Still trying to understand how I get to these places, …or ralms of percieving, through-out mind and further on as if out or just stretched away from the density of pure physical existence, where I feel more like a guest presence or a highly sensing observer, awareness or soul. 

In one scenery, I noticed that there are the main beings, so to say, who are fully developed much like I feel developed and pressent, even enough to connect deeply on both intellectual, mental, emotional, and psychological levels, with absolutley and completely different beings of different backgrounds etc. 

And I noticed that besides these very developed people/beings, there are mostly masses of rather undeveloped ones all around. And there are in fact much more of those in many ralms of existance. 

They are just developed enough to have been able to come into some physical form, and are of much newer/younger energy. …so to say, describing from a time-feeling, time-perceiving existence, as mine mainly seems to be. 

I noticed there are different ways for these undeveloped entities to start developing more. Much like children it happens partly (to what seems to be mostly) through the most developed beings existing around them, as they interact, communicate and such here n there. 

I also experienced how this partly happens, by the developed being gradually sensing and naturally as if effortlessly developing an understanding of that undeveloped being’s essence, thereby meeting “it” and dealing with “it” more on “it’s” own terms. 

Then the being starts getting drawn (how I was observing and sensing the energies) as though they get drawn by the love~ understanding~ comfort-connection, to the light/essenses/energies of that developed being, which then through that influences the undeveloped one to …much like a child, be influenced in their development, by those more beveloped who connect with them on their terms the most. 

…there is no pressure nor force, but rather a free-flowing caring attention connecting with them. And the seemingly new, empty, zombie’ish blank being aparently resonates with the safety/good energies, for being their best possible development platforms. …reminds me of a pregnant woman seeking safe-zone for the progress of growing and nurturing a new life. 

And these so-to-say undeveloped beings, can also be animals. I somehow understand that they can be all sorts of different physical life-forms. …its as if there is a logical progression to the different stages of physical progression, happening to be progressing through seperaye, yet connected lifetimes. And again, just like children growing up, the memory is mostly ….varying from being to being, and from their life-time to life-time. 

» to be continued «  . . . 


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