the kind that naturally is the mosts attentive of you, 

the one that recognizes you in such ways that they make you realize good and great things about yourself ~ all which makes you shine and be so easily strong. 

Such people resonate with you no matter how you are feeling because they appreciate/love themselves and appreciate you(~love you). 

It is the appreciation/love of themselves that keeps them being good, that keeps them sensitive to you, enough to bother about you as much as about themselves (and often even more than about themselves). 

These are the only humans worth of your praise. 
So why all the fails!? That being my own included. But I witnessed so many MANY other fails! 

And one recent fail goes … 

She liked him especially, but just as a person, from the start. When he first tried to flirt with her, she felt that thing of not having wanted to look at this goofy nerdy dude as anything more than perhaps a best friend/a platonic friend. 

Though as time went by she had many little-lovely moments of experiences and found the dude containing some things that she treasures and gradually came to love him really as a favorite friend. 
I can understand that this stuff makes people attractive and once we like many things in a person we either look for more good stuff or we look for bad stuff, but this chic is a loving one so she was seeing positively and wound up under the illusion of getting sexually attracted to the dude. (that’s how it appears to me) 

After she spent her 2 sweet nights with him she discovered that he is utterly disconnecting himself from real/close human connection, not caring nor having interest in the real values of real friendship, so that the fuller true picture of this dude went back to goofy nerdy and yeah quite apathetic on the closer levels of relation. Not something for a person who should learn to love themself more. Not loving. Just so self-absorbed, behaving incapable of caring ~being connected   


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