Damn!, I am so good at making things look better then they are. …pressent things or people much better than they are. I am so good at 

seeing the best in ..or the good sides of people. And I am so good at keeping my focus there, till it mostly always hurts me, as unfortunately 

most people are not even worth it (dum thinking they got it right because they are down with the game of the rat-race ~ have managed to fit in well / ~Sheeple who think they are not Sheeple). But we can never be sure if a person is worth it, untill they somehow proove to you that those bad things you also see in them, are actually more their character than all the good you might have been focusing more on. Sometimes it is worth it and you have the treasure of a friend from not focusing much on their bad sides (because you knew that everyone goes through some crazy shit sometimes, making them seem insane or otherwise bad).  

So I do not regret. I know that it is worth it for me, even with all the pains I allow people to cause me. I give my care and trust gradually from the start, pretty much. Because this is the only fastest way to find out who a person is, and best way not to waste years thingking you know someone really. …untill that one day when you have already wasted more of your precious lifetime having grown into loving some friend or whoever, and after years it will just hurt more, and more time feels so wasted. …and you feel much more betrayed, having been made a fool of way worse. 

Atleast I know I risk to be the fool,, but like this it’s as much my own allowing of it. 


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