Other places on this very same planet are so beautiful that you just can’t help but getting filled with the most pleasing feelings of gratitude for everything from time to time, including feeling greatful to yourself, for being here now enveloped in such beauty, and even if you should be sad and lonely, even if at worst then ever, it’s somehow still beautiful to be alive on this earth. …and the human connection becomes much less needed ~ it’s much easier to get by and feel content with yourself inside, and that as good as you possibly could be even without the human connection, just throught the propper connection to existence itself, the source of life energy (aparently throught the earth itself (the nature in its fullest power, might actually be way stronger, and surely more reliable and pure than any human connection). 

…it remains the greatest versions of those feelings that I’ve ever had, and nowhere in any city, babylon “normal life” did I ever feel anything even just slightly similar at all. 

It’s like an infusion of life energy for the joy of living. …tjah and like this your vibrations are changed into your healthy and powerful state of feeling~being. And logically from there on it’s easy to love life and yourself (not »full of yourself«) which makes everything better. 

Berlin looks/feels most like this to me.

So why be here!? It makes no sense to me at all the life here, even after 6 years. It’s just so ugly ~depressing most of the time and most everywhere, no matter how I look at it. Heaviest 6 years I have ever had. -Creating the heaviest deepest sadness inside me, so I feel like I’m suffocating most of the time.   H E L P ! 

I’m deeply grateful to myself for having traveled around the world my entire life. Surely I had no choise with that, but to sacrifice security, career, close friends and community, and had to withstand the average/poor human minds judging my whole being for dancing in the nightlife. …so in my spare time I hardly ever told anyone what I do. Though I used to tell people very openly in the begining, but that only showed me how little most humans know. …unbelievably little. …to me at least! I do understand why n how that is, but that only makes it more shocking, because it is all those same ca.80% of humans who also think they are smarter than nature, and see it as something primitive which we can just use without care (totally insane, and mainly kept as such by the global indoctrination of everyone). 
As you’re bussy growing, you don’t notice that you feel as if everyone is growing with you, and as if you are growing up to the older others. But it keeps showing, here and there, that of course noone is growing with you (you’re just adding the energies of broader awareness to the whole of consciousness for more people to click and connect with it. In fact the older are just as rarely wise and growing as anyone of any age. It’s clear and confirmed thousands of times to me, that most people don’t grow much more than physically. Rather most people just grow old staying rather stupid, thinking they are better humans than most others. And that goes even for the ones who do accumulate a ton of knowledge passed down to us through books n such, which unfortunately also does not mean a person is wise n growing at all, but rather that as usual the majority takes other peoples experiences and conclusions for their own knowledge. …which is total bullshit, because knowledge consists of those things that we lived through ourselves, and feom that only that which we managed to profoundly understand, not just from one or two or 3 sides, but from pretty much all sides. …even if aware that some sides about it are yet to be discovered much more fully. But when we Know that there are never just two or 3 sides to something, but rather multiple sides, and even just having the awareness that there are sides of details n stuff which we do not really know yet, is already knowledge. ~knowledge in the process of advancing itself, so to say. 

Some few peoples memory works incredibly better than other peoples, so if they read alot of knowledgeable books, they can sound and seem so wise, but obviously being able to repeat what you read (someone elses knowledge) is not knowing and neither is it wisdom. 

But something like an exceptional memory is a good indicating example of, that we all possess different natural abilities like that. In this case memory for example, helps spreading knowledge/info., which obviously may be incredibly useful from time to time. 

We are out of Nature, and nature is the infinate, we are nature as well, the nature is this globe we live on, this planet, and this planet is obviously of course part of the universe which it is spinning in, including part of the whole cosmos. It’s all nature. It all works perfectly, weather with or without our efforts to manipulate any of it. We can not improve it in any way, we can at best only nourish it, as natures health is indirectly our health as well. 


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