Game-playing, friends with everyone~noone, superficial, smile in your face while stabing you in the back (typical scorpio) ~a combination that makes him(or any person) a bad/rotten person. 

This Andy here, he made a scene like a spoiled snobby female, and out of total bullshit; saying this is not a hotel (about someone who has been living here for 2years, for staying some 5 days extra in my studio and 2 days with good friends from my floor) and yelling at the founder ~using his ocassional weakness tendency on him, to basically flat out push him against me.

And I’m very well aware, that yelling and even screaming at the founder has a good effect (surprisingly).  

But basically the person who got me freakin out, which Andy hates and took that as reminder and reason for himself of wanting me out. And the person who was bringing party-life stylle squatters and punks here, even people she had just met, she would just bring into our private space, and even a homeless person who we all felt so disturbed by and couldn’t get away from, and eventually founder was struggling to get him out of the house, till eventually he succeeded and had to give him »houseverbot« meaning he is not allowed into this house anymore, and they can/might call the police on him. 

Basically people like this person who got me freaking out, are the people who should be dismissed. But Andy wanted me dismissed from here instead because I confront the problems and try to solve them, and I dont kiss his as by listening to his bullshit for no reason ass if I’d love his superficial and ego polishing entertainment ideas for evening hangouts (always drunken) and in general just be lala not minding what clearly matters first of all ~which is the place I rest eat and work  (and after that would come the work). 

…2 years of me keeping our floor neat, making it nicer etc., taking our smaller floor for a community, and we started out as friends. 

But as time went by he would use time ego-polishing’ly, and abuse trust and kindness ~ehaving rather more like most people who were living here the first year ~most everyone all crazy about living the total party-life freedom in this giant building, any and every evening and/or night of the week. Andy would mainly always be drunk and talking way too much more than he would ever be listening. And he would just like all the way younger others, not at all mind our constantly trashed kitchen and whole commonspace. And not at all ever once supporting my cause of keeping it the neat office-floor that we had both originally moved in to.  
It was a traumatizing year. Then it was changing all the time, and finally we manage, with Noam’s intervention of who to move in and finally well chosen, to get a proper good vibes community happening, and Andy throws me out. -indirectly by just not renewing my contract and lying to me with the total nonsense of pretending that it was from the owners side. 

Yeah it would have seemes weird if he did it, and also if Emma did it since I have never really had any problems with her and I never even see or have any contact with her, and he couldn’t blame it on Noam who always stood by me against Andy one time lats year when Andy wanted to throw me out for a misunderstanding in the kitchen. …Noam interacted with everyone inside the house all the time untill just recently. Now Andy is more the Man here, and Noam is halfway out with not much to say here anymore in too many great matters. 
…and he knows I hate drutal jokes, especially brutal jokes to do with sex or so, and he comes in and does protesting energy type of stuff like that. 

Just like the demontrative BAUM he made the Romanians hammer up on the kitchen table. …where I used to sit and see Eitan so often. …that was showing me that I’m no longer part of making this floor nice~that I got nothing to say. ~and there it is!, no nobody disagreed, but several people criticized and/or wrinkled their faces at this ugly colored painted piece of tree (also destructively placed) later when he wasn’t around to see or hear it. 

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