Staying Young Of Spirit.

…so goes the old saying. But now we can easily just get by litterally with the first two wordts of that sentence.

But, besides being an old soul of young spirit …

I can, just through seeing make you notice the best of you,

or at easiest see the worst in the rest of you.

But the smiling warmth of love, the harmonies, even the chords bring out the very best in us ~toutch n awaken love in us, awaken the eternally deep unknown

~Ever-growing Ever-changing …

Love brings out the very best of all …

in us at any age …

in nature at any stage,

in all creation, in all that grows.

While somewhere in the “Babylon life” …

At every success, the achiever thanks the ones that loved enough to care to support, mentor or motivate, inspire or even participate.
Meaning that behind every Great standing one, there stands an even greater other one.  …or two or more.

Why would a friend not love enough to care just to stand by you!? Purely banal nonsense that is, to any even just barely healthy one.

Why would anyone make dark ugly jokes

when it shoots another spirit down,

when it scars one and weights down another,

when it harms, to say it mild,

enough to traumatize any innocence or any child!?

Why not be a friend, when all the beauty of life lays dormant in such little things!?

Why do we ourselves participate at every level in killing all innocence!? …when it is the most prescious thing we’re all born with.

Why not let the innocence alive, when it is the tuned-in and turned-on state of us!?/of life itself, in all its shapes and forms.

Instead of sarcasm and such, why not breathe love into the air and let that  breed for us!? …when it’s lacking everywhere so much.

…is it because it’s not entertaining you!?

…is it because there is no money paid to you for it???

…is it because you don’t know enough suffering just yet!?

…or is it because you don’t see one of those simple rewards coming to you for it? …haven’t you learned how doing good is rewarding in itself, that it is your higher meaning in life?

… because you somehow get something out of any and everything you ever do!?

What goes around comes around.

…are you really so totally disconnected!?

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