DREAMING is the only sensibly sounding ingredient here, because Pragmatic is too stiff to create new winds with, Realistic is obviously the most limiting ingredient on more than just averge (because the meaning of that word has not changed or evolved since the time all humans (ecxept one or a few) were convinced that they knew Flying was only realistic for birds and dust, and unrealistic especially for us humans. Even biographies of incredibly successful things and people tell us that Dreaming with higher and reather uncommon intelligence, incl. passion,. That is the best ingredients for creation of something new. …yeah but you may not call me God, but you may call me Goddess. …weather that »New« is new forbthe world or just new for you is totally irellevant. 

So here we go … 

I want to be creative while learning some new-to-me things. I always thought that eventually one day I will build or restore a property, and now feels like a good time for such adventures. …well that is one option for a business plan for investors, which is even within the word realistic, as the world generally knows it. 

It should at best be an artist residence in some incredible surroundings, +/- one hour away from a city (or town) that has it all. 

I know I will be so good in managing a business like that. 

And DAYS after these things houghts, I come across this place …more inspiration. 

NOTE also look up neglected old building, straight up from (station) Lotyšská, direction city center (tram #18). 

..to be continued… 


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