Up in the green there, around the corner, he is working on something in his Garden now. I got out of bed at ten am, while he gets up around eight. So when I got up, he was already sitting working on his laptop outside on the terrace (from where this first photo is taken, overlooking the way into the garden). 

Yesterday was our grandma Helena Záchova’s birthday, so we walked to the village-looking little town here …or little town looking village!?, to buy some stuff and visit her grave. 

This area is a cute place to take a walk, because it’s all green and so open wide in comparison to a city, with low-rise houses that don’t block the sun. It’s a blend of both new and old houses, and plenty of really old properties, of which some have either a giant old gate or a smaller tower, with or without some or even all of the original house still there. Some of them call for restoration, while others already look so neatly restored. Occasionally some interestingly looking old house has been so perfectly kept or restored, but some of those have had all white plastic looking windowframes put in (and I just have to comment when I notice such things that give me that discord feeling). 

All though my cousin Tomaš isn’t finished with restoring or rather rebuilding his house yet, it looks and feels a bit like a summer-house property, having everything in small format, but devided in such ways that it all (kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and bedroom) appear bigger than they are. And even though the ceiling is as low as the one we had 

in the Steglitz-flat in Berlin, I dont feel it here the way I did there. …probably because it’s not a flat in the city, but a house in the nature. …perhaps it’s even grounded, which changes the whole energy better than anything. 

It’s one of those reminder situations of contrast, to what spaces I know best/have gotten so used to. I always realise a bit more each time, of the truth of (what Allissa Ferranto found in my personal H.D.-chart) just how relevant and important my surroundings are for me ~due to how intensely they affect the way I feel ~and thereby my whole energies. …on one side I see it as having kind of spoiled myself through the traveling life, winding

up in luxurious surroundings, which to me include the subtropical nature of places like the caribbean or Miami SoBe, or any spacious sceneries which feel like there is so much more space and so much less people everywhere. …for one my breath becomes deeper and fuller, and overall I start feeling much better. Especially where there is that sea-air with a high salt content in the atmosphere. 

Yeah so I’m a crazy demanding oversensitive person to the average dumAss. But an interesting jack of all trades, an indispensable advisor, listener and trouble solver to the people who seem like either wise or even genious to me. …so it’s all good, I just have to 

learn to remember that more than that of the dumAsses, which is not the easiest thing when there is avalances of dumAss people in this world, and extremely few wise and genious people. 

Meanwhile it is actually common sense, that the more space there is around most any person, with pleasant-to-the-eye surroundings, the more easily a person gradually (naturally) unwinds. And if there is stunning nature and sea-air, creativity blossoms from within me like nowhere else,

 and I start feeling something like an grand inner gratitude for this world/this planet, for being in this life here and now, and within that also a grand gratitude to myself for being here. 


2 thoughts on “In Prague At Cousin’s

  1. It looks like you finally find some peace in this bucolic garden.
    Being able to feel and enjoy the powerful trueness of nature giving strength and confidence .
    You had your share of social struggles, clashing with egos, shattered friendships and broken dreams, each time with this bitter feeling and ashes taste in the mouth, but each time fighting back not conceding defeat, crying in rage but soon back on your feet and back in “The Game”. We are tought to be fighters more than brothers in this capitalodemagocratic wonderland…
    This cruel game is what most of humans urbanites think life is.
    This distorted perception had ruled over us, overwhelming us, mercilessly squashing harmony, promoting intolerance egoism and fear …and here we are; suffering!
    But reading your post y saw a strong desire to leave all of this behind, a revolt against it, claiming your right for peace and happiness..and it makes me feel good.


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