(CZ) Konečňe nápad kteý my vzbuďil srce … apřipomíná my to jak se to cití spavňe a pořádňe dýchát.  

(EN) Finally an idea that makes my heart wake up and beat. …reminds me of how it feels to breathe again. 

All though I always seems to have ideas of all sorts, and have been deep into some of them, somehow always blocked by being alone with nothing, I notice that when in deep thoughts of this old idea in a renewed light, the powerless feelings of my problems start to fade and I can feel (what I call) my magical powers paying attention as well.  ___________________________________________

    (CZ) inspiračňí prochásky v Centrálňí Behemické Zoňe … U bratrance Tomáše … 

    (EN) inspiring walks in The Central Bohemian Zone … While staying at my cousin’s Tomaš’s place … 

Wonderfully Bushy Road Example

Lots Of Land~Building Space

Sand-rose and Copper-green!
Love the contrast of this old-/fade-Look colors.
Just wanted to catch the beautiful nature from the backseat window, when out of all cars a Škoda appeared as if to show somerhimg recognizably Czech ;)
Coincidentally a Škoda appeared

   (EN) After builing and selling a few houses~growing around here the funds to pay pack the loans AND reinvest in building my home-“village” with approx. 20 holiday-retreat looking flats and communal workshop-spaces, and a cafe/self-supply market-store. 

Houses, 2-3 levels (+basements), in a community style, with fences of whole-tree-slices of wood and beautiful fence-bushes. Fasades of mainly stone, …weather thin deco stuff, …or in combination with other facade material, to keep costs low. 

   (CZ) Baráky 2 as 3 patra (+sklepy) ve komunytovym stylu, s krajinkovímy keřovímy ploty. 
Fasady Kamené,  …•ale but combinovani s jyním materiálem aby to nestálo as moc, …•a nebo nejak jen tenka obzdobní kamená fasada. 


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