…at the Artist House in Berlin. 

I sense the ignorance 

the lack of knowledge 

in someones wafture of the moment 

even in just a look that last 

 less than a split second gone so fast

or even just in the afterglow of a thought that did not even fulfil or grow

I register it as if a flash through your eyes 

But perhaps for even less reasons than these cries 

You can tell but not give Me

Any of your lies. 

Management and the whole salon tone of how things and people end up being treated here is just soap opeara comedie/drama. 

We should be recording the conversations, but at best it should be a spyCAMreality Show, where people’s identities (faces and names) are hidden at request. 

The non-concentration camp, as the founder/creator of the place calls it now finally, he also has realized that the atmosphere and ennergies here have been rather disturbing that inspiring, and rather down-pulling than uplifting ~rather demotivating than motivatinng. 

Besides all the overload-production of destruction, abuse and dirt of a bad heard type of alternativeley living people, confidantly calling themselves artists, there is now after all of that crap anyway a good influence of directed energies coming to us from the yet againg renewed constellation of people here on the 6th now at least, as we got this new Romanian couple into the “family”, even though they have actually been adding filthy clogged sink and dirty dishes to the already happening piles here. But as the girl Lari is an art student in painting, and the boy Nicky works a lot, they are as well laid back n easy to communicate with, it’s no big deal, but rather a small informative correction, to fix the minor messiness. 

The interesting thing is …


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