karlovy-VaryThere were these great huge bushy looking things, which may have actually been trees rather. But we used to crawl into them and hide underneath them. They were roundish and hollow underneath, eaxactly like the classic iglo.

Jeleni Skok - Hirschensprung.JPGPrescious childhood memories.

Imperial Historica Painting.jpgAnd after this historical painting, something malancholic so beautifully old. Here something new! …also from Hotel Imperial … Vaclavik Design, portfolio; slippers/FlipFlopDESIGN


And here some Google-Earth shots from my house etc. 

…and there behind the house, is the hill I used to climb up with the boys, playing in the little wilderness that seemed very big for us small humans, and sometime we’d end up all the way up in the park of the front-side of the Imperial.
BEAUTIFULL VIEWS …funny enough the entrance used (as well officialy as the address) is the back-side entrace.
Here is the front of the house, which obviously has a different street name.
The front entrance which is not used, instead it has (actually very pragmatically) always been more like a storage, for the kids stuff; baby-carriages, sleds atc.
The GARDEN, specifically bellonging to our building. …every building has it’s own garden space infront of the house.
Further up the street. …someone has aparently ruinned their garden to park their cars!? This is also where the street ends.
The very begining of our 2 Streets, right there allong the front side of those houses, I learned how to ride a bicycle when I was 5. …and I lost my house-keys that day. …again again! …and my dad would always freak out over it.

But here, we go up the road, instead of down, and see a bit of the way from there to my kindergarten …

passing the bus-teminal, where the Lanofka also goes up and down (LANOFKA is a kind of train-tram-lift, going up very steep mountain/hill-sides). On the way as you see (more clearly than the Station and Terminal) we pass the Imperial, but which I actually never noticed as a child, all though we would mostly walk between home and kindergarden. 

My kindergarden, which used to have a green garden all around it, and a Cherry tree. 

Many stunnigly beautiful old hotels exist here, in my old wondefully beautiful childhood town Karlovy Vary (internationally known as Carls Bad).

Grandhotel Ambassador is another very old beautiful hotel building.

GrandHotel Ambassador.jpg

And another story to tell, is a memory of when I was just 4 years old, while my father was having the regular gig with his band in Grand Hotel Pup downtown.

grandhotel-pupp-grandhotel-pupp-exterior-by-night.jpgAND HERE …
it was aparently in the late afternoon, as my father was setting up the stage for the evening, while waiters dressed in black and white, were running around setting the big round tables covered in white table cloths.  They were putting silverware and wineglasses, and in the middle of it all, suddenly my father turned to me and said out loud; Oh by the way, you can sing for us in the meantime. I hear that you’re a big singer back in Denmark!?

HumiliationSTAGE puppHe grabbed me under my arms, lifted me up and put me on the side of the stage. There I stood in a tiny panicking state, searching my empty-feeling mind for what I could possibly sing, when all I was used to singin was in Danish, and I had been experiencing how frustrated people would behave to me, whenever I was suddenly speaking Danish, unable to controll what language I was speaking until I was 6.


He started yelling at me in a angry or irritated tone of voice; So what’s wrong!? Sing! Sing! …and what not, untill I all stressed broke into tears. And as I realized all the waiters were audience to this, I felt ashamed and humiliated.


…yeah I remember. …unfortunately or furtunately, I don’t know!?



My beautiful
childhood trauma-hotel/-life
with my father.

PANORAMA hotel-pupp.jpg




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