The most sane state of mind today is depressed and angry in commonlife and city life. …for me after a while as well. 

There are a few people who have a system/a design set so that they generally don’t feel depressed and angry, but can handle those upset people without really getting affected themselves. They affect us to enjoy here n there, the content ways of being feeling and seeing, for whoever can comprehend… 

And then there is the majority, the so-called Sheeple, who are fully occupied and pleased with the games that we’re born into. They generally strive best with being told what to do and what not to do, and feel best/safe with rules and guidelines. Basically they’re too young of spirit to think for themselves. 


Once there was a very special, unusual boy, an exceptionally unique being so very higly sensitive, as if from a not only very wise and sharply sensing everything on every level type of lovely world, as if from some haven where the only place he had ever known, even though unknown to most of us in this world. Whenever he saw a person in grief or any pain, he would feel as if paralysed in stress and his nose would bleed. 

But that was in another time,very long ago. 

Today, because of people like this boy, being different as so many other people, we could understand some parts of what happened on the overall energy of life … levels of life … of the different details that are clear to me, I have been trying to shape a story of a different time that I get clear glimpses of here and there throughout life

Millions of years ago, the humans on this planet lived with a profound respect and understanding, in sync with all Nature, as we all originally as well are nature. It was the Paradise, of which today the proof only is noticable to a self schooled wise one, aware of some of the purity and connection that a child is born with, and aware of the simplicity of real medicine, food and all we need, being simply provided by nature, not needing modifications, if anything, then sometimes just simple preparations, as modifications are in fact causing problems, because nature is perfect. 

The continents were one land then, and the whole planet smaller than today. But there were few humans, and they were rather pure and in tune, innocent and unspoiled. They were humans of very few words, more connected and intuitive than we could imagine, and what we know as  silence, back then contained unspoiled communication and information, and was the amplification of connection between living things ~nature. 

All natural things ~ all living things were prescious and prestegious, generous and of the highest human intelligence. …and we are shcooled about the past so that our Ancestors look all primitively barbaric and behind us today. But that is far from the truth. Our modern everything, are merely just like cruches, substitudes for all what we have lost with the knowledge of our past. 

The dark ages came as if a hard cold dark winter, but infectuously spreading instead of passing, and increasing those energies through centuries, and gradually on all levels. 

Even the love we know, is business versions, ruined and recreated by the biggest most powerful business that ever existed; religion. 

The most honest state of a human today is sad and angry. It is the unfiltered pure, and the rest is just the indoctrinated, the hard cold dark society that today’s humans live inside of.  

Hardly anyone today, knows who they are, but instead have learned that they are separate individuals, not ever even noticing that those two words don’t make sense together at all, but contradict eachother creating a rather meaningless statement ~and thereby obviously a rather meaningless existence. 

But everywhere in between the hard cold dark there are traces of Paradise. Even in humans there are traces of it, still resonating throughout the genes, the DNA. 

Traces Of Paradise Being Here On Earth 


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