It’s been on my mind for ages, that since I know there is a cure for everything, then of course there is a cure for Dry Skin as well.  
I suspect from all I know from my life, and from my 9years of reserach, which has mmade mme discover and learn unexpected things, that dry skinn must have something to do with either being genetically engineered for a hot climate and not a cold one, OR, it might have to do with some fungus type of ..either overgrowth of the natural fungus that exists in our gut, or some other fungus, like  perhaps the one we get through or respiration, from old moldy buildings. OR, it’s some other thing out of it’s healthy state. 

Could also just be something in the DNA which we can repair naturally. 

How come there is nothinng at all to be found on this subject!? That feels overly disappointing and seems really dum!? if noone ever hought of this or what!? I find that really hard to believe. 


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